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Hi Everyone, This is how I prepared myself for one of the world's top fashion university. I know i haven't really gone in too much depth about my portfolio, as I felt I could do a whole new video just explaining that. Leave a comment below if you guys want me to answer any of your questions about the entry requirements etc. PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. THANK YOU TO ALL xx
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Khan Arfa (2 months ago)
hey hans loved the video im from india too i have confusion about the qualifications and the expenses can you please make videos on these topics. PS thanks for the video <3
Arsh (3 months ago)
Can you please tell me about fees and scholarships... 🙂
Anjana sreevalsan (3 months ago)
Am currently doing my law graduation...ill graduate in 2 years... I wanna join lcf...i wanna pursue fasion designing... please help mee...what should i do since am from a different background with regards to my graduation.
Sara Db (3 months ago)
please tell me will they provide scholarship? and if yes, how will they provide scholarship?
Hans Malhotra (3 months ago)
Sara Db You should contact the university regarding this.
The Mannequin (4 months ago)
Interesting video I've a question: I'm in 12th standard , so should I apply for admission now Or I should do some fashion courses
Hans Malhotra (4 months ago)
The Mannequin To apply for undergraduate courses at any university, you need to show a portfolio based on the course you’re choosing. So I would recommend getting a portfolio together before you apply for the course as they will ask for one. In terms of what’s expected in the portfolio , you can go on the university’s website under the course description they have got details of what they expect for the students. Hope that was helpful.
Rajesh Kumar singh (4 months ago)
Mam....I'm not able to understand the entry requirment of ual (london fashion school or central saint Martin) what they need I'm really not getting....plzzz can u help me
Rajesh Kumar singh (4 months ago)
+Giulia Simionescu Thanks ma'am.......
Giulia Simionescu (4 months ago)
i gave a look to that, you actually need a valid high school degree, if you're from the european union the BAC is a valid one or you need the diplomas that are written there, they depend on the course you want to apply to.
Harshadha pawar (5 months ago)
can u make a another video in detail explaining about the entire process of taking admission in ucf
Harshadha pawar (5 months ago)
hi I tried adding you on snapchat but snapchat is unable to add you
Hans Malhotra (5 months ago)
Harshadha pawar - please add me on snapchat - hansmalhotra . I’ll be doing a detailed explanation on what the process is like. The communication will be much faster if you have any more doubts.
SUNITA PANDA (7 months ago)
How did you apply for lcf ? Did you gave any entrance test?
SUNITA PANDA (7 months ago)
+Hans Malhotra like those who donno about portfolio lot. I am in 12th grade
SUNITA PANDA (7 months ago)
+Hans Malhotra thankyou so much . Is it same for ug courses ?
Hans Malhotra (7 months ago)
SUNITA PANDA You can apply for a course through online application or contact EDWISE agency , Lcf usually takes interviews in Mumbai through edwise. I had an interview through edwise and had to show my portfolio, other than that you will be required to give an English exam which is compulsory for every international student.

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