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Metrik - Northern Lights (Official Video)

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Buy & Stream Here: https://HospitalRecords.lnk.to/LIFETHRILLSyb Metrik’s highly anticipated second album ‘LIFE/THRILLS’ released on Hospital Records is an exhilarating and flawlessly executed evolution of his signature sound. Under the banner of drum & bass it draws on his love for film soundtracks, synthwave, neo-soul and the Japanese pop sub-genre, Shibuya-kei and includes collaborations with Elisabeth Troy, NAMGAWD, Roméo Testa, Ragga Twins, Rothwell and Reija Lee. ‘Electric Echo’, a collaboration with Fightstar’s Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway’s synthwave side project Gunship, encapsulates the ethos of the album merging the unfamiliar with D&B sensibilities to create a fresh and exciting new sound. We also welcome the return of Elisabeth Troy in 'Chasing Sunrise' and Reija Lee in 'Cadence' making for two powerful vocal highlights on the record. For those of a purist nature, fear not; Metrik’s sophomore album is one hundred percent drum & bass and he hasn’t forgotten about the dancefloor. Bangers like 'Western Jam', 'Fatso' and 'Destination Earth' make up a serious proportion of the album’s generous fifteen tracks and reinforce his status as one of the heaviest producers on the block. Over the past year Metrik has travelled the world representing drum & bass at major festivals of all denominations; from Glastonbury and Global Gathering to Outlook and EDC Las Vegas. All the while crafting remixes for the likes of DJ Fresh, Ellie Goulding, Gorgon City and Martin Garrix, and collaborating with fellow D&B superstars TC and Netsky. Fans of his UK Dance Chart Top 20 debut 'Universal Language' will find plenty to love here however its Metrik’s devotion to creating a fresh and thrilling strain of drum & bass that stands to bring in a new audience and earmark 'LIFE/THRILLS' for instant classic status. Follow Metrik: https://www.facebook.com/metrikmusic https://twitter.com/MetrikMusic http://instagram.com/metrikmusic https://soundcloud.com/metrik Follow Hospital Records: http://hospitalrecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Hospitalrecords http://twitter.com/hospitalrecords http://instagram.com/hospitalrecords http://play.spotify.com/user/hospitalrecords http://www.google.com/+HospitalRecords https://soundcloud.com/hospitalrecords http://www.mixcloud.com/hospitalrecords/ Credits (CC License) “Lofoten Eternal Lights” https://vimeo.com/154819915 Jose A. Hervas “Ole: the quest for aurorae” https://vimeo.com/28740524 Credit as 'Royal Observatory Greenwich/ Lonelyleap, incorporating time-lapse footage of aurorae by Ole C. Salomonsen' "Golden Circle" https://vimeo.com/185450914 fbonard "Arctic Autumn" https://vimeo.com/119520669 Kiliii Yuyan "Iceland from above" https://vimeo.com/152270709 filmourday.co.uk "Wild Alaska" https://vimeo.com/184140926 India Parish
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Text Comments (62)
ma0sya (2 months ago)
How beautiful crip. Tune too.
Dj One Light (2 months ago)
Alan Max Dias (3 months ago)
Dolby Atmos brought me here xD
your_local_emo (3 months ago)
Rameses B vibes.....which is not a bad thing at all....great tune!
Phaaze (5 months ago)
I love most of this track, the only thing that doesn't sit well with me is the vocal chops. It would've been better without them I think.
min amerope (5 months ago)
The song is very good , yey 😄
Roman Vladychak (1 year ago)
Просто космос!!!
ziemniak 26 (1 year ago)
this video makes me a return to make nightlapses!
Mr Pedersen (1 year ago)
Poetry for ears and eyes. 👍👍 Instagram: @nordiccourier
Sidney SN (1 year ago)
One of my favorite songs )
Stephen Stewart (1 year ago)
It's like the earths on equaliser 👍
Ex4mple MaX (1 year ago)
amazing 😍
would be perfect without the vocals... still great.
muriel mottet (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Video
Robert Henry (1 year ago)
Mash the like button a-million times!!!!!!!!
