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Photoshop Gold Text Effect

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How to create gold text in Photoshop! Turn letters into gold with this easy to create text effect in Photoshop CC and CS6. ► LATEST VIDEO: Photoshop SLICED TEXT Effect: https://youtu.be/1YDZfmfxNgo Complete text version and PDF on my website: http://bit.ly/gold-text-effect ► Watch Part 2: How to remove the background: http://bit.ly/gold_text_2 ► Get Photoshop CC 2019 here: https://bit.ly/Get_Photoshop_CC To create the gold text, we'll use Photoshop's layer styles, and we'll create our own custom gold color gradient! We'll even add a few sparkles to the text using one of Photoshop's brushes to make our gold letters really shine. I'll be using Photoshop CC but every step is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and with earlier versions of Photoshop. ► Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2ndmlwv WHERE ARE THE ASSORTED BRUSHES IN PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 and 2019? Adobe made changes to the brushes as of CC 2018. To access the Assorted Brushes, click the menu icon in the Brush Preset picker and choose Legacy Brushes from the bottom of the menu. Click OK to restore the Legacy Brushes, and then scroll down to the bottom of the brushes where you'll find a new "Legacy Brushes" folder. Twirl the folder open to find all of the original brushes from CC 2017 and earlier, including the Assorted Brushes. LEARN MORE: https://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/restore-legacy-brushes-photoshop-cc-2018/ ► VIDEO GUIDE: HOW TO CREATE A GOLD TEXT EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOP Step 1: Create a new Photoshop document (0:38) Step 2: Fill the new document with black (1:24) Step 3: Select the Type Tool (1:55) Step 4: Set your font options (2:00) Step 5: Set your type color to white (2:21) Step 6: Add your text (2:47) Step 7: Resize the text with Free Transform (2:57) Step 8: Duplicate the Type layer (3:41) Step 9: Add a Gradient Overlay layer style (4:08) Step 10: Edit the gradient (4:27) Step 11: Save the gradient as a new preset (5:39) Step 12: Change the gradient Style to "Reflected" (6:03) Step 13: Add a Bevel and Emboss layer style (6:17) Step 14: Change Technique to "Chisel Hard" (6:28) Step 15: Change Gloss Contour to "Ring Double" (6:35) Step 16: Change the Angle and turn on Anti-Aliaising (6:49) Step 17: Set the Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode opacity to 75% (7:02) Step 18: Increase the Size to fill in the letters (7:10) Step 19: Increase the Depth to 170% (7:39) Step 20: Add an Inner Glow layer style (7:47) Step 21: Select the original Type layer (8:37) Step 22: Add a stroke (8:42) Step 23: Change the Fill Type and choose the "Gold" gradient (8:51) Step 24: Set the Style, Position and Size of the stroke (8:53) Step 25: Apply Bevel and Emboss to the stroke (9:28) Step 26: Apply an Outer Glow layer style (10:27) Step 27: Select the copy of the Type layer (10:15) Step 28: Add a new blank layer (10:24) Step 29: Select the Brush Tool (11:56) Step 30: Load the Assorted brushes (12:03) Step 31: Choose the "Crosshatch 4" brush (12:42) Step 32: Sample a brush color from the gold letters (13:12) Step 33: Paint random sparkles around the letters (13:38) Step 34: Lower the opacity of the "Sparkles" layer (14:07) If you enjoyed this video, please Like, Share and Subscribe! ► Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2ndmlwv WANT MORE VIDEOS? Help support this channel by becoming a member of Photoshop Essentials and get HUNDREDS of Photoshop tutorials as PDFs! LEARN MORE: https://goo.gl/Pv79vW Photoshop Essentials offers Adobe Photoshop tutorials and training designed with beginners in mind, with easy to follow, step by step instructions that make learning Photoshop easy! Subscribe to my channel for my latest Photoshop videos, and be sure to visit my website for hundreds of my written Photoshop tutorials! ► SUBSCRIBE to Photoshop Essentials on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2ndmlwv ► Visit my website: https://www.photoshopessentials.com
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Text Comments (848)
K Lo (18 hours ago)
Thank you so much!!!!
Soraya Lavínia (2 days ago)
Perfect. Thank you for helping me.
Sam Nik (3 days ago)
The very best explanation i've ever come across , voice so relaxing and soothing. A softer music in the background would have landed you a billion views. I think you should repost this again.
