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CGI 3D Animation Short "BIG CATCH" Hilarious Animation Kids Cartoon by Moles Merlo

13969 ratings | 4713837 views
When a fisherman decides to relax on the pier, a shark attack is imminent. Little does he know he'll be in for the biggest catch of his life. As the shark sneaks up for the kill, seagulls have other funnier plans. BIG CATCH (2010), Animation, Comedy, Family, Children Produced by Imerges Studios CREDITS: Directtion, CG Animation, Sound Design by Moles Merlo. Music by Baptiste Thiry. Shark Voice Scream by Rachel Chapiteau. Additional Support by Nicolas Cheutin, Nicolas Songeons, Shim Yamagutchi. The rendering was done using Renderman/Mental Ray and for the effects like the water dripping off the shark (a very good effect too, water is hard to do!) there were some specially made scripts by film maker Moles Merlo who lives in Paris. Shake was used for the Compositing. // 3D : Maya // Compositing : Shake // Music : Baptiste Thiry // Shark voice : Rachel Chapiteau ------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for SUBSCRIBING : http://bit.ly/1QO2b6p If you're an ANIMATOR, FILM MAKER or STUDIO and would like your project showcase on our channels and considered for publishing in our books and magazines which are distributed to industry professionals and film producers visit http://bit.ly/1lBtIuI . If you're an ARTIST or ILLUSTRATOR and would like your Portfolio promoted and license your work and sell your artwork, concept sketches and illustrations to Advertising Agencies, Magazines and Mainstream publications, and Film studios. Apply to http://illustrationvault.com/application ------------------------------------------------------------- WHO ARE WE? http://madartistpublishing.com http://worldanimationfilmfestival.com http://sketchoholic.com http://madartistgroup.com http://illustrationvault.com 2 of OUR TOP BOOKS http://thecompleteartistbook.com http://thejamesbondbook.com http://facebook.com/madartistpublishing http://facebook.com/sketchoholic http://facebook.com/worldanimationfilmfestival ------------------------------------------------------------- For licensing of films, videos and price quotes relating to creative services, video production or other representation inquiries [email protected] We have permissions to broadcast this video and or it is part of Creative Commons the http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/.0/. If you believe this video should not be broadcasted on our channel, please contact [email protected] to remedy the situation.
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Text Comments (442)
DerAssasine (3 days ago)
3:03 thats a weird looking dog
Cheron Curmon (8 days ago)
the sharks defeat wasn't great but I still like the video
boom boom bang (8 days ago)
That is one BIG man
Lol 😂 😂😂 TITANIC
Lordyleo G (20 days ago)
Cesca Bae (20 days ago)
The shark teeth so hirt
Jimysonzylar Gaming (22 days ago)
Lol XD the shark screamed like a girl. I though the shark Will sink titanic. How the heck the shark Been outside the water so long.
FREDDY GAMER lucas (23 days ago)
Pendejo no me gusto
Lysergic Acid (25 days ago)
Jorden Chodak (1 month ago)
NICOLAS ALMAGUER (1 month ago)
Крипер (1 month ago)
3:14 lol titanic
Jaime E. Juárez (1 month ago)
Jaime E. Juárez (1 month ago)
I hate people that kill sharks
Jaime E. Juárez (1 month ago)
Jaime E. Juárez (1 month ago)
I love sharks
Angel Mota (1 month ago)
What the? This is the shark ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ;)
Jessica Ma (1 month ago)
I just saw a titanic appear out of no wear that’s large and cool
Mahay Ravelojaona (1 month ago)
Ho ho ho the titanic
Ajan Memeti (1 month ago)
Nam Nguyen (1 month ago)
Wait...the bird have kung fu!😵
Laura Martinez (2 months ago)
jaja el titanik 🚢
Crispy Roof (2 months ago)
I thought the harpoon was going to hit the shark or the man but since it's a kids cartoon then I guess that's why.
Frankie Jones (2 months ago)
Don’t mess with a seagull
pablo pablo (2 months ago)
3:35 titan
Joseani Rocha (2 months ago)
Hasan Ali (2 months ago)
quang vo kh (3 months ago)
2:05 dat seagull can do karate 🥋 yo 😳
fahrizalamsyah afandi (3 months ago)
Dark Voyager (3 months ago)
Damn it I was hoping the shark bit of the ugly fat guys head and shredded him with his razor sharp teeth
Justin Villanueva (3 months ago)
*That goose or duck what ever it is he/she is like “really dude .-.”*
Pinto Pintor (3 months ago)
se mano la gaviota cartera😂
Leopard Fang (3 months ago)
He thicc
Leslie Elmore (3 months ago)
Mest up
Wienerbrö (3 months ago)
Save Sharks..
angela triana (3 months ago)
Jaime E. Juárez (1 month ago)
Fuck you bitch
paulologamer 123 (3 months ago)
Angel Carrion (4 months ago)
El titanic
Ricardo Martinez Ramon (4 months ago)
popfloyd plays (4 months ago)
2:46 is the best moment
LwinnK (5 months ago)
I feel sorry for the shark 😢
E B (5 months ago)
If FGOL and Ubisoft made a movie to promote hungry shark: part 3, this would be better.
