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Wide Awake - Vulture [Single]

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New Single "Vulture" 2016 Recorded & Mastered by: Josh Spohr Facebook.com/WideAwakeUS Instagram.com/WideAwakeBand Twitter.com/WideAwakeBand All Rights Reserved 2016
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Text Comments (5)
you'll never know (2 years ago)
every song I hear, better than the other, you are an incredible bastards!
Ben Ganley (2 years ago)
fucking awsome dudes, landons insta brought me here... not disapointed, keep it up would like to hear more from you!
Jason Preece (2 years ago)
loving this. my first listen and would def give this a purchase.
John Paoli (2 years ago)
This song is fuckin tight 🔥👌🏻
Chase Politte (2 years ago)
Thanks homie!

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