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LETS GO INSIDE THIS CAVE (Final Euro trip Episode)

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Great times with all the homies, thanks for watching :) @chrischann @andrewxgary @realjaimeluis @zandergabriel @tomasvintr @thebackwoodskid @honzabasny https://www.dubrovnikescaperoom.com/ SOOBSCRIBE ME thx. http://youtube.com/christopherchann ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stalk me for more moist content: https://www.instagram.com/chrischann/ https://twitter.com/chrischann https://www.snapchat.com/add/chrischannzy https://www.facebook.com/chrischannofficial ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (656)
grantthemicrowave (27 days ago)
I was in the exact same place exactly one day after him FUCK
Hugo Andersson (1 month ago)
Chris is wearing Nikes 😧
Patrick Hinkle (3 months ago)
How does he not get a bunch of copyright strikes with all of the music. No hate jw
Gabe Shepard (3 months ago)
Joseph P (5 months ago)
ok, now do Asia trip.
Yacub Hend (7 months ago)
Yo I was in Croatia the same time u were. No way!!!
- Skater._. David - (8 months ago)
9:55 “I love the disappearance of the smile”
CRYCH3CK (8 months ago)
was in the cave 3 years ago. you seen dolphins on the way?
Sos-a #Joshua Lp (8 months ago)
Excuse me, 😅.. Can u tell me the outro song the weird funky one. Please
Talon (8 months ago)
i love what you do with your editing. so cool how when you go underwater you make the music sound underwater if you get what i mean
Diana AL-Salahi (9 months ago)
11:25 “this is the shame bell” *starts swinging around*
Twisted Studios (9 months ago)
I'm crying with those freckles ;-;
sophie aliah (9 months ago)
9:52 your welcome
Dale chivas Dal rebańo (9 months ago)
So many titanic references
DaedricHealer 15 (9 months ago)
Ok where is the cave scene
lDroxyy (10 months ago)
fuck, that ending man
TDF POLO (10 months ago)
I love the 17 merch
л и м о н (10 months ago)
9:55 wtf 😂❤️
RedBullet11 (10 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the outro song???
Maria Princessa (10 months ago)
Yo I was Watching this video again and I realized it came out on my birthday that Shot dope
xLoxLoLex (10 months ago)
did you guys really finished the scape room with 3:33 minutes left or it was all a set up? ;)
wengun1 (10 months ago)
čau Chris :D
Elijah Ortiz (10 months ago)
The moistest ending ever
Leon Cullen (10 months ago)
This mans skating in Jordan’s 1:17
bensons999 (11 months ago)
5:20 - Is that Evan Smith right thuurrr??
LorTrix (11 months ago)
What's the intro/outro song ?
Hannes De Visscher (11 months ago)
Wy not belgium
Noah Peterson (11 months ago)
7:54 what song is this ?
Mrdunahuda (11 months ago)
No way you finished with 3:33 remaining 😂😂
Wh1teW0lf (11 months ago)
I live in Croatia
Elis (11 months ago)
DE Todo UN POCO (11 months ago)
3:33 merch
duhsmersh (11 months ago)
with milk and sugar coffee is pretty much a dessert
Marley Green (11 months ago)
tuth paste (11 months ago)
"Hymonous" 😂😂😂😂😂😆
S0DAMANE (11 months ago)
shoes at 1:40 anyone?
Connzoh (11 months ago)
that ending was insane
TOM TOM (11 months ago)
Pls come to Serbia.This country is next to Croatia.
Jacob Hammitt (11 months ago)
Be in batb 11
Stubby Mcbutt (11 months ago)
Hi Chris I have one question. Can you bring your skateboard as the carry on?
Marvin Zaragoza (11 months ago)
Chris are u going to be in batb 11???
zoe calsyn (11 months ago)
okay the 3:33 in this is really somethin else
Irvin Arañez (11 months ago)
What's the music in 0:15 - 0:30
Ki-Adi Mundi (11 months ago)
Who came here looking for the other Chris chan?
