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Strain Review: Northern Lights

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Northern Lights is perhaps one of the most popular strains you’ll find in the legal cannabis market. When you open up a package of Northern Lights you’ll be excited to see the colorful buds remind you of the aurora borealis themselves. FOLLOW Hytiva: Website: https://www.hytiva.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hytiva Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hytiva Twitter: https://twitter.com/hytiva
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Text Comments (4)
Noah C (21 days ago)
I have it on my bucket list to camp somehwere in Canada or Alaska during winter and watch the northern lights while smoking on some northern lights.
John (3 months ago)
My question is did you get any visuals? Because that's what this strain was named after.
Jon Griffiths (4 months ago)
Word up!
Elevated Emotions (6 months ago)

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