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Natural Sound Top American fashion model Amy Wesson was back on the catwalk in Milan over the weekend in the wake of a being hit with a U-S 10 million (m) dollar breach-of-contract for alleged drug abuse. Wesson, along with other famous models, such as Kate Moss and Nadia Aujermann, were parading ready-to-wear creations from Miu Miu and Gai Mattiolo. Like a true professional, model Amy Wesson looked unperturbed as she paraded for the Prada diffusion collection, Miu Miu, despite being hit with a lawsuit for alleged drug use. Wesson's former New York-based modelling company, Model Management Incorporated, has accused the 20 year-old of spiralling into drug abuse. There are reports that she often showed up for work disoriented or cancelled assignments altogether. But as far as designer Miuccia Prada was concerned, Wesson had the right look for the Miu Miu 1998 Spring-Summer collection on show in Milan on Friday evening that's been dubbed "Lolita". Teen-age models, with pouty faces, red lips, and girlish pin-backed hairstyles, tottered down the runway in high-heeled platform sandals. Italian designers are thinking young for next year's warm weather styles. Bare midriffs, hot pants, corsets, slip dresses and youthful prints and colours all combine to attract the under thirties, whose bodies -- if not their pocket books-- can afford the scanty styles. Miu Miu's latest production of the minimalist fashion muse is based on a neo Tyrolean folk look with corset tops, low-waisted britches, and naive printed chiffon skirts and slip dresses. But while the prints are innocent ducks, hearts and hands, the fabric is sheerest chiffon even for the hot pants worn with only a G-strap underneath. Corsets quickly go from demure to daring when they are left unlaced. British model Kate Moss epitomised the evening Miu Miu collection, which translates folk wear into shimmering pop shades of blue green and purple. An outfit of printed flimsy shorts, a corset with laces, and wooden sandals will cost whoever is footing the bill over one-thousand U-S dollars. On Saturday, Gai Mattiolo, golden boy of Roman couture, presented his first ready to wear collection on the Milan runway. The 29 year-old designer is a maximalist who loves the world of the glitterati. Backstage on Saturday, top model Nadia Aujerman was sporting an avant garde hairstyle to match the glamour and bright colour of the Mattiolo collection. SOUNDBITE: (English) "My collection is ah ... my woman is glamorous so my collection is glamour. At this moment especially I look for a woman very rich, and to be sure of herself and that wants to be free." SUPER CAPTION: Gai Mattiolo, designer And by the look of the crowd he draws, Mattiolo certainly knows his market. His creations varied from very linear, bright and colourful after-five designs to pastel and floral wedding dresses. His trump card came in the form of a black Sudanese model, Alek Wek, wearing a silver helmet and silver beaded top, and not much else. She wobbled her way down the catwalk almost in parody of the occasion, before Mattiolo took part in his finale. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/c860c6775efa2d8fa4ed6f911e26d333 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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