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Very Good Girls Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning Movie HD

46645 ratings | 14834975 views
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Text Comments (1192)
sheila vasquez (6 days ago)
I didn't 🤨🙁😕😟 like the end
Sam Gaming (18 days ago)
I think good love story movie
Alfaj M (27 days ago)
Narcos fans hit like button..🤩
Ganesh Poudel (30 days ago)
After 2 0 1 9
viskot blood (30 days ago)
When the trailer spoil everything
Soumyobrata Sen (1 month ago)
This popped up on my feed after Endgame lol.
Lukman Lukman (1 month ago)
Remember oldboy? When thanos did "something" to wanda 😬
Dracula Devil (1 month ago)
WTF where is that thumbnail
明日花キララ (1 month ago)
There is only an image of Scarlet witch
Jessayess (1 month ago)
I’m only watching this cause of Elizabeth Olsen, who else ?
Mark Bichir (1 month ago)
I hate dakota and i love elizabeth
Andrew (1 month ago)
So this is what Colsen was up to during end game. Setting up Scarlett Witches holiday
Indrajeet (1 month ago)
YouTube algorithm at its best
Eri The GamerXD (1 month ago)
It s so much the same with her rule in Avengers :D
Hussein Mustang (1 month ago)
They are lesbian
ZADE (1 month ago)
Scarlet Witch after the events of Endgame
kamvrett berradu (1 month ago)
Ketika thumbnail menipumu
CARNAGE The Public (1 month ago)
haha this recommend for me😂 and i click becos of the thumbnail
Derpwagon (1 month ago)
Everyone: Wow it's Scarlet Witch! Me: OMG IT'S AGENT COULSON
The Darkner Supreme (1 month ago)
And MCU character actors somehow ALWAYS manage to meet unexpectedly in every film!
Romello Patterson (1 month ago)
Why is this rated r again?
HEN AVEMI (1 month ago)
Lo sabrrasrr
Lucas Hernandez (1 month ago)
Sooo scarlet witch doesn't have her accent here either huh?😐
Is that scarlet witch?
Chain Impact (1 month ago)
Saw the thumbnail and I was thinking Dokota Skye
Scarlet witch really want a boyfriend since vision is gone ha.
Aman Verma (1 month ago)
Girls chat
First Captain Marvel and Nick Fury and now Scarlet Witch and Coulson. These origin stories are getting there!
loki (1 month ago)
YouTube tryna tell me something here , I'm also going to college and I'm still a virgin but how did YouTube know about this
Dexter Beck (1 month ago)
I wonder if Dakota Fanning had this movie on her to do list in cat and the hat???
Jacob Lynch (1 month ago)
You can't put a topless Scarlet Witch as a your thumbnail, and bot deliver bro. Lol.
Azael Arroyo (1 month ago)
Se quiere olvidar de visión y dar un descanso jajaja
JoltiX (1 month ago)
I guess he's over vision
K COM (1 month ago)
Hi may I know all your trailer is it Monetised by claimant or yourself. Please gip me some advice & tips TQ
I .. ehm... yeh.. i came for the thumbnail
XtremeGummy (1 month ago)
Who came because of the thumbnail?
ryan chelzky (1 month ago)
I see olsen. i click it
roses are red, violets are blue, i clicked cuz of the thumbnail, and so did you
Cydre Rockie (1 month ago)
That’s what Phil Coulson been doing all this time huh
Rizky Hidayat (1 month ago)
Life is simple, i see Elizabeth Olsen i clik
spartanbip (1 month ago)
Wasnt one of the actress in twilight???
JavonClout (1 month ago)
This is for all men. I know why you came.....
Boy Gaming (1 month ago)
Anthony Abbott (1 month ago)
"we are going to college and still are virgins" I'll fix that problem for yah Elizabeth
himanshu COC player (1 month ago)
Witch on endgame
THE ALPHAWOLF (1 month ago)
Scarlet witch was always my favorite marvel crush, now the actor is lol
Ricardo Jimenez (1 month ago)
Avengers 😂😂😂😂
DimaSTR (1 month ago)
That the girl from Alien Invasion movie?
Ashton McCandless (1 month ago)
Who else got this in their suggestions in 2019?
Breesus H. Christ (1 month ago)
Me wtf
nanda Kumar (1 month ago)
nick longstaffe (1 month ago)
I'd do all the bad things to Elizabeth olsen
IceRanger (1 month ago)
Now I know Why she Saïd ‘You took everything from me’ in Endgame.. 🤔
Divyansh Agarwal (1 month ago)
what is wrong with YouTube recommendations? thanks to comments, after reading them I realized that this video is from 2014 and I was thinking that when it is going to hit the theatres.
so _weird (1 month ago)
Elizabeth Olsen puts a smile on my face😄😄😄
cavlitos (1 month ago)
Wanda origin story before she decided to join Strucker’s project
Shaq GasEngine (1 month ago)
Thanosians 3:16 says, “Whosoever sleepeth with Elizabeth Olsen shall not perish, but have everlasting high-fives.”
