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Strain Review - Chemdawg

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Chemdawg by Green House Seed Company is a delightfully-weird sativa-dominant hybrid with the kind of history and heritage that seed producers can only dream of. Ever smoked a diesel strain? How about OG Kush? How about Sour D? All of them are here because of Chemdawg - and it was a total accident at first. Learn all about it with me (and check out the waxy trichome buildup) right here.
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Pine (1 month ago)
Chemdawg I've come across is a little darker I think it was grown outside tbh, but it was good an I got an head-high then it became a body high. Loved it! ( If you take a big hit your first hit it hits your hard) (I'm high rn )
Angel Diaz (2 months ago)
Thise hairs are crazy looks banger
sariya williams (8 months ago)
That shit look like some bullshit where them real chem dawg 😩🅿👎
Sean Hassan (10 months ago)
It's the next best thing to sours that's the best I can say about it they're identical in smell and taste but visually they're different and slightly lemony for sours yet they both have identical pungent scent and taste to them I compare the two as identical really
xMAGNAx TANK117 (1 year ago)
Fucking grinding some chem while watching lol
Jose Acosta (2 years ago)
this Chemdawg shit ant no joke, this strain will knock you out, I mix it with another sativa to balance it out!
Dam So (2 years ago)
The real deal Chemdawg is from REZseeds not shitty greenhouseseeds lol
Ian Stoffers (2 years ago)
my chemdawg here in Holland is way more covered with resin, and the smell and taste is a little bit skunky, it has a hash smell, but it gave me a couch lock
Isitfun ? (2 years ago)
Awesome videos!
vaping bros (2 years ago)
keep uploading.. ur channel will boost by itself i for many say ur doing a great jobb
Gary Ellison (2 years ago)
You did a really good job sir, more vids please! Question, as someone who loves Blue Dream will CD be a good or bad alternate when out of BD?
Tex (2 years ago)
+JohnNadaUK It's not as heavy.
falcon whitmer (2 years ago)
make more videos please!
TheEchosofOuroboros (2 years ago)
excellent review and you obviously knw your stuff. you should check out https://www.reddit.com/r/trees/ and try sharing your vids there. They may appreciate them/get some traction.

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