Pure musical masterpiece.
BassJunk3y (1 year ago)
this is just so relaxing :)
Black Train (1 year ago)
Check... Seba-Painted Skies
Maro Anna Galstaun (1 year ago)
Simon (1 year ago)
Redemptive (1 year ago)
Metrik <3
Yinyues (1 year ago)
Hallo Dennis 😎
Francesco Cernecca (1 year ago)
Can't stop.
neoMelee (1 year ago)
The videos match beautifully with the song. Brilliantly crafted.
CH0DEMASTER12 (1 year ago)
idk why but all songs and titles of this album give me deja vu
François Merlet (2 months ago)
ahah it's because nothing has ever been invented
PatnR (1 year ago)
мечты реализуются, крутяк
Pure beauty...music is so tenderness and emotional at the same time.LOVE THIS
Daniel Resch (1 year ago)
now this is awesome!
Miguel Guerrero (1 year ago)
1:35 Is there a sample from Off the Air (Adultswim)????
Stefano Parma (1 year ago)
best Song of the entire album!
Yiorgos Voulgaris (1 year ago)
#METRON .. As long as every person understands their own metron and stays within their orbit, you have little problems . : / https://youtu.be/Bf3H719_Hdg?list=PL83AB531626049D1C
Olya Angy (1 year ago)
amazing beauty...
Nino Törnqvist (1 year ago)
Usually i am stoked of Metriks tracks. Muffler - Northern Lights happens to be one of my favourite tracks from last year. To me this did not come even close.
Alfi Zodhy (1 year ago)
beautiful. just beautiful :')
Darth Kaas (1 year ago)
I look up at the stars and see a Galaxy of Dreams <3
loutiscrive (1 year ago)
stunning video, awesome tune
Dani Pherens (1 year ago)
Where is it?
Matthias Smit (1 year ago)
Absolutely Epic!
Dani Pherens (1 year ago)
Magnificent. Need more such videos👍
ziemniak 26 (1 year ago)
Why not 60 frames? ☹
Mr Robsterr (1 year ago)
Royal Vibes (1 year ago)
This track is really amazing
Sungazer (1 year ago)
Gooood stuff :) Vocal chops sound like Veela (probably just similar processing though)
Breaumance (8 months ago)
Sungazer You sound new to Melodic Drum'N'Bass. There is more than just Veela....lol....
Apple Slipper (1 year ago)
More like Reija Lee's vocals being chopped for this song.
Parth Sanil (1 year ago)
Beautiful Universe
terrapin (1 year ago)
ur avatar x)
Lapse Time (1 year ago)
beautiful , I love your vidéo,  I have a TIMELAPSE chanel you can look 😉
Mark Morris (1 year ago)
Nerved Music (1 year ago)
Brilliant tune. Got the typical Metrik-vibe to it, I think.
This and Penggemar have it
foxon172 (1 year ago)
Honestly prefer metriks older tunes...before joining hospital. weak in comparison 😨
What about Terminus, Western Jam or Make The Floor Burn VIP? but yeah, I get you. I wanted a tune like Drift or Slipstream too, but we had Signal.
Crinn Ge (1 year ago)
There are some great tunes on the newest album, too. Have you heard Fatso, Western Jam or Destination Earth? These are some strong tunes. But in general I know what you mean. His tunes on Viper were more savage.
Sungazer (1 year ago)
That's why Jay-Z said, "if you want my old music, buy my old albums."
Sungazer (1 year ago)
Artists evolve over the years, in a few years his music will be different once again. Maybe you'll like that more.
I love this one so much. PLEASE upload Penggemar
Joyrizer (1 year ago)
So much love
SushilowG (1 year ago)
gotta love drum and bass <333

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