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Vancouver Bald Eagle slams duck quiet

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It was all fun and games on that lovely lake near Vancouver BC, when things got too loud for a certain Bald Eagle, this happened!
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Text Comments (163)
Ari Kusmanto (10 days ago)
how to shoot eagle..?
Terry Melvin (15 days ago)
Headline: " Duck found beak down murdered in local lake" Next line: "Suspect described as brown-suited with white head, with funny-looking nose and feet".
Edson luiz (26 days ago)
Muito bom!
Zaid Khan (26 days ago)
Is this photographs????
Ogie Cruz (27 days ago)
I think that's what I will do to that noisy bitch neighbor of ours
Ji124356 Ji124356 (29 days ago)
اخواني اخواتي العرب ردو على تعليقي
Brandon Diamond (29 days ago)
why that music .
Bob Cobb (29 days ago)
Shite music gets on your nerves!!
felipe Rojas alou (1 month ago)
Peoples complaining about the music go outside and record your own video without music
Salt on earth. (1 month ago)
Turn that nose off! that is some crappy music.
Coleen West (1 month ago)
RandomRack (1 month ago)
Stop video after a few seconds because the annoying music.
Deni Martadynata (1 month ago)
so scary
Maurice Cardinal (1 month ago)
Turned the volume right of. Come on man.
Ugen Jungney (1 month ago)
Thats seems like evil dead music wtf who the fucking uploader is that
ken kenilito (1 month ago)
This music is so boring
Caleb Cortez (1 month ago)
Boring video and the tune most boring
Michael Harris (1 month ago)
I enjoyed the music, I don't know why so many are complaining and destroying a good occasion of watching this. The duck got away for anyone who might have missed it's mad dash in the exact opposite direction to the eagle take off.
ismat legend (1 month ago)
What a stupid music . Idiot
devrimhan oezdenoglu (1 month ago)
i like the music, and how da hell the duck could escape at the end?
Baki Pest (1 month ago)
Congratulations, you won the worst music on YouTube award...IDIOT
J Scha (1 month ago)
The music kills it.
Brown Sparrow (1 month ago)
Wheres the duck? Aww...he got distracted with that "obnoxious music.
Linda W (1 month ago)
I feel the same way the eagle does about the background music in this. Someone needs to get slammed.
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Linda W how about you let the entire YouTube comment section slam you? 👉👄💕😂
Warbelly Live (1 month ago)
Thr music makes the eagle seem evil and serial killerish like. I think maybe some slightly dramatic but majestic sounding music with maybe a bit of an epic like whats gonna happen at the end suspense sorta maybe type music.Not this music no.
northlander (1 month ago)
music stinks ...are there loudspeakers in the bush ?? couldn't finish watching it .
Emelinda Jereza (1 month ago)
love the musics name pls
Emelinda Jereza (1 month ago)
good music for predator movie
robin2012ism (1 month ago)
Funny story. Good job. I don't know exactly what the final shot was or was about. A duck with no head?
L Smith (1 month ago)
Strange the other ducks did not fly away ,and I've never heard music like that in the woods
King Alpha (1 month ago)
L Smith get out of the woods.😂😂😂
Warbelly Live (1 month ago)
+Fredwitrave the eagle is absolutely no threat.to them now since it cannot hunt them in any way while not above them. They know this.if i was some how a mallard but still had my human mind and way of thinking,i would personally get the hell away as far and fast as i could i believe.
Fredwitrave (1 month ago)
I was thinking the same. How come the other ducks stay so calmly in the water?
Russell Alan (1 month ago)
1 5lb salmon has the nutritional equivalent of 25 mallard ducks,hardly seems worth the effort?
Clois Knight (1 month ago)
I'll like how you put music in with the footage ,kinda spooky
Norberto Hinaloc Jr. (1 month ago)
I hate the music
Norberto Hinaloc Jr. (1 month ago)
Very bad the back ground
Kade Roder (1 month ago)
I expected a psychopathic clown to jump out and murder everyone. That's some creepy ass music you have there dude. I imagine you own a van, black windows, picture of charles manson in your purse etc. seek help before anymore lives are ruined.
