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Is sex better for older women?

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We discuss the Ask Alice post 'Does Sex really get better with age?' http://www.countrywives.co.uk/does-sex-really-get-better-with-age/
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PureBlanc (4 months ago)
i am 47 and my wife is 80 !!! believe or not, but the sex with her is great. she is a acteur and looks pretty much younger.
CATHY B (1 month ago)
PureBlanc My lover is much younger than me .But he says l satisfy him more than a young girl . Even though lm not as supple or as wet . I perform oral sex on him and he says its the best hes ever had .
Jesse Goldberg (4 months ago)
sex Is Better With A Older women Sometimes . If You Have Feeling For each other .
Mark Grew (6 months ago)
Ladies, excellent. I laughed, smiled and sighed.
Clark Kent (7 months ago)
Ladies drop me a DM I’ll get your toes curling
goldentree Hiao (9 months ago)
Woman you look gorgeous you need something strong and young
Harmony Gault (10 months ago)
Love this video, thank you
itsme christy (1 year ago)
I thought they were going to start kissing. Two very attractive women wasting time.....
Arlo Bandersnatch (1 year ago)
I think you project you're body image issues onto your potential love too much. At this age, I would just as gladly make love to you as I would have were we 20. But now I've wisened up a bit and understand it's not just about your body, but about you. Men, with age, do tend to come around to a better understanding of the meeting of souls. We might all need a bath first now, but that meeting can take place even better now locked in a naked embrace than it could back then.
CATHY B (1 month ago)
Arlo Bandersnatch I am able to pleasure my young lover orally better than any young girl .thats what he says .
spdskte (1 year ago)
this wouldn't be as good if the two women weren't English! lol
Gary Nicholson (2 years ago)
i am 49 years old, i love older women from 60 to 100 years old. to me they are like wine they get better with age they all have smoke-in hot gorgeous sexy bodies i would to make love to all them .i can make them all feel like toes curling good/loved.
michelle staunton (2 years ago)
I get the thing about the bathroom !
headlessviolin (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for bringing this subject up I've been married for 35 years nearly and sex is better now my husband is retired and much more relaxed and much more up for it thank goodness but know one mentions the problems that I have which is urine infections from sex so annoying when we are both so keen anyone else brave enough to admit it? Any suggestions how to help? Xx
Marten Dekker (1 year ago)
headlessviolin : have your husband always wash his hands before sex. And you wash you hands & drink unsweetened 100% cranberry juice , 1 cup before sex ( very tart, does prevent unrinary tract / bladder infections. ) & you pee / urinate after sex. For some people, drinking a cup a day is enough to prevent infections. Good wishes.
jedediahbc (2 years ago)
headlessviolin Have your husband wear a condom.
ray bon (3 years ago)
One on the right looks ..Lloll....Like..if she saw a young man with anything but pants, on ,she would have flashes....Lloll...
lou superlou (3 years ago)
You 2 are hot! I'm smitten. 52 year old  man.
Swiggity Swag (3 years ago)
Don't want to gross you two out.. I'm 23 and I think you're looking fine ;)
Buster Merritt (3 years ago)
Two very sexy looking women!!!!  Definite "10s", both of them!!!!!
John Solodovesky (3 years ago)
just listening to them is awesome !
Capt777harris (3 years ago)
Interesting vid.  I find the lady on the left utterly desirable, and the lady on the right ever so interesting.  Then again, I've always liked older women, and I don't care who the hell knows.  From a California guy who's worked with models and actresses.
+Capt777harris Aww thank you - we take all the compliments we can get! Annabel (the one on the left)
Wendys loving life (3 years ago)
Just subscribed. I had to after this video. :-) xoxo Wendy
Wendys loving life (3 years ago)
You ladies are a CRACK UP! I'm in love with you. Super brave topic too. Want to know the key to awesome sex as we get older? Marry a sexy second husband you can't keep your hands off of. :-) Honestly though - as we get older the thing I miss more than anything is just making out on the couch like teenagers. Best thing ever. Wishing you ladies an AMAZING 2016 filled with joy, laughter, love and ... passion. Much love - Wendy
Wendys loving life (3 years ago)
GOOD FOR YOU!!!  That's so great. xoxo Wendy
+Wendy S The Loving Fifty Thank you so much. Second husband tip is funny but think I will stick with my original version and I am sure Grace feels the same. We are still both 'loved-up'! Annabel
Cindi Lusardi (3 years ago)
Hello, new subscriber here, from America. I just LOVE the channel!!! I have been watching your videos while having my morning coffee. I am 51. I was widowed at 46 after 23 years of marriage and thought "toe curling" was certainly over for me! I was wrong, and very glad I was wrong! ❤️❤️❤️ I was blessed to meet and marry again, and it just gets better and better. Thank you ladies for representing our demographic on YouTube. I am looking forward to catching up on all your previously posted videos!
+Cindi Lusardi Thank you for your kind words. Glad you have found happiness again after your sad loss. Have a happy and toe curling 2016!! Annabel
Giorgos Ioannou (3 years ago)
Hi,i like to meet older women.I m 44 years old.
Mo Klein (4 years ago)
I have been with my partner for 13 years and my sex life has never been so good, we are very happy together in the bedroom, where as I was married for 28yrs and nothing really happened....
Tafique Hussain (4 months ago)
Ok very good
+Mo Klein So glad you are happy second time around. Happy 2016. Annabel
theresa jurrus (4 years ago)
Is this it. Oh my gosh. Lol
SCsweettea (4 years ago)
Hilarious, she wanted two bathrooms.  I have never had my own bathroom, so cannot imagine that being an issue.  They have these things called doors.  One would hope if we were single in our mid-70's that we all could have a lover to jet off to see.  Aging is a different thing than being "old."  I hope if I live to be 100 I wont be old.....and that I will be brave enough to love someone enough to jet off for a romantic rendezvous.  Loved this, Hugs, Judy
+SCsweettea We definitely feel young and I always say I am 57 years young!! Annabel

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