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Drift Girls - Racing/Dating Sim - Android on PC (AmiDuOS) - Mobile - F2P - NA

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Just released today in English by TOAST (NHN Mobile) this is a curious game that mixes both genres, racing and dating simulator. I think these are both popular genres in Asia, but I think it works well. You can also change to the original Korean girl voices, so If you played the Korean version and liked the original voices you have both options available. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayDriftGirls Official Forum: http://community.toast.com/forum/drift-girls Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nhnent.driftgirls.NE Bluestacks (Free): http://www.bluestacks.com/ AmiDuOS (30 day trial): http://amiduos.com/ More Android on PC games here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6nXbuLHGVnamJR8YXPf6Cn0cqKQsslPt Video recorded & edited by rendermax. http://www.youtube.com/rendermax http://rendermax.tumblr.com/ Feel free to join my QQ group: 294416707 Want more? Vote, Comment, Subscribe and Share! Thx :D
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Text Comments (25)
Y. STUDIOS. PH. 2018 (6 months ago)
Rip off game from DRIFT SPIRITS.... android app
DarkRoseGaming (2 years ago)
I have this game on iPhone 4s but keeps crashing when I go on for a race
카르멘Carmen (3 years ago)
Is it stupid that i like thise game as a girl? i think its pretty fun... too bad there are no guys in it.. and its only based for boys ... but ow well. ^^
Nyan Cat (2 years ago)
I'm a girl too and I like these kind of games xD (I know that this is a late response xD)
how to play drift girl on PC ?
Ricardo Morgado (3 years ago)
+Nguyễn Hữu Thiên Sơn download Bluestacks and play :D http://www.bluestacks.com/
Donger Deng (3 years ago)
This game went downhill really fast. Honestly the only good things about it are the cg events and the suprisingly professional English dub. The gameplay is really simple but annoying as even with good timing its pay to win for better cars. Also dating becomes much harder when you date 3-5 star girls as the game causes them to obly get out of an angry state if you buy them something and boy what a shame if you bouht everything in the mall for that girl already. Making her happy again can also be done is crazy slow methods but I did not have enough patience to figure it out. Three hundred cash earned purely in-game for a ten plus one premium car box only to get bull. My suggestion, get a real girlfriend.
Walter Mirren (3 years ago)
+Alan Deng Yeah. The game is nothing more than a cash grab. It could have been great, but they just aimed straight for the wallets and purses.
Fat GoldFish (3 years ago)
How do I change girls to ride with me in my cars? Please help
Dusean17 (3 years ago)
Wait no BJ after the date? Rip I want F2P Money I totally used to purchase this game back!
Dusean17 (3 years ago)
+Trell Black We need....the BJ Option
Trell Black (3 years ago)
+Dusean17 :-| Oh man....I just can't........xDD
kdmytbm (3 years ago)
Hey, thanks for linking your desktop Android environments. I noticed you were using a mouse in this video and it got me interested in trying it out for other games. Do you have a preference between the two (Bluestacks/Ami)? Or do you use both?
Anshuman Madhav (2 years ago)
Dоn't miss out on milliоns of s*хy girls neаr yоou => https://twitter.com/59361beeb1f6701dc/status/801992405775826944 Drift Girls Rаaacing Daaаting Sim Аndrоid ooon PC AAАmiDuOS Моbile F2P NA
rendermax (3 years ago)
+dkytbm I use both, sometimes one runs better than other, also have tried Andy (Andyroid) and Genymotion. I was using the mouse for the menus, but later on mapped the drift minigame keys to the keyboard arrows and it plays better.
Androiduj.cz (3 years ago)
Very interesting game we give it 6.7 points from 10 possible.
Hangame USA (3 years ago)
+Androiduj.cz thank you
Kate Apples (3 years ago)
Surprisingly interesting.   I'd probably play it for novelty, and since I'm bi I hardly have issue dating girls instead of guys,  but it'd be nice if there was a version (More like an alternate game entirely since it'd change a lot of the dynamic) where you pursue guys as a female MC...  Then combine the games to allow a bisexual or gay experience and female/male MC choice at game start. I played Hunie Pop for similar reasons. I don't like dating games/sims on their own but if they're built onto another sort of game it's kind of interesting. A full blown racing game is quite a bit more than match-three.
Kate Apples (3 years ago)
+TOAST USA I did check it out a bit but it was a google play store thingy including the app "By downloading you accept x x x and x permissions" and so on.   I dislike accepting those things,  as I don't fully know what it entails,  especially on my PC. ____ I just tried on my tablet (because of your comment) and couldn't actually play the game without giving it an account, despite there being the option for a guest login,   and in trying to play it after download it wants even more permissions to identity and circles and shit.    I can't help but feel like it's scummy and highly invasive and I'm not sure I want to play it despite how nice the game itself looks. It does look like a nice game though.  But I'm a bit anal about permissions.... Ugh.  I'll try it anyway... It's asking for almost 900MB of space O_O Like, holy shit.   I had to delete stuff just to make room for the 80ish.  There's no way I can play this game.  *sigh* I uninstalled and cleared literally everything I could and can only get 850.
Hangame USA (3 years ago)
+Kate Clementine Thank you please check it out you'll be surprise how addicting it is.
Su_sho (3 years ago)
no waifu no raifu
Hangame USA (3 years ago)
+SushiThe always waifu
no (3 years ago)
boobs + cars = perfect shit
Somnus Senior (3 years ago)
Hangame USA (3 years ago)
+Somnus Senior ;)

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