Lisa Syahrin (11 months ago)
myron t (11 months ago)
when i seen that revenge hoodie I knew that guy wasn't serious. hahah
9’s World (11 months ago)
Johnrex Makasiar (11 months ago)
What is the background music at 12:24 ????
Victor Medina (11 months ago)
Before I post this comment I just want to let you know there’s 666 comments
Fernando Barajas (11 months ago)
I just realized I wasn't subscribed to Chris chan wtf !?! And I'm about to be the 666th commenter ! Illuminati confirmed
John Wormald (11 months ago)
I went to the exact same place last year
Yung bean (11 months ago)
Solar flare2????
Orionise (11 months ago)
U share the name of a nede
Riley Callanan (11 months ago)
Hey does anyone know how to get his merch
Terrance Fraenkel (11 months ago)
Eatting the food oh fehk 🤣🤣
Rik de Bruijn (11 months ago)
You facked me!!
SCORPZGCA (11 months ago)
Awesome content, it's great you're in Croatia
NavvKicks (11 months ago)
james carey (11 months ago)
Nice underwater sound transitions 😂🔥🐣
Cameron christie (11 months ago)
that under water musci editing was sick
Ulises Uriostegui (11 months ago)
Rian (11 months ago)
Croatia sucks England better
Sebi (11 months ago)
crohtica vs ice land?
Akira Kush (11 months ago)
whats the name of the effect at the end where the lettering is see trough but negative?
Dead Bird Timmy (11 months ago)
Fek moist rn
EVL Beats (11 months ago)
The ending was sick🔥🔥
Carlos Rodriguez (11 months ago)
So that’s why 333
Chad Du 3333 (11 months ago)
Hii Chris u are my hero (V) (;,,;) (V)
muad yussuf (11 months ago)
Is he really skating in game royal's??
kale phen (11 months ago)
i love j’aime
julien davis (11 months ago)
Fukin siiik
Itsban (11 months ago)
When you mockingly throw a dragon egg in a fire place, and shit saves the day
ThatShort (11 months ago)
It all makes sense now #333
Slandify (11 months ago)
I went to dubrovnik last year, brings back so many memories of how amazing the place was, great video as always
Austin Dultz (11 months ago)
Song at 8:11?
Sacha Devars (11 months ago)
0:16 Song please?
S Miller (11 months ago)
Wheres da merch??
The Asian Beast (11 months ago)
Muhammad Naqib (11 months ago)
I love you 🤟
bro_joe (11 months ago)
What city were they in?
WanDarwish (11 months ago)
Anyone know song at 8:11?
NeMan (11 months ago)
Chris could you make a Spotify playlist?🤔
Andreas König (11 months ago)
Is that intro sound inspired by the g mizurov himself?
amonzeek (11 months ago)
Another banger video, I fuckin love you chris
Aron (11 months ago)
need more.
Tilen Juhart (11 months ago)
Fuck it... I'll re-watch all your videos
Shadow SKUNK Gaming (11 months ago)
J_Smith-26 (11 months ago)
It gave me anxiety when you were phone flipping in the boat
Jorge Serrato (11 months ago)
holy, your videos are freakin awesome man (: Can't help but appreciate all the effort you put in to everything you do, love you bro
Matt Bougoure (11 months ago)
intro song ?
Blakenator 88 (11 months ago)
The you facked me at the beginning made me laugh for so long
emery carlson (11 months ago)
I’m ending a Europe trip too lol
Angus Currie (11 months ago)
I love u Chris more skating pls
James Isaacs (11 months ago)
Why 333?
Dom and Adam Bro (11 months ago)
God damn
scubawithatuba (11 months ago)
I bet you guys got lit of that green juice, lmao!
Luplop (11 months ago)
Moist god
brenda is litt (11 months ago)
:) :/ :|
Jacob Vasquez (11 months ago)
I fricken love the ending 😂
Chris Reacts (11 months ago)
Your Europe vlogs are the best

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