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Java ExecutorService - Part 1 - Introduction

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Learn how to parallelize your tasks and operations easily in Java without cooking up your own Threads. Part 1: Introduction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oo-9Can3H8 Part 2: Type of Pools - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIkG0X4fqs4 Part 3: Constructor / LifeCycle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dma_NmOrp1c Part 4: Callable/Future - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEZ2ASoP_nY Channel ---------------------------------- Complex concepts explained in short & simple manner. Topics include Java Concurrency, Spring Boot, Microservices, Distributed Systems etc. Feel free to ask any doubts in the comments. Also happy to take requests for new videos. Subscribe or explore the channel - https://youtube.com/defogtech New video added every weekend. Popular Videos ---------------------------------- What is an API Gateway - https://youtu.be/vHQqQBYJtLI Executor Service - https://youtu.be/6Oo-9Can3H8 Introduction to CompletableFuture - https://youtu.be/ImtZgX1nmr8 Java Memory Model in 10 minutes - https://youtu.be/Z4hMFBvCDV4 Volatile vs Atomic - https://youtu.be/WH5UvQJizH0 What is Spring Webflux - https://youtu.be/M3jNn3HMeWg Java Concurrency Interview question - https://youtu.be/_RSAS-gIjGo
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Text Comments (91)
Andrew Verden (9 days ago)
Pronunciation could be much better.
Defog Tech (9 days ago)
Agreed. Working on it. Hopefully latest videos are better.
Sumit Basu (13 days ago)
What you are up to these days? What will be your next upcoming videos? Do you start any Java online course so that we can join and learn more from you? You are the best.
Sumit Basu (13 days ago)
+Defog Tech woww It will be really helpful for me..all the very best for your interview..
Defog Tech (13 days ago)
Hello sir! Lately little busy with my interviews. Upcoming video should be about spring boot security coming this Saturday. As per online course, will start as YouTube membership itself. If you're interested, what videos would you like to see for members.
vijaya kumar (14 days ago)
Can you pls make videos with in-depth details on generics..I must say above videos are incredibly awesome
Sandeep Pandey (14 days ago)
Hi, Can you please help me understand why wait() notify has to call inside while loop
best explanation god bless u
luojihencha (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!!
Vishal Rane (1 month ago)
Sir, you are the best :) Thank you.
tushar agarwal (1 month ago)
Hi, is there any upper bound on maximum number of threads that an application can spawn?
tushar agarwal (1 month ago)
+Defog Tech Thanks
Defog Tech (1 month ago)
Dont have an article.. but a thread takes around 1-2 MB of memory to store stack and native/OS thread datastructures, so if you create say 1000 threads, it will need 2000 MB of memory. I have a relative video about Spring Webflux where asynchronous programming has to be introduced to fix this.
tushar agarwal (1 month ago)
+Defog Tech Can you suggest an article or something where I can read on this thing. I was asked in an interview this question and I was not able to answer.
Defog Tech (1 month ago)
Depends on the heap size.. there is no theoretical limit per se
Sanjay Kantheti (1 month ago)
Deepak correct me if I am wrong. I believe reactive programming was introduced to avoid threads being waited for the IO operation to be completed.
Defog Tech (1 month ago)
Thats correct.. Checkout my video on Spring Webflux, that has this exact comparison
Ashutosh Chaurasia (1 month ago)
Why so less subscriber to such a beautiful channel , great work dude keep it up.
Defog Tech (1 month ago)
Thanks buddy!
gobind arora (1 month ago)
Cleared all my doubts. Thanks for this amazing video. Keep doing the great work.
Hemanth Savithala (1 month ago)
For example :: there are t1...t10 threads. Assume that at t5 exception occurs. In this case will rest of the threads execute ?
Defog Tech (1 month ago)
Yes, one thread dying does not effect other threads
Hemanth Savithala (1 month ago)
Awesome video... Thanks for your efforts & all
Email1212xxpl (1 month ago)
just perfect :)
Nithin Malikarjun (2 months ago)
Ravi Rahul (2 months ago)
For CPU intensive task , with 4 Core, should we also take the main thread in consideration. I mean does one of the cores should be running the main thread ? If so then we can have a maximum of 3 more threads in ideal case?
Defog Tech (2 months ago)
Depends on what main thread is doing.. if it's not busy even that can be counted as one more core to work with and let scheduler handle scheduling
Adit Chauhan (2 months ago)
Godly explanation
ANKIT NAVALAKHA (2 months ago)
There are so many videos for multithreading available in YouTube but I found you best because of your diagram presentation which is unique. You explained very well. You are awesome and continue with this key feature.
Eswararao Ravada (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing knowledge, Your videos helped me a lot. Can you please make a video on some design patterns(Not All) which are mostly used in real-time projects. It will help developers for better project development, I watched many Design Pattern tutorials but no satisfaction. If you don't have time, Atleas give some reference links.
Eswararao Ravada (3 months ago)
+Defog Tech Thanks for replay.. widely used design patterns in Java/spring
Defog Tech (3 months ago)
Sure, I will make one in next couple of weeks.. which patterns are you looking for? I found head first design patterns book helpful. It's simple and has lot of diagrams to understand
Sujit Kumar (3 months ago)
Thanks for the clear explanation..
Rishabh (3 months ago)
damn bruh. your lectures are awesome. thanks!
zribi yacine (3 months ago)
good job bro 😉
Snakeeye (3