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WPF Style Inheritance

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Hi Guys, Let us learn concept of style inheritance in WPF. Keep learning and if you have any doubts please leave a comment. Do subscribe to my channel and share as well as like this video if it has helped you. Thanks
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jalal almadhaji (4 months ago)
thanks .. great tutorial
Tagorechand Meah (1 year ago)
Your's WPF tutorials are the best on You Tube.
aman gupta (1 year ago)
vinod leela kumar (2 years ago)
hi thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching us WPF that to for free. can you please share PPT's with us
Ruhi Garga (2 years ago)
Excellent explanation ! , Yes do make video presentation on prism. Thanks
Gaurav Agarwal (2 years ago)
Excellent Videos. In fact one of the best video series on internet/Safari on WPF. Simplified and easy to understand basic concept. Great job.
DotNetSkoool (2 years ago)
Thanks Gourav.. Pls share this more.. I am struggling with subscribers... LOL
Rahul Neharkar (2 years ago)
Hi, Its a great video. Please make a video on prism.
Aleksandar Đurović (2 years ago)
Hi. Can we overwrite value of one property in parent style with another in child style? (for example if background in parent style is red, and then I define background to blue in child style). Thanks for good video.
DotNetSkoool (2 years ago)
Yes It will overwrite it....

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