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Types of CSS(cascade styling sheet) || inline, internal and external CSS

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Here are types of CSS. CSS is the makeup of html. inline css:- in this styling is done in a line with html. internal css:- in this styling is done on the same page but in head. external css:- in this styling is done external to the page. watch video carefully for more.
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Black Wolf (2 months ago)
me aapki video ko dislike kar raha hun.. uski wja ye hey.. k aapko learn karna to aata hey.. lakin teaching karna nahi aata.. dekhen.. jab aap teaching kar rahey hotey hen.. jab aap dusron ko sikha rahey hotey hen.. to seekhney wala chahey full stack developer hi keun na ho.. aapko usey beginner samajh kar samjhana hoga.. aapko chahyye tha k aap basic method sey samjhatey.. ab me aaki mistake ko define karta chalon.. pehli mistake ye k aapko chahyye tha k aap tezi sey nahi.. balkey araam sey samjhatey.. dusrey number pe aap ko for beginners k liye hash tag use nahi karna chahyye.. teesri cheez aapko div nahi use karni chahyye.. or aap div bhi 2 use kar rahey hen.. to dost.. kehney ka maqsad just yehi hey. k beginner aapki video se kuch nahi samajh paeyga
Fe86jvsk12 knight! (5 months ago)
not bad..
Chinchu John (6 months ago)
nice explanation....its gud
Tsgab mehari (6 months ago)
that is good tuterial
shaik imran (7 months ago)
Try to have a clear voice apart from this this is good..
Gyani Study (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/n_DIHglK7y4 Video with clear voice
shaik imran (7 months ago)
Nic experience ...

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