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9 TRUE Ghost Sex Stories From The Internet [Mature Content]

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The internet plus the paranormal = Ghost sex stories. 9 of them. Ranging from deceased partners coming back for some extra contact, to spirits from the other, darker realm who feel like finding a new lover. Enjoy! Music Credits: Kevin Macleod -HorrorStudio1
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Wolf Lady (19 days ago)
I've experienced something like this! I had a dream one night of a past lover that had killed his self, we were having sex in the dream but it felt has if we were really having sex! I'm praying it was him and not a demon!!!
Edward Bruggeman (1 month ago)
He comes every day.... yeah i'll just bet he does....
Niveditha Pricess (1 month ago)
Oh my God
Kylier Butler (1 month ago)
No.1 bust down thotiana
Jo Lee (1 month ago)
it's not the right time to have a ghost baby, think i need an aBOOrtion
Joe Orzech (1 month ago)
My ghost broke up with me i kept staining her sheets
Raven Vargas (2 months ago)
These stories are excellent love your narration thanks
Bributtertoast. TV (2 months ago)
my name is THOTiana
Gpillby Underfell (3 months ago)
Dope & Milk (3 months ago)
you are a dickhead!
Tiffany jan (3 months ago)
Is it real
my name is chicken (3 months ago)
Ok the first person name was tatianna it made me think about that song bust down thotitanna😂
Valerie Polson (3 months ago)
How can a ghost have sex with people?
Music and Stuff idk (3 months ago)
Watched this a couple months after it came out u still come back and think to myself is he getting off while reading these
Felecia Davis (4 months ago)
Tatiana more like... Thotiana
Destino (5 months ago)
Why am I here
Durand Bennett (5 months ago)
naruto uzumaki (5 months ago)
I went to priest asked him for help..i told him one female ghost harrassing me..she wud do sex everyday with me...priest asked my ghost phone no..nw my priest dating this female ghost
naruto uzumaki (5 months ago)
I did anal with ghost forcefully...frm that moment ghost never return to my home..i think she is in lots of pain..i just want to apologizies this ghost that i will never do it again..
Carlos Meneses (6 months ago)
Trippy bro lol
Shamiyah Curry (7 months ago)
An eraser from homework TF🤣
Shamiyah Curry (7 months ago)
6:22 as soon as it said how to summon a sexaul ghost I said awe hell yeah I'm finna do this🤣 What is wrong with me ._.
Wayne Wallace (7 months ago)
I slept last night and I wasn't completely awake, but I felt that sensation rubbing all over me and my feet and I was like, "mmm so good!" It was alot of fun with the spirit girl in my bedroom. Nothing physical will ever come close to that fun in my life and I can't wait for another night. I had tremendous fun and it made me smile and horny. I love it!!!!!
Mariah The Sloth Queen (8 months ago)
Okay so am I tripping because I swear years ago he made a video called "4 real succubus stories", and I was laughing really hard. But I look it up and THIS POPS UP INSTEAD I- IM CONFUSED
Uchi Maki (8 months ago)
.i want one. Seriously.
Uchi Maki (8 months ago)
.have sex with a ghoat ...imean ghost
Farah Million (9 months ago)
Once u try friend with ghost u will hate human hate reality world and ur future going to fuck always being alone as long u dont have friend with human at least u have ghost friend after that u become CRAZY n fkin urlife ur future u leave ur real world n follow evils voice fuckin urlife then urlife look like LOSER. Wake up dont ever2 try do this
Bless Parco (9 months ago)
This actually makes me feel better because I have a relationship with the spirit of my past life husband. Not all sexual spirits are evil. If you want to be in a relationship with a spirit, you have to be with the right one for you. And don't have a relationship with a demon and/or an evil spirit, that's all. You can even have this with an angel.
Damion Strange (10 months ago)
My phone is at 69%
BoeTheSnowFloof Owo (11 months ago)
*sees the 3rd story title* Oh Oh god-
Gav (11 months ago)
I dont know how i feel about this being on my recommends-
Angela O'Brien (11 months ago)
I'm married to a ghost! I'm a 33 year old empath
gabriel bunch (11 months ago)
Maddie P (1 year ago)
"My sexual areas"
Alfred Garcia (1 year ago)
This is for ALL the teenagers
Alex Cruz (1 year ago)
I've had sex with a couple in the past. With at least 4 different female spirits.
Rhonda Stafford (1 year ago)
I've had sleep paralysis my whole life but one house i lived in for 4 years.the entire time I live there I had an incubus who seduced me every night that my husband spent the night away I would always wake up and not be able to move but I can feel someone passionately kissing me and it felt good I didn't want it to stop I didn't know if I was dreaming or not he proceeded to make love to me it was the best I ever had very passionate this happened every single time my husband was at the fire department for the night it stopped when we moved I used to call him Casanova my ghost but I haven't heard of him since but definitely will never forget him I never saw him have no idea what he looks like just that his presence was very relaxing and meant to be I don't tell too many people this story they think I'm crazy but it happened and I know it's true and I'm kind of glad it happened it was a great experience for me!💙
animatic drawings (1 year ago)
How the heck is that possible?
Candice Perry (1 year ago)
Ghosts are not real and I don't believe in ghosts
CANDICE PERRY (1 year ago)
I don't believe in ghosts whatsoever because I want to have sex with a real man that I can see&feel
Angela Malone (1 year ago)
He apologized to a sex demon. Both those things are demon s not ghosts
SODELYS MEDRANO (1 year ago)
I’m 14 Me: oh hell no the devil is a lie the devil is a lie no no no gets in car leaves. Home leaves. State leaves County leaves. Earth
Krystal smith (1 year ago)
Not rape ppl!!! You just wake up to an energy like penis penetrating very pleasurable, doesn't make it rape. It's an entity getting it in!