Wong Siu fong (5 months ago)
The Bladedancer (6 months ago)
Poor Shark
Pugaming (7 months ago)
what was that sound 3:28 it was a ship horn to a weird sound
Gloria Putong (7 months ago)
the titanic where is jack and rose
KadenGoller (7 months ago)
lol the city is the size of his tummy
Johanna Kidd (7 months ago)
Land walking Shark that growls?
ItsJai Everett (9 months ago)
yah man
ItsJai Everett (9 months ago)
yah man
CHUTTA. (10 months ago)
please you can help we but,shall we make your video from sinhala please................
Titanic lol
Alexthecoolguy255 (11 months ago)
Theat ara shack do
Anthony Perez (11 months ago)
Is it just me or that guy is T H I C C
Hazrat Bilal (11 months ago)
how to make like this animation
fenelope maglaque (11 months ago)
How did the shark stay long in land and doe,snt starve?in hungry shark game if you stay lobg in land you will starve and die but how this shark stay long in land?type here if you know the answer--->:
fenelope maglaque (11 months ago)
long in land
riv ran (1 year ago)
Bg And His Pals (1 year ago)
2:50 when Im About to die In Lbp
тн т (1 year ago)
john harkins (1 year ago)
kung fu seagul
Nicole Alsleben (1 year ago)
Und bu ich heiße 154
koteł 360 XD pl. (1 year ago)
Rose tv (1 year ago)
very very nice cartoon\\\\\\\turjo babu\\\\\\\\\\
NanoBoltz (1 year ago)
were headphones even invented the time where there was still titanic?
Leonardo 12 (1 year ago)
Man when the shark screamed I was laughing so darn hard
Hector Espinosa (1 year ago)
Totally awesome!
Daka DZN (1 year ago)
poor shark XD
gray white (1 year ago)
ImIn_Your Lobby (1 year ago)
Look at how big he is then look at his head. man his body is a whale and his head is a meatball I swear.
Jack is that you
Jamie Olberding (1 year ago)
1:56 "Ninja Seagull!?!?" (LOL).
Jamie Olberding (1 year ago)
2:54 "That's the famous ocean liner "R.M.S Titanic!"
Jamie Olberding (1 year ago)
"That's the "R.M.S Titanic!" "I feel bad for the poor shark who just hit the bow of the "R.M.S Titanic!"! At least he learned his lesson!"
Scorpion MKX (1 year ago)
Poor sharko
Colin Tan (1 year ago)
Johnny Ang (1 year ago)
Hungry Shark World Funniest Shark
Johnny Ang (1 year ago)
This is so Funniest Shark
Umer Mohammedhrgru (1 year ago)
The fact...pYphynnnn!32(
FishyGaming (1 year ago)
3:00 the titanic has arisen from its icy grave
Debbie Macrae (1 year ago)
He will no longer have teath
t -fire TV (1 year ago)
Javeria Haider (1 year ago)
make another but shark falls of ship and eats man OK in September 3rd
Wtf jajajaj
tv수학 (1 year ago)
이상하다 분명 상어 반대쪽으로 날아갔는데?
the geckobeast (1 year ago)
That poor shark
Galaxy CRAFT 010 (1 year ago)
Titanic With a ded shark
Mama Luigi (1 year ago)
LOL 2:48
Edgar Nuñez Ojeda (1 year ago)
Lo odio no me gusto lo que le paso al tiburon
Kwazy Teo (1 year ago)
Curiosamente Falando (1 year ago)
why the 4th furnace of titanic was smoking??? in real titanic the 3 first was smoking but the 4th was ornamenttal
Jeff Lester Jumawan (1 year ago)
what is at the titanic
قرش محمد (1 year ago)
Carlos Diaz (1 year ago)
jajajajajajajaj bue video es tiburo estupido
Oliver Bundgaard Terp (1 year ago)
How did The Shark get on land
CreeperCat 19 (4 months ago)
Volmir Picollo (1 year ago)
lol MEGA lol loli
Carolina Sánchez (1 year ago)
Finber Tsai (1 year ago)
RotomEnergy YT (1 year ago)
Bad movie
l s y (1 year ago)
I don't get this lol
loana rosati (1 year ago)

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