Terry Melvin (15 days ago)
And passenger doors without handles, a couple of ropes and gags in the back, handcuffs..damn I'm getting excited..
Ezimz Valentino (1 month ago)
Exactly, what I had in mind. 🤣🤣
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Kade Roder says the cocksucker of this comment thread.😂😂😂
davidarf (1 month ago)
As with the comment below - another potentially good film ruined by stupid noise overlay
Rich Proctor (1 month ago)
Lots of whining about the music.
HmongGuitarPlayer (1 month ago)
Due to the horrible Music the poor duck got away.
Michael D'Anna (1 month ago)
Background music ruined it
Phillip Carpenter (1 month ago)
Should be called "everything but Vancouver bald eagle slams duck quiet"
rbrtlws46 (1 month ago)
The music should have been fly like an a eagle
Terry Melvin (14 days ago)
No..Weird Al's " I Want A New Duck"
Michael Tester (1 month ago)
Lucky duck
paxwallacejazz (1 month ago)
I like the 1st music Legeti huh? On of the best most musical post moderns. But it might be a bit too mysterious for Eagle tells Ducks to keep it down. The center interlude too much dangerous impending doom. The celest at the end actually is nice but not for this application
paxwallacejazz (1 month ago)
Amazing how that Eagle took off from that lake that's power.
TECHNICIAN ONE (1 month ago)
patrick lamoine your an asshole, that's why you like such shitty music
krazy bzs (1 month ago)
The fucking music is awful.
rickyt43515 (1 month ago)
That God awful noise ruined this video
King Alpha (1 month ago)
rickyt43515 no; that shitty username of yours did; cocksucker.🖕
gary smallwood (1 month ago)
Duck season!No rabbit season!!!
Suvarna Ganachari (1 month ago)
Jon Keil (1 month ago)
The fucking music is absolutely gay
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Jon Keil still running in place; hoping like hell that I'm 12?😂 Fat chance, pedo. Get lost!🖕😂
Jon Keil (1 month ago)
Jack Enoff ur fucking dumb
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Jon Keil you're wishing like hell that I was; aren't you?😂😂 😂
Jon Keil (1 month ago)
Jack Enoff lol good what are you 12
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Jon Keil says the homo.
William Leitzell (2 months ago)
baed form, completely missed the impact... and WTF with that music?
SidecarDan (2 months ago)
Bloody annoying music. You ruined a good video with it.
King Alpha (2 months ago)
SidecarDan nope the music is beautiful.😍
NORTHERN HUNTER (2 months ago)
Rest of the ducks... The didn'nt flew away,,,,?????
J. Martinez (2 months ago)
What’s up with the music lmfao
D A M (2 months ago)
What's the point of the puppy music ?
King Alpha (1 month ago)
D A M what's the point of you leaving a comment, asshole?🖕
silver fox (2 months ago)
Don't bother watching .. No duck..
vutube379 (2 months ago)
The music was way too loud. Tone it DOWN!
Thomas Paine (2 months ago)
aawww.... poor wittle ducks.... Wow ! THe eagle missed, I am very surprised !
Old Dog (2 months ago)
Lucky eagle. I've seen a few that drowned trying that on salmon. They get waterlogged right quick, some have been able to "swim" ashore, some no...
peace forachange (2 months ago)
Stupid sun or glare . whatever this was got in the way of the hit. Thumbs down from me. Creepy music
peace forachange (1 month ago)
+King Alpha 🙏 4 u may god bless your soul...
This music is fit for horror stuffs not this kind of video
Johnny AppleStead (2 months ago)
Shit music totally ruined it!!!
Rising Sun (2 months ago)
I couldn't tell if it was a nature video or a fuckin' horror film with that bullshit music.