Deku/Luffy's girl (1 year ago)
“ Rubbing my breast... my butt... everywhere” I was dead asf
Magicalelise (1 year ago)
50 Shades of misty ghost dicks quality memes
Chris Martin (1 year ago)
Something seems so wrong about this. How do u know what u summoned is a ghost or a demon ? Would never attempt this no matter how desperate I was.
dalton coker (1 year ago)
Is it cheating to date some one and have a succubus..... Asking for a friend.......
Christian High (1 year ago)
My baby daddy is a ghost
TheTimeSlider (1 year ago)
Ahh hahahahahahaha haha ha! Sorry sorry ahem. AAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKIN CRAZY ARSE LUNATICS! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!? Who pays their medical bills? How do they get to a computer? Arnt they supervised??
OMG I love music (1 year ago)
You are wierd
ZA YN (1 year ago)
And when Ella was doing it with the friend
ZA YN (1 year ago)
The 3rd one got me
Maelich Arn (1 year ago)
'K' is very pale, lovely and cold, not clammy, she likes to hold my arm when I drift off, slaps my face when I ignore and hate her, haunts my room, I sometimes accept her poisonous jealousy, frustrated with her nothingness, invades my dreams with nightmares and sweat, and holds my hand when I'm drunk and alone on dark moonless nights. Raven haired with perfect orbs, bristles around the nipples, on her slender arms, inside her pits, up to her navel. Small cherry mouth and such beautiful sea blue eyes, a long pale slender neck, could mouth those lips and that neck forever, nuzzle those strange bristly pits. Where are you now K? Why did you leave 'appeased' with the aroma of a rainsoaked graveyard?
Rachel Koch (1 year ago)
1:20 "One of his friends was jealous... and basically did voodoo after him." 😂😂😂
Josephine Mansaray (1 year ago)
They need deliverance 4real
NassauBayDIsneyDork (1 year ago)
creepy pastas
Collin Garlanger (1 year ago)
“He’s on me doing his thing”
Collin Garlanger (1 year ago)
Ghost pedo?
Collin Garlanger (1 year ago)
The ghost cheated on him
Borris Müller (1 year ago)
0:00 .__.
Sophie Wootton (1 year ago)
Sophie Wootton (1 year ago)
Shadow Claw (1 year ago)
I got pregnant by a ghost when I was 14. That least that is what I tell my parents.
dejj monroee (1 year ago)
this is great.
Stephen Auzenne (1 year ago)
i never had sex with a ghost
Morgan More (1 year ago)
Demon not ghost demon.
bardi gang (1 year ago)
OMG I feel bad that I laughed
Pen vine (1 year ago)
What website do you get these stories from
Laura-Dawn Massie (1 year ago)
Im 12 should i watch this?!?!
Sid vlogs (1 year ago)
What website is this
nathalie castro (1 year ago)
Question what wedsite did you find there's stories
Spazziest (1 year ago)
Andii The Yandere (1 year ago)
#50ShadesOfGrey but better 😏😏😏
Carolina Playz Roblox (1 year ago)
These peaple are not ghost they human
Donkey Lips (1 year ago)
"Gowst wape"
Brooklynn Pfluke (1 year ago)
music at 9:23?
BABY SARAH (1 year ago)
Damn I got chills from the first one
Nancy G:son (1 year ago)
Seriously, don't give more attention to sexually frustrated teenagers and their homespun sexnovels. It is just embarrassing 😀. Love your channel otherwise.
PassmetheBleachPlease (1 year ago)
Why the fuck did YouTube put is in my recommendations??
the best of jess (1 year ago)
When Ella had sex with his friend I was like "Ella is a ghost thot"😂😂😂
Kaleb Smitherman (1 year ago)
ghost condoms.
Nevaeh Walker (2 years ago)
u are being fuck by a fuck ghost ok u need a ouija board
Kezzie Bennett (2 years ago)
Just to let you know DEMONS are real not fake. DEMONS can actually physically cause you harm,danger & not to be laughed at or taken lightly. This is a real spiritual warfare going on right now in the spirit realm right now.
Kezzie Bennett (2 years ago)
Just call on the name of JESUS & all DEMONS shall flea in the name of JESUS.
50 shades of spirits
they should pay those ghost for sex lol
Tate is that you?
Elijah Taylor (2 years ago)
have *** with it i will I love a **** in my *****
Georgianna Roy (2 years ago)
what is a inkapus
Georgianna Roy (2 years ago)
if you didn't laugh then you have no senise of humer
Iron Fist (2 years ago)
on that weird side of YouTube again
Iron Fist (2 years ago)
eight times already, 50 shades dead 😂
Bluefangs 157 (2 years ago)
I know he always says grab a blanket But this time I feel like that was a joke 😂
monkeyrock (2 years ago)
why would you do that oh no aids i get it now
White Goat (2 years ago)
I think I had sex with a ghost once I wake up with cum all over my underwear.
Blue Crystal (2 years ago)
I still don't know what an inccubas. sorry if I spelled it wrong
YepX (2 years ago)
How is this mature content if you don't use the words penis or vagina?
Keanu Howland (2 years ago)
he sounds so horny 😂😂😩
Vortex Gaming (2 years ago)
Isn't an INCUBUS that big thing from suicide squad?
Desire Rodrigo (2 years ago)
19:27 "i said ok" 😂
Rougene sami (2 years ago)
I wonder how the narrator's face look like. He sounds sexy

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