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T-SQL Swiss Knife using the ScriptDom T-SQL Parser by Arvind Shyamsundar

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Want to find out how exactly many DELETE statements in your database? Even better, how many of those are missing a WHERE clause? Or maybe you want to check your code for the usage of the COMPUTE clause, but Upgrade Advisor does not help you do so? Or maybe you want to 'pretty print' your SQL scripts? Many such requirements can be easily taken care of by using the TransactSql.ScriptDom parser which ships with SQL Server 2012. This session is for DBAs and developers who want to dig DEEP into the T-SQL code with simple C# and PowerShell scripts. And thereby end up making their jobs (and lives) easier!
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arvisam (2 years ago)
I've uploaded the sample code for my talk to https://github.com/arvindshmicrosoft/SQLScriptDomSamples
Brendan Costigan (3 years ago)
I could not find the code from this talk and so I have tried to replicate it using SQL 2014. The code is available from https://github.com/digbydog/T-SQL-Swiss-Knife-Using-the-ScriptDOM-Parser
arvisam (5 years ago)
Those interested for more can view my blog at http://aka.ms/arvindsh
faijurIAS Amanulla (5 years ago)

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