StephenNu9 (2 months ago)
I don't see where the eagle slams the duck quiet. In fact, the duck got away.
loriharplizotte (2 months ago)
I concur with the consensus. Good video/terrible music choice.
Rayan Agarm (2 months ago)
2:33 i say fail..how he get out but wow 4:02 leave that weight (probably now dead for later swooping) and beauty out..6:04 is duck ? 4:12 lost feath
Ikenga Chijioke (2 months ago)
Nice fiction
Andy (2 months ago)
I’m getting to think the pressure of eagles claws is over rated this not the first time I see a attack and the small animal doesn’t die or server Hurt I this duck swam away
M Bodine (16 days ago)
Duck is laying dead in the water at the very end so...
antigonish63 (2 months ago)
Sounds like the shit music they used to have on the old Star Trek show. WTF?
King Alpha (1 month ago)
antigonish63 and you sound like a complete idiot; Einstein.🖕😂
ken wesaw (2 months ago)
Duck burgers !
ken wesaw (2 months ago)
Like angels singing eh ?
Edward Chubbick (2 months ago)
That eagles not bald it has hair all over it’s head wtf
Edward Chubbick (1 month ago)
The B tour the idiot it’s a stupid joke to get a rise out of people and you fell for it so that makes you a moronic fool
The B (2 months ago)
Edward Chubbick feathers dumb fuck
Edward Chubbick (2 months ago)
Thomas Paine I figured it was something like that but yea I was being a wise ass sorry and thanks for the info I was curious
Thomas Paine (2 months ago)
If youre not kidding, its called 'bald' because of the white feathers on its head.
dick dock (2 months ago)
Well the duck wasn't quietened for too long...He just kept bobbing back up...LOL...
Laura Lawson (2 months ago)
Yayyy! The duckie got away!! The music is horrible
Terry Melvin (15 days ago)
+M Bodine that'll teach that duck to quack out of turn.
M Bodine (16 days ago)
The duck is laying dead in the water at the very end.
Terry Melvin (1 month ago)
+Jeff Doran yeah strange that the eagle didn't take it away and eat it after drowning it.
Jeff Doran (1 month ago)
Laura Lawson try watching to the very end the duck is dead it's floating on its side at the very end
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Laura Lawson nope; the only thing horrible here is your name. Gawd!!!😂
Tony Rigo (2 months ago)
Cool video but that music if that's what you call it really sucks
Tony Rigo (1 month ago)
+HangGonnaSec Huey what the fuck talking about dicks talking about fucking next thing I know it's going to turn into a porn site
HangGonnaSec Huey (1 month ago)
I was kind of hoping to see the eagle fucking the duck, oh well
Tony Rigo (1 month ago)
+King Alpha let me tell you something Buddy come hang around me and you'll see I get a lot of women and I don't bullshit like I said I don't have one I don't want one I was married I've done my Tour of Duty I'm good I can get laid anytime I want I just don't trust the crazy motherfukers so that's my opinion and you can keep yours I'm a man your mouse
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Tony Rigo good job! Now type the words " tiny cock."🖕😂
Jim (2 months ago)
Loose the music. You think you're Kubrick? This is NOT 2001.
silent watcher (2 months ago)
Seems bald eagle was the loser. Bald eagle risk being pulled down and drown.
Lori Caruso (2 months ago)
I appreciated the video really don't need the music but thank you never saw anything like that that was awesome
Ben Vasilinda (3 months ago)
Gotta give that duck credit, it never stopped coming up for air even though the eagle was trying to drown it. Hung in there till the eagle couldn’t stay afloat.
Willy Vanlerberghe (3 months ago)
Stupid to make this music ruin the nice video !
paul steven (3 months ago)
FASCINATING video. He killed the duck but was unable to get him out of the water. A surprising event since I assume the fish are plentiful. The eagles here don't bother the ducks swimming right under their noses (Beaks)...Well done.
Ken Leahy (3 months ago)
Horrible music.
