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Mutated Forms - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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► http://j.mp/MUTATED-FORMS- ◄ http://j.mp/_Subscribe | Download this mix: http://pda.io/12jOrTj Mutated Forms - October 2009 Studio Mix Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV ============ ======================================= Panda presents Mutated Forms. The Drum & Bass trio hailing from Estonia. As new members of the Grid Recordings label, they are currently flying around the world to play at the biggest Drum N Bass clubs and festivals. They have a discography that already includes several Drum & Bass classics and having worked with Estonian singer Lenna Kuurmaa in their debut "Homesick" or "Loomeinimesed" in Estonian at the Eesti Laui 2009 song festival. In this artist-only mix, they show us solely their latest tunes... blended in top speed! Leave your appreciation in the comments! TRACKLISTING Mutated Forms & Netsky & Sofia Rubin - Windows Mutated Forms - Blue Magic Mutated Forms - Homesick Mutated Forms - Centuries Mutated Forms - Glory Days (Netsky remix) Mutated Forms - High Sines Low Claps Mutated Forms - Storm in a Teacup Mutated Forms - Ready When U R Mutated Forms - Shapes And Colours Mutated Forms - Lucid Dreaming Mutated Forms - Pessimist Mutated Forms - Conformist Twisted - Galloping Elephant (Mutated Forms Remix) The Force And Mutated Forms - Alternative Ending Mutated Forms - Eye Contact Mutated Forms - Barriers Mutated Forms - Transition █ █ █ █ █ █ http://www.myspace.com/mutatedformz http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mutated-Forms/106582128027 http://www.myspace.com/gridrecordings http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grid-Recordings/245014410206 Bookings: [email protected] █ BIOGRAPHY █ Making music began as a hobby for the trio of producers / djs known as Mutated Forms hailing from Estonia. Original members Alexander (Zub), Artiom (G-ruff) and Alex H started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. It was at the beginning of 2004 when MF's tunes first began appearing on various drum and bass CD-compilations. During the course of 2004 they released an album on Prosvet Records, a Russian label, called MF Project No Limits'. The album was mostly jump up tunes but also consisted of liquid funk and a few experimental tracks and was well received by the drum and bass audience and critics, gaining the MF team further recognition. Then in 2005 they released again on an experimental label called Exegene Records. In recognition of their up-coming talent, UK drum and bass pioneer and label boss of the mighty Formation Records, Dj SS began keeping a close eye on their music and progress. It was their track My Feeling that finally got released on the Formation powered imprint World Of Drum'n'Bass Records catapulting the trios music further towards the mainstream of drum and bass music. Not content at reaching this goal, quickly followed a release on Formations sister label New Identity, proving their value as international drum and bass artists. Their studio productions are individually unique, never reliant of formulaic trends, each being notably different from the last, but all in all sprinkled with that distinct Mutated Forms magic. With these dance floor friendly sounds, and wobbly liquidness, it is no wonder the likes of dnb heavyweight DJs such as Fabio, Hype, SS, Grooverider, Sappo are currently supporting their tracks on the circuit. Their popular ultimate dance floor sound as producers mirrors their live performance as DJs, balancing versatile and dynamic sets capable of pushing the boundaries of techy, through to jump up sound with lick of funk. Whatever gets the dance floor moving! Now firmly entrenched and supported by the Grid camp, the Mutated Forms trio are fast becoming hot property on the international drum and bass circuit. keep your ears out for Mutated Forms with their forthcoming releases on Grid Recordings. Mutated Forms are fast becoming hot property on the international drum and bass circuit. You can catch them on dance floors across the globe and in their regions Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Finland, and Lithuania where they are best known for their live skills so far.
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Text Comments (426)
Prod. AtlargeOnTheTrack (2 months ago)
Iv been listening to this since i was 14 now 22 🖐
shower boys (3 months ago)
kohe näha et eesti kutid :)
123123 456 (5 months ago)
listening to this in 2k18
Max Luther (1 year ago)
good times :')
Charlie Cole (1 year ago)
Cleanse my soul
tifor. (2 years ago)
Wow! d* - *b
Stephen Cantrel (2 years ago)
Roh Silva (2 years ago)
crazy great job... I love the harmonic chaos
Mong00se (2 years ago)
ez jóuuu, a mostani meg óuuu....
Bujdosó Balázs (2 years ago)
há ja bászkijé
dylan chana (2 years ago)
this video means so much to my soul that i downloaded it just in case it ever gets deleted
choppersonly24 (3 years ago)
Been jamin to this since 10' and it's still the shit
double-vision (3 years ago)
Double huhu to the dnb kru
Anton Silvestri (3 years ago)
I know every single beat of this mix, I've been through some shit, nothing crazy but I needed some good musice to listen to. The song at 26.30 reminds me of this period, January 2013
YS Production (4 years ago)
Anybody has this mix for download? Doesn't appear to be downloadable through panda website atm... :( please !
creator 44 (1 year ago)
YS Production I used to have it :(
William Cricket (4 years ago)
where is the girl?
LotsaJello (4 years ago)
You know, it would be nice if you didn't put so many link windows in the damned video
YS Production (1 year ago)
You see a video there? I see just a still image, so I don't se how the links are bothering you.
Ralf Lux (4 years ago)
Just turn off the annotations. ;)
Maciej Wojarski (4 years ago)
Le Squat (5 years ago)
4 years and still here, enjoying this stuff.
Bizzy (5 years ago)
Love that chewy bass at around 12 mins or so - made me smile :)
choppersonly24 (5 years ago)
....everything gets better
choppersonly24 (5 years ago)
I feel like as like a year goes by and then radomly at 2 A.M I play this shit to ice off the nightly cake
iare19 (5 years ago)
Estonia woop woop
IWouldLikeTheSong (5 years ago)
Still amazing mix
Rodri Btz (5 years ago)
Fucking true haha
Anton Silvestri (5 years ago)
Makes me drive tooooo fast
Mx (5 years ago)
watch?v=LKezgGFYSic Check this ! :)
Rodri Btz (5 years ago)
the download link doesn't work!
