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Magic Aqua ™ Rock Gardens - New official video

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Enjoy a holiday in an ethnic themed atmosphere where customers can enjoy our friends in thrilling slides and attractions of our water park 'African Emotion'.
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Hysterical Queen (1 month ago)
DO NOT GO ITS AWFUL and it ruined my whole holiday 1. The food was disgusting and made me feel sick 2. The staff where so rude behind the reception desk and bars some where ok and really friendly 3. The pool is so dangerous there is a rock thing at the back of the pool and my sister hit her head off of it and cut her head open 4. The rooms where disgusting 5. There is a huge tv screen at the pool which just played Spanish cartoons all day and only if you asked did they put Music on I wasn’t on holiday to hear Spanish cartoons all day 6. It’s up a massive hill which is exhausting to walk up when it’s boiling hot 7. The waterslides are so dangerous especially the green one which I got concussion from as I banged my head while on it 8. We got stuck in the glass lifts on the last day of our holidays while taking our suit cases to reception 9. The room key only work occasionally we had to go and get a new one just about every single day As you can see I have a lot of reasons to hate this hotel
steve b (2 months ago)
went in July 2017 and it was amazing so booked again for July 2019 , fantastic holiday can't wait...
Ryan Signs makaton (8 months ago)
I’m going next week on sunday
David X (3 months ago)
lucky man
Manoli Rodríguez (9 months ago)
En estos momentos estoy en este hotel ,maravilloso , buena comida , variedad y calidad ,comida y bebida durante todo el día ,gente amable , seguridad , buen ambiente , estoy encantada , sin duda , volveré...

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