King Alpha (2 months ago)
Ken Leahy nah; the music is beautiful.😍
Machine Gun Nest (3 months ago)
Quack::::the Duck Lives i thought he was gone almost imediately// That Eagles is a Water Bird diet is fish other waterbirds carrion and almost anything around
Terry Melvin (15 days ago)
No, duck is dead, and eagles do kill and normally eat ducks. I don't know why this eagle didn't eat it. Maybe he's a serial duck killer?
Kurt Acker (3 months ago)
Wow. Those guys are harsh. Music is fine. But why did it not eat the duck?! I'm so confused.
M Bodine (16 days ago)
Look at the very end. Unlucky duck.
Joseph f (1 month ago)
+tom sd fat protects maybe
tom sd (1 month ago)
The duck avoided being grabbed by the head by ducking under water and only came up to breathe. That's why the Eagle quit. But I'm not sure the duck would survive the puncture wound.
King Alpha (2 months ago)
I agree; the music is cool!!!🍺🎹👍
Warbelly Live (2 months ago)
Kurt Acker the duck escaped. The eagle was sinking and getting waterlogged so it had to abandon its prize.
david snowden (4 months ago)
That eagle was sitting on the water like, well, a duck...
Jack The ripper (4 months ago)
He didn't kill it . If you look again eagle let's go and that duck just rocketed off the right of the screen . I almost didn't catch it just because how fast that thing moved wow.
ϟϟ Dorothy ϟϟ (4 months ago)
Where can I find this music in the video? The one at the beggining
Michele Pohl (4 months ago)
Look at the size of those wings! Too bad I had to watch it muted.
nathan Gagnon (1 month ago)
Me too
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Michele Pohl nobody asked you to watch it, dumbass.
tubedude54 (2 months ago)
A full grown bald eagles wingspan can be 80-82 inches with a body length of 35"!
tokiesgalore (5 months ago)
Thumbed down because you ruined what WOULD HAVE BEEN a good nature video ( you know, actual nature sounds) and put the atrocious overlay of noise in it!
Ezimz Valentino (1 month ago)
Singa Putra (1 month ago)
DISLIKE is the best to do with annoying musIc in youtube.
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Ezimz Valentino then stop looking in the mirror, dumbass.
Ezimz Valentino (1 month ago)
I feel like I'm watching a scary movie
King Alpha (2 months ago)
tokiesgalore and I thumbed down your comment for being a cocksucker; cocksucker.🖕😂
Gold Wolf (5 months ago)
Didn’t even catch the duck. What a weak ass eagle.
King Alpha (2 months ago)
Gold Wolf says the pussy.😂
ThatOneTroller (5 months ago)
Why the fuck would you add the music dumbass? Dislike to what could've been a great video.
Claudia Waid (5 months ago)
No look closer. The duck got away......look to the right before Eagle leaps out of the water, ducks scurrying away and the duck gets away. :) 💓💓💓
King Alpha (2 months ago)
Claudia Waid you sure are soft on guy's eyes; just gorgeous!❤️
jamie B (5 months ago)
tokiesgalore (5 months ago)
carl1948 (6 months ago)
Tell the noisy girls to SHUT UP !!! Could not finish...
donnawhynot (6 months ago)
Why add the obnoxious music??? You ruin some good footage!
King Alpha (1 month ago)
Steve Hudson good for you. Now go back to your regular programming; porn.😂😂😂
King Alpha (1 month ago)
GadsdenFlyer ! why ruin good music with your shit comment, motherfucker?
GadsdenFlyer ! (1 month ago)
My exact thoughts even before I looked at the comments.  Why is youtube flooded with videos that would be soooo much better with natural sounds, but are instead ruined with shit music?
King Alpha (1 month ago)
donnawhynot quit attempting to ruin this video with your spam.
LeMTails (3 months ago)
He's got the sound down.. all he needs now is some footage that fits. Maybe he's an aspiring sound designer and just practicing.
Nicholas Mosteller (6 months ago)
Slow motion killed it
Nzinga Bedelia (6 months ago)

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