Haritz Skyline (1 month ago)
Joshua Valles (1 month ago)
I saw elizabeth, i clicked.
simple man (1 month ago)
I can't help but see scarlett witch
Music play Mode (1 month ago)
Dakota F?. Mhhh.
Music play Mode (1 month ago)
1:28 She is perfect.
Arnab Nag (1 month ago)
Scarlet Witch 😍
D osh (1 month ago)
Its weird to see her in a different movie than marvel
PATRICK Boyd (1 month ago)
Avengers supper end confirmed
H (1 month ago)
I went to college having slept around with tons of girls in high school. Expected the same in college and partied like a rockstar. Screwed up my studies. Fell in love. Went into a dark place for a long time. Lost everyone I loved. I'm 33 now back on my feet. And I can safely say, that virginity is a choice and no one can say anything about it because it's not theirs to keep or lose.
Aashi Manan (1 month ago)
is that scarlet witch
Đạt Hà (26 days ago)
Did anyone here get these recommended clips about Elizabeth Olsen after watching endgame and avengers' clips xD?
Dbxenoversekilla (1 month ago)
Raj S (1 month ago)
It's like youtuber wants to promote every single film released till dat starring actors from MCU
Lord Tokyo (1 month ago)
ANIME FEVER (1 month ago)
Ohhhh same here dudde
Yaser Reaper (1 month ago)
Me for sure haha
Louise Rentier (1 month ago)
Can someone who's already seen this spoil the plot for me?
Wally Spencer (1 month ago)
Dakota fanning skin looks so pure and her eyes omg she s beautiful the definition of a true beauty
David (1 month ago)
I’ll watch it for the Leica
Carbo Rossa (1 month ago)
Agent Coulson and Scarlet Witch The Movie.....
Jonmyster The Long (1 month ago)
looks corny and rapy
rustynx01 (1 month ago)
14m views cause Elizabeth Olsen has her top off in the trailer, I'm not complaining, that's why I watched it, anyone else here for the same? Lol
Yogesh Mishra (1 month ago)
Scarlet Witch and Colsen in the same movie
LWDDY Podcast (1 month ago)
Who’s here 2019
Alan Garcia (1 month ago)
So this is how scarlet witch is dealing with visions death after endgame
Marlon Moncrieffe (1 month ago)
Why the Hell did you have to spoil Endgame? To make an obnoxious joke-that was not even funny? Jerk...
Lioness006 (1 month ago)
Wow. Great cast, so hopefully it will be decent.
Hari Babu (1 month ago)
I am still Virgin & I am 25🥺
Who is here by seeing thumbnail
Lyandrei Dueros (1 month ago)
I just came for the thumbnail
Nikesh Tamre (1 month ago)
Elizabeth doesnot have a main role in a movie..
pradeep sraven (1 month ago)
Who is watching this in 2019🙄🙄??
Arunkumar Rathinam (1 month ago)
Is this scarlet witch?
Cis (1 month ago)
Gregg's poker-smile face is scary if you look at him longer the you should have. Damn AOS
Jakir Ahmed (1 month ago)
good stic
S T O O P I D (1 month ago)
Fifty shades of scarlet witch
chandu jms (1 month ago)
Playing college girls
Ameer Shaik (1 month ago)
Olsen f****** videos are awesome
tom cool (1 month ago)
Become a prostitute is an every American girls dream
Dpeo Joypurhat (1 month ago)
Who's here only for Scarlet Witch😗😗😗😗😗😗
James Shepard82 (1 month ago)
Just the bewbs.
Zmrzlina Kopečková (1 month ago)
Alex Villalobos (1 month ago)
Very good girls Very good bodies
Alex Villalobos (1 month ago)
Very good girl
Sheik Imran (1 month ago)
She s Olsen
Bruce Banner (1 month ago)
Por estas peliculas asi la gente sigue creyendo ke existe el amor...
Unai Alday (2 months ago)
Roses are read, violets are blue I come for the thumbnail, and so did you
Avipray Chakraborty (2 months ago)
Wait is that Steve Murphy form Narcos?!?!
Mcjuggerfat (1 month ago)
Avipray Chakraborty no. Its scarlet witch from the avengers
IRON MAN (2 months ago)
In India if you aren't a virgin then your chances of marriage are down by 90%
Kaiden Bernard (2 months ago)
I got Ebola 😂
Mcjuggerfat (1 month ago)
Kaiden Bernard on jah
Pankaj Joshi (4 months ago)
So, if it's embarrassing to be virgin at 18, what should it be at 30 ?
b king (4 months ago)
Yes another movie pushing the idea that being a virgin is bad. Bloody disgusting Hollywood.
joe bob 47 (5 months ago)
oh god. A we are graduating, going to college, and still virgins flick. I am surprised no one has ever done this before. pass the hot apple pie.
Fun And Tech (8 months ago)
Its a Lose Virginity Story Movie 😀

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