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Using styles in WPF

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In this video you will learn how to create styles in WPF and apply them to multiple objects to create a consistent look and feel across controls. You will learn the difference between an implicit style and an explicit style and how to use both.
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Hamara Sansar (3 months ago)
Metro design in c# tutorials https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl0ZDeqSI5YnWAexc4HmQuqHYmQ_kKNtd
Gustavo Kuze (1 year ago)
Thank You so much!
R koyee (2 years ago)
Ahmed Ibrahim (3 years ago)
Very Good Thank You
Daniel Girard (3 years ago)
Thx that was very usefull :D
Benjamin Evans (4 years ago)
it appears to be worth noting that unlike CSS, the styles will not merge. i.e. if you override an implicit style which sets font size and font weight with an explicit style which only sets font weight, it will not inherit the non overridden property of font size from the implicit one. is this correct?
Brad Cunningham (3 years ago)
+Benjamin Evans No that should work as expected. I suspect you have something else going on that is overriding the style value with an unexpected value. A tool like snoop is helpful to diagnose this sort of problem. Style inheritance does work as you expect it to.
vikaschablani (4 years ago)
All my fear about Setter gone after this small vdo
Brandon (5 years ago)
Your voice is so calming...It makes everything seem simple and easy...It melts my frustrations away...Thank you.
Libin Fan (5 years ago)
good share
kalyani Dotnet (5 years ago)
nice usefull thq so much sir
Clear and simple...
Retro Brothers (5 years ago)
Nice, simple and easy to follow. This is a great tutorial man, keep em coming please!
Brad Cunningham (6 years ago)
Thanks for the comment. I do have a handful of WPF videos on my channel, all follow a very similar pattern. Is there a specific topic that you are interested in that isn't covered yet?
Brad Cunningham (6 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it
Luiz Oliveira (6 years ago)
Thanks for the very nice video. It is incredibly clear and straight.
Brad Cunningham (6 years ago)
Thanks RJ36UK. Glad you liked them.

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