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New Magic Robin Hood Medieval Lodge Resort - Official video (English version)

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Discover the new Magic Robin Hood Sports, Water Park & Medieval Lodge Resort, where you will live the adventures and adventures of Robin Hood and his cheerful companions! You can stay in the Sherwood Forest, the Nothingham Village or the Robin Hood Gardens. Fully themed cabins, some with Jacuzzi 6 slides type multilane, black hole, kamikaze, etc ... Multiaventura Park that will delight the most adventurous Bars and restaurants themed and inspired by the legend of Robin Hood
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Text Comments (19)
MrsValentina007 (2 months ago)
Where is that?
Soul_ Mysticz (15 days ago)
MrsValentina007 Benidorm
EllieLocky (4 months ago)
This hotel is the best! Good job magic. Been their twice in a row so far
Caitlin white (4 months ago)
What is the difference between all inclusive an all inclusive plus
Danielle Froud (7 months ago)
Fake😄please try harder with your stupid jobs. The food there is absolutely disgusting and your ice is bad. The cleaners invade our important privacy and the staff are weirdos please read. Sorry if this sounds mean but I'm being honest
SparklyTrinityx YT (4 months ago)
,u people
SparklyTrinityx YT (4 months ago)
Racist yeee
Bailey Mitchell (7 months ago)
Danielle Froud I Thought u people eat ice ok werd
Ella Gormo (8 months ago)
I have been there and the food was amazing the rooms were tidy the rides were fun the entertainment was spot on and the poolside bar was spectacular we liked it so much we are going back in October.
Danielle Froud (7 months ago)
How could youuu
Bailey Mitchell (8 months ago)
Tomorrow or next month
Bailey Mitchell (8 months ago)
I’m staying for a week
Ella Gormo (8 months ago)
im going for a week and my birthdays on the 15th im soooo excited
Bailey Mitchell (8 months ago)
And I’m going on my wee cousins birthday haha
I have been there
Evie Douglas (8 months ago)
Was it good

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