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Wide Awake (Katy Perry) - Carl Mörner Ringström

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Wide Awake An arrangement of Wide Awake - Katy Perry Arranged, programmed, produced, played and mixed by Carl Mörner Ringström http://www.facebook.com/carlmornerringstrommusic Mastered by Pelle Fridell http://www.fridell.dk
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Text Comments (82)
21Niles (8 months ago)
It's like dream theater with dirty loops harmony
Lineageholder (9 months ago)
This is absolute genius! Love it!
CarlMornerR (9 months ago)
Kris K (9 months ago)
Incredible arrangement!
CarlMornerR (9 months ago)
thanks :)
Robert Ritchiesse (9 months ago)
Great work, Carl – I really love this! Robert
Tommy (1 year ago)
holy moly you are amazing
CarlMornerR (1 year ago)
Tommy thank you so much man
Scottlarock (2 years ago)
WOW, bro!!!!
Kodro2 (2 years ago)
I discovered you 2 days ago in FB and I'm still shocked. The world is unfair man. You deserve the best. You take the most tiny pop song and make a mini master piece. Incredible. Congrats
Pedro Leal (2 years ago)
Hi Carl :*) As always ...you Rock man! Way better than the original.Keep up the thrill,and TY for the good music! ps:my mail was kacked.Sorry if any trouble coming from my old ID.
Pedro Leal (2 years ago)
CarlMornerR (2 years ago)
Hey man, thanks alot. Didn't get any weird emails so don't worry
mandal24680 (2 years ago)
Great performance - arrangement !!!! Waaaohhh - yes - yes - yes....
Erica McCool (3 years ago)
Amazingly inventive reimagining of the song... <3 this!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
Thanks Erica!
mendieta carlos (3 years ago)
woww amazing!!!!!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+mendieta carlos :)
Dana Rasch (3 years ago)
Love the 6 octave 39th chords w/ the b22nd. Just perfection Sir !!!. My whole being thanks you.
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Dana Rasch Hahaha
bjornbeng (3 years ago)
Tack, tack, tack!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+bjornbeng :D
Owane (3 years ago)
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Owane Thanks
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Abdul-sharo Ibn Khadulu Alhazred :)
Albert Möller (3 years ago)
Almost as good as your and Henriks version of Guthrie Govans 'Fives' :D hahaha jokes a side...top notch stuff man, as always:D
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Albert Möller hehe, thanks Albert!
Michael Jason Gaines (3 years ago)
Steve Vai.meets Chick Corea...crazy.
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Michael Jason Gaines Haha cool
Samuel André (3 years ago)
+Benny Nilsson Hört detta?
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Samuel André :D
Samuel André (3 years ago)
Man hör många influencer. Dirty loops, freak kitchen, meshugga och knower. Hårdare än vad jag är van vid men helgött!
Benny Nilsson (3 years ago)
+Samuel André Nej, fast jag har hört honom lite innan. Riktigt riktigt bra.
Rob Price (3 years ago)
Stunning.  Katy Perry should be calling to hire you for her next album any minute ... SHOULD be.
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Rob Price Would be so awesome.
nils (3 years ago)
Can't stop coming back to this one. So creative and so cool.
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
nils (3 years ago)
+CarlMornerR back again!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+nils Thanks man! Please come back as much as you want :)
Anthony Prieravant (3 years ago)
You should open up a Patreon and i'll support you!!!  Make some video game covers too, that would be awesome!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Anthony Prayfirst I'll look into that, thanks. Probably no video game covers though, I've never played anything else than the first Super Mario...
rmancool (3 years ago)
Amazing! Spectacular! Love it at 1:43 and 3:29 yeah...
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
Thanks dude!
finbarnone (3 years ago)
This is so right up my street mate, fab. I was listening to Dirty Loops, as usual and caught your link doing The Way She Walks but I wasn't expecting this! I'm guessing you wrote the arrangement? I wish you all the best, cheers.
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+finbarnone Yup all me!
PROSPER DRUMS (3 years ago)
¤_____¤ It sounds really really amazing to me
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
Patrick Anderson (3 years ago)
Incredible. Musically i love the reharm, technically and musically your playing and arrangement is really inspiring. I want that tapping section at 2:17!
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+Patrick Anderson Thank you so much! That tapping section still gives me nightmares
MANSINI (4 years ago)
My God...
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Man this arrangement it's so crazy and cool!!! I just love it, do you have a place where I can download/buy this????
CarlMornerR (3 years ago)
+RavenTube Sorry dude, try and rip it off youtube if you want
Tony Leo (4 years ago)
dirty loopy... :) 
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
TheDoubleBend (4 years ago)
Great playing, Carl!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Mil Garofalo (4 years ago)
Gorgeous :-) I'm lost for words (which does not happen often :-) )
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Aw thanks man
Alvaro Hernandez (4 years ago)
Carlfusion !
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Luke Ibach (4 years ago)
Carl I love your approach to harmony! Very cool arrangement!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Thanks Luke!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Thanks Luke!
Jeppe Morgenthaler (4 years ago)
Fuck yes, Carl!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Endrik Salak (4 years ago)
I listen to this atleast once daily
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Espen Bjarnar (4 years ago)
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Lucas LeCompte (4 years ago)
This is freaking awesome!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Alex Willis (4 years ago)
Carl, not sure if you can answer this, but I'd like to know how you arrange such obscure extended chords? I would imagine that if those chords were played slowly, or without the vocals, they would sound utterly disconnected and random, yet when played in context, they fit within the key. How do you approach this?
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
The chords have notes in common, that's how to work this kinda stuff into a simple melody!
Opal (4 years ago)
I am also very interested in this!
Adam Neely (4 years ago)
djerty loops!
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Emilien Echalier (4 years ago)
dirty loops style ! really dig ;)
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)
Thank you!
guitarDouchebaggery (4 years ago)
CarlMornerR (4 years ago)

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