Rodri Btz (5 years ago)
man this is awesome for the car
Anton Silvestri (5 years ago)
My favorite artists at the moment
OnixPeng (5 years ago)
i clicked for the boobs and for the music haha
Gabriel Toma (5 years ago)
In one word : BRUTAL :D
flatdonut31 (5 years ago)
mutated forms are mint
Christian Melendez (5 years ago)
YS Production (6 years ago)
Johnny Too Bad (6 years ago)
This actually is drum and bass not jungle. Most music now which they call drum and bass is actually jungle and jungle is more like a very fast hip hop beat
Sergio Cortez (6 years ago)
This mix make me want to be too damn high!
Andrius Rumskas (6 years ago)
Best mix in this channel
Kyle Maloney (6 years ago)
not a perv, just a man.
Bucketman (6 years ago)
Thedoggyborn (6 years ago)
I clicked for both. :3
dnbjunkie0420 (6 years ago)
mm that grimy bass does me so well ...
Nick The Stunter (6 years ago)
or youporn or xnxx or ...
XouZ (6 years ago)
Skrillex in my youtube ad :O :D
IAreMazooor (6 years ago)
Want boobs? Go to pornhub...
Andrew Jackson (6 years ago)
this is the shit when you're robotrippin/stoned
Brillo Shank (6 years ago)
The download link has expired, can anyone link me to another mirror please? :)
Andrew Gutmann (6 years ago)
MMMMMmmmmm tasty gritty D&B. I love it.
LOBSTAR (6 years ago)
date: 20.09.2009
Robert Ten Have (6 years ago)
i clicked for both.
A RA (6 years ago)
windows + blue magic (Y)
babi daniella (6 years ago)
Florence ant the machine need to get the fuk up out of every youtube advert
TheGriloBoy (6 years ago)
danx033 (6 years ago)
Thumbs up for people fucking off and shoving them thumbs up their asses.
ichbinnicko (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you clicked for the girl and the music. Yeeeaaa.
A RA (6 years ago)
@lazyOner1 one of the best dnb sets out here on YT
Chocolaids (6 years ago)
Fabián C. (6 years ago)
El mejor mix de real DnB LEJOS... manejar de noche con esta maravilla de fondo es una experiencia única.
Latency (6 years ago)
Studios näeme..
Mads Madsah (6 years ago)
( . Y . )
LlamaEnchilada (6 years ago)
@IngoRiedlinger1 description bro...........
Harry Tawse (7 years ago)
IngoRiedlinger1 (7 years ago)
can you please give artistlist
Yorio92 (7 years ago)
Man freaking thumbnail got me again
allso love the part 13:00 till 14:18 any one elts agree
nope i came for the music to love the older panda dnb mixes so much better then the new garbage there putting out
ABArtBen (7 years ago)
Great mix ! :D
Azrenimus (7 years ago)
@Infilator900 and because of ppl like you, paying still exists! you don't get to hear this because of ads, you get to hear it because of these great artists! ads are just a tool of capitalism!
JaTochNietDan (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 I haven't had ads on my webrowser in years, I thought it was common sense to simply use Adblock addon? :)
ocas5000 (7 years ago)
30 minutes of energy!!!
MotocrossRacingOnline (7 years ago)
got me really skanking at 21:23 =D !!
holysoks1 (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 SO FUCKING TRUE. I HATE THIS SHIT -__-
Andre Taal (7 years ago)
MrLuigui14 (7 years ago)
hot girls+ this songs guys faces + this songs= fk this im out...
matt hutch (7 years ago)
matt hutch (7 years ago)
but i loce there musicover nebodies still!
matt hutch (7 years ago)
or should i say came!
matt hutch (7 years ago)
no! lets decide where the mssive jump up comes from!? thats WHAT the pic is for!
XxxMidgetxx (7 years ago)
wheres the girl, we dont wanna look on that guys face for 30.49 mins =.='
Angel G. (7 years ago)
Extan (7 years ago)
126 people hate windows :P
Bart Peters (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 Without ad's youtube wouldn't exist.
miniminx1234 (7 years ago)
Anyone who disliked this is a dickhead...simples!
deM0 (7 years ago)
Best dNb /watch?v=n5QxRFiniSE&feature=related
xxxscotxxx (7 years ago)
@Nex49 118 like better music
Stephen Amant (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 thats only in america thank god i live in europe :d
77Andee77 (7 years ago)
@Nex49 xD
Lewis John Bogdan (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 It's spelt "banned", not band" :D
Bear Grylls (7 years ago)
@sara13jaar13jaar actually for some good music
Thrasher Torino (7 years ago)
xapeuuu (7 years ago)
@PakizProductions2011 and then what would support the whole thing ?
seppedrol (7 years ago)
windows feat netsky.... amazing song
Andrew.B. (7 years ago)
@GIwillo i don't focking care bout her face it are just pixels <.<
babi daniella (7 years ago)
@MrWafflemanZ I HEAR THAT
GIwillo (7 years ago)
@sara13jaar13jaar a girl where u don't even see her face?!
ZaFrAn257 (7 years ago)
wat are the songs called from 25:00 and above plz tell me
hypaculture (7 years ago)
Second half of this has me wanting more! TUNE @ 19:00 I MUST HAVE IT!!!
hypaculture (7 years ago)
Second half of this has me wanting more!
MrWafflemanZ (7 years ago)
Am I one of the few who came for the music?
Greg (7 years ago)

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