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Choosing The Right Business Name For Amazon FBA

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Ozzy Sphabmixay (2 months ago)
Hows it going Kyle? Hope all is good. So we can come up with a generic brand name for our 'seller name' to encompass all of the products that we will be selling. That being said, e.g. seller/business name "Ozzy." Now when we list our products, e.g. forks, we can then put "Ozzy Kitchen" for the brand name? What if we instead put "Ozzy Forks" we would then be limited to selling forks in that brand, correct? So even a broad brand name for that category of product listing would be preferred I'm assuming? Thanks for the very informative video. Hope to hear from ya, keep it up!
Darth Vader's Honey (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for making this video! I was wondering how this works as well.
Kevin V. Philippe (8 months ago)
Hey man, completly unrelated but I've been following ur progress with ur YouTube Channel. What happened to ur growth do u think ? Have u stopped using some tactics ?
Brian Pfeiffer (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing
jhs graphiko (8 months ago)
Hey Kyle I live in OC I'm a graphic designer and I can help you same to Tanner if you guys need my Help. Thank you
Jimmy Him (8 months ago)
Do I register JH INTERNET VENTURE, LLC as my seller name or can I use another name?
Jinks ThaOne (8 months ago)
Great content, thanks again Kyle, keep it up! ✌

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