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UGG Lesley Tall Wedge Boots! Review and Sizing Tips!

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I'm wearing my UGG Lesley Tall Wedge Boots on this rainy Georgia day, and I'm sharing with you why they are such an ideal boot for women with wide feet!
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Alexis Hammonds (1 month ago)
Do you wear socks?
Being Barton (1 month ago)
@Alexis Hammonds I do...but it's only because these boots are a bit oversized for my feet. I have a pair of UGG rain boots that I wear without socks. They are a size 7... and I love them. 🤗
tightun (5 months ago)
Please show us how you get those off using your pretty and talented toes. Thanks
Being Barton (5 months ago)
+tightun My toes are not that talented! 😅

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