___ (5 days ago)
Thank you!
Playstation1 (6 days ago)
Playstation1 (6 days ago)
Playstation1 (6 days ago)
Who else letter N's were coming out with strange lines during this tutorial?? Had to go back and do it my own way to make it work!
Playstation1 (6 days ago)
Explained really well and your voice was very relaxing! Would watch more tutorials really enjoy them :)
Tech & Cripto Seb (7 days ago)
You´re the man brother!!
Photoshop Essentials (7 days ago)
Thanks! I hope it was helpful.
lawrence elango (9 days ago)
thanks for this.your voice helps too
مصطفى سرمد (11 days ago)
Thank you so much sir , you are amazing teacher
Fensi Banu (12 days ago)
Amazing. ... Thanks "SIR"...
Quit hunt (12 days ago)
Oh what a Good Teacher Excellent Tutorial Thank You A LoahT Steve
Bugra Luvi (12 days ago)
Thanks for the sharing!
Van I (13 days ago)
GREAT video!! Thanks for the detailed step-by-step explanations and for going at a good speed. It was easy to follow and easy to understand!
Paschal Nash (14 days ago)
Photoshop Essentials (13 days ago)
You're very welcome. Thank you for watching!
Just Sing (14 days ago)
Great tutorial, no time wasted!!!!
Photoshop Essentials (13 days ago)
I'm glad it was helpful. Thanks for watching!
Yan Se7en (14 days ago)
what name brush ple
Jerrod W. (15 days ago)
This was FANTASTIC...in depth and truly helpful. Don't let the ones saying too much or too long discourage you. They are lazy and has yet to grasp the "skip forward" method. I hope you don't change your teaching method. I learned and refreshed some of the tools I simply stopped using. Again big thanks!
Moklis Tamimi (16 days ago)
tjt263 (19 days ago)
Can you do the same with Illustrator? This was great, I really wish it was for Ai rather than Ps.
Drachen Agency (19 days ago)
Joao Victor Coelho (21 days ago)
Photoshop Essentials (20 days ago)
I hope it was helpful. Thanks for watching!
Thank tou.
Photoshop Essentials (20 days ago)
Thank you for watching!
Tomal Mashup (23 days ago)
thank u
Photoshop Essentials (20 days ago)
You're very welcome. Thank you for watching!
wiggyswig (25 days ago)
Your a genius thank you so much. Explained a lot in a short space of time.
Aftab Ahmed (25 days ago)
very nice
Photoshop Essentials (24 days ago)
Thanks! I hope it was helpful.
Eichelyn (25 days ago)
Very useful, thank you!
Photoshop Essentials (24 days ago)
You're very welcome. Thank you for watching!
Shanelle P (26 days ago)
because i have retina display on my macbook would the settings have to change? it looks kind of pixelated...thanks!
Shanelle P (25 days ago)
​+Photoshop Essentials it was under 100%... i think the retina has something to do with the letters not being crystal clear i have cs6...would i have to play around with the image size?
Photoshop Essentials (26 days ago)
Hi Shanelle, when you say it looks pixelated, are you zooming in closer than 100%? Photoshop will always show pixels when you're zoomed in beyond 100%, even with text.
Ellen Breumlund (27 days ago)
Hello Photoshop Essentials, it's a great tutorial! Though I have an issue with the outer glow part. When I pick the color #e8801f (which you used), it just turns out very less saturated, and not the strong orange color as you picked. I made sure that I'm doing it on the 1st text layer. Will you help me?
saravanan saravanan (1 month ago)
Hello Sir, thank you very much for outstanding way of teaching. i have a question which found on the comments below, some were asking on behalf of public and i also eager to know. is this text effect is editable, i mean is there any way to change font or text after Done the text effect?
Salam Exom (1 month ago)
Great tutorials!
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks! I hope they continue to be helpful.
Chinh Nguyễn Hữu (1 month ago)
How could you come up with those color codes?
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
I just opened an image of some gold coins into Photoshop and then used the Eyedropper Tool to sample colors from the coins.
sia gborie (1 month ago)
You are a great teacher... Best tutorial ever for me...
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! I'm glad it was helpful.
Arkham D'Angel (1 month ago)
I love. I hope to learn much more with you. I like and share
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks so much!
Seven Stones Winery BC (1 month ago)
Excellent tutorial. Thanks so much!
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
You're very welcome, thank you for watching!
Typhon Beats (1 month ago)
Best tutorial i have ever seen. He explains so well that i didnt have to see the video, just follow his voice while doing my work on PS.
PoisedbyLiyah (1 month ago)
amazing tutorial
PoisedbyLiyah (1 month ago)
everything was going good until he sparkles section. i do not have all those options in my brush section, how you had a long list to chose and you went with assorted? i dont have that long list. also can you show us how you sampled the gold that way we can change up the gold?
Simara Martinez (1 month ago)
Thank you for making this easy
SimiGarewalOfficial (1 month ago)
Excellent tutorial. Clearly explained and demonstrated. Thank you!
Walid Rabaa (1 month ago)
Thank you
MRF Design (1 month ago)
excellent bro but If u do with zoom ,it will be awesome.
I love how detailed this is!
LIVEcREATIVE (1 month ago)
Your voice 👌👌
Ruby dela cruz Ireland (1 month ago)
Macoladon C (1 month ago)
Great tutorial!
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks! And thank you for watching!
ilaiya tamil tv (1 month ago)
very nic,
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
xBrainZy (1 month ago)
Does it apply to any spelling other than GOLD
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
You can use the effect with any word you like. Although using a gold effect on the word "SILVER" may be confusing.
azami cho (1 month ago)
i love you
mariam bilé (1 month ago)
I thank that there are lot work you are already do in photoshop ...very good.
Syuan Wong (1 month ago)
May I know what is the text font you are using?
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
I used Impact for the effect, but any font with wide, thick letters should work.
ViheaSour Post (1 month ago)
Jennifer Rathjens DLRT (1 month ago)
Excellent!! Love it!! Your explanation was fantastic! Thank you for taking the time! :)
Tabunawati Koraubara (1 month ago)
Designer Duo (1 month ago)
This is cool. I have to ask, do you actually do designs for people ? I am after a name design of our Band name to go on a Black Band stage Backdrop we want making. I don't have photoshop so am unable to do the design myself, and I stumbled across your video when searching youtube for inspiration.
Brenda Mackey (1 month ago)
OMG! That was actually phenomenal! Thank you so much. Your voice is a perfect “teaching” voice. Been using PS for YEARS, and you taught me some cool things. Appreciate your time and knowledge
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
You're very welcome. Thanks for your comments, and for watching!
Nazarfa Mi2 (1 month ago)
OMG this is the best vdo i hv ever seen...this 1 is very well explained, very detailed... u really want us to learn from ur vdo...thank u so much...
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
You're very welcome. I'm glad the video was helpful. Thanks so much for watching!
Whatsina Tear (1 month ago)
I'm not done watching your whole tutorial but oh MY GOD THANK YOU. I was about to give up on finding efficient, clear guidance on how to use Photoshop for text! Your tutorial is by FAR the best one I've come across! Thank you so much!
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. And thank you for watching!
blessed everyday (1 month ago)
This has been the most wonderful easy to follow tutorial that I have seen! Thank you so much!!!
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
You're very welcome. Thank you for your comments and for watching!
Niño Jan Jeremy Go (1 month ago)
Nice Tutorial. That Alt+click to create a new layer is new to me; I just wondering, how do you change the color marker of layer before the mode 11:40 in existing layer? Edit: Never mind, I found it: 'Layer' > 'Layer Property...', but is there another way for quicker access? Like to renaming layer just double click the layer name, open effects window just double click the layer beside the layer name, layer mode/layer opacity just there.
DoesntMatter851 (1 month ago)
Mannnnnnnnnnnn I SO LOVE THIS TUTORIAL. I wish all tutorials were like this. If it wasn't for the fact that my Photoshop is in Dutch i could have made everything just by listening to his instructions. I truly love it!
Custom Power Wheels (1 month ago)
Well done. What would I have to change in order to look like chrome instead of gold?
Clenoro (1 month ago)
Excellent explanation. . . .Thank's a lot brother
Grace A (1 month ago)
Can this be used to make business logo
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Sure, it can be used for any purpose. Is there a reason why you're not sure if it would work as a business logo?
abu sayed (1 month ago)
Great sir..but i need help..please help me sir?
Nilson ferreira (1 month ago)
Vee Boogie (1 month ago)
I am unable to find the sparkle brushes! ugh! Can someone help me out?
Ana Maria Silva (1 month ago)
Perfeito 👏👏👏
Tarun Photography (1 month ago)
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks! And thank you for watching!
BlackDragon2712 (1 month ago)
just in case you are as retarded as I am and you are trapped in gray-scale mode check "image" and them "mode" and change it to RGB... it was a little bit awkward when I realized that...
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thanks for the troubleshooting tip!
Bozena Sienkiewicz (1 month ago)
wow! you are the best ! I have never see better done tutorials.
Photoshop Essentials (1 month ago)
Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I hope my videos will continue to be helpful to you.
Chandan Chauhan (2 months ago)
Silver code ?
Chandan Chauhan (2 months ago)
Nice effect
Bobs Bobbin (2 months ago)
Very very useful tutorial x thanks so much Steve
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
You're very welcome. Thank you for watching!
Mohammad Aiman (2 months ago)
espactaculare Amigo
Thanks very helpful👌
Mashal Haider (2 months ago)
and please post some videos on architectural sheet composition styles.. its a request :)
Mashal Haider (2 months ago)
very clear and understandable way of teaching.. best learning tutorial ever . good job :) :)
Yanira Ramirez (2 months ago)
Ty’Gee Ramon (2 months ago)
Very very helpful video it was explained out perfectly an slow.... thanks....
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
You're very welcome, thank you for watching!
Thank you bro.I am a photo editor and designer who has more than 10 years of experience.but it very useful to me too...your presentation is clear and detailed .bravo.
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Thanks, I appreciate it. And thank you for watching!
Muhammad Aamir KHAN (2 months ago)
Vance Pleasant (2 months ago)
Thank you!!!!! This tutorial is great for dummies like me!
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Lol. Thanks for watching! :)
aussie aNNie (2 months ago)
LOVE your tuturals and as a beginner it suits me to a 't' thanks so so so much.
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
You're very welcome. I hope the videos continue to be helpful. Thank you for watching!
CleverRC Gaming (2 months ago)
This helps me a lot since I'm new to photoshop, I like to learn things slowly
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Slow is the best way to learn. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to Subscribe for more videos. :)
Rhea Seva (2 months ago)
Thank u
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
You're very welcome, thank you for watching!
Adithya Adhi (2 months ago)
Best tutorial ever scene.... Very clearly explained....
Dong Hyeon Lee (2 months ago)
thank you sir;; very kindness explain,,, happy new year~~~
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for watching!
Madhu Nair (2 months ago)
Amazing Tutorial
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Thanks, and thank you for watching!
Ninjaphil24 (2 months ago)
Excellent!!! Thanks!!
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
You're very welcome. Thanks for watching!
George Kempson (2 months ago)
Brilliant tutorial, i followed it to the letter (sic) and it came out exactly as i should, i just changed the text to my own liking but the effect was just the same. Ignore the negative comments, i've been using computers for over 30 years, had Photoshop on the PC ten years ago before i went over to the Mac, so i'm just getting back into using it again. It isn't too long, it's just long enough to keep up with the instructions. Cheers.
prameela k.m (2 months ago)
Tk sir u teach exelent
Photoshop Essentials (2 months ago)
Thanks! I hope you find other videos on my channel useful as well.
Snaigiuz (2 months ago)
9:42 when i change style then change all my text. Whats wrong could be?
Mike ISTP (2 months ago)
Probably you've missed this step with switching to another layer at 8:37 wich explains why all the main text stays the same after..
Grappling Central (2 months ago)
AMAZING tutorial! So many Youtube creators could learn from how you teach! Bravo!
KK47 TV (2 months ago)
can you do this with a 2d logo?
andry sofyan (2 months ago)
u helping me so much,, thanks man!!!
Historical Tech (2 months ago)
vary very helpful video
Tarun Verma Films (2 months ago)
bro my graident tool dont have that white transparent that you have what should i do?
saravanan saravanan (1 month ago)
i think you need to click on gradient overlay square. if you clicked gradient drop-down list not able to see. (you mean for the slider, am i right?
D'or Prestige (2 months ago)
Beautiful tutorial, Thank you!

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