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ॐ Psy Ambient --- Altar records 2019 music by https://dreamingcooper.bandcamp.com/album/exploring-the-universe video credits by https://www.eso.org like our FB page [email protected] Psybient channel https://bit.ly/2JSMaOw
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Text Comments (13)
VideoZex (6 days ago)
good job
Mister Kitty (8 days ago)
Must say super amazing sound
bearmanmr (23 days ago)
Sounds profound in the headphones x
soho raja (26 days ago)
real psybient!
|SUMULCUTANCE| (29 days ago)
The new Dreaming Cooper sounds are superb!A very nice album. Thank you [email protected] for this video of beauty. Your work is a medication again stress of our (bad) civilization. Take care of yourself man.
[email protected] (28 days ago)
~~~ OUR ~~~
annabigblue (28 days ago)
[email protected] our birthday
[email protected] (29 days ago)
....for me it is September 13, 2012 :)
|SUMULCUTANCE| (29 days ago)
October 21, 2019... will be a very nice birthday! You will be 10 years old big child of the universe! :) 10 years in my ears! Do you realize that long dream that you offer us? thank you friend of this dimension.
[email protected] (29 days ago)
My virtual friend....the older I get, the more I realize that the universe is playing ([email protected]) with me/us... for some reason only music seems to be "real" ...like the portal to somewhere else...
Abhu Hussain (29 days ago)
Solid track!
silurion gorax (29 days ago)
Oberon moon of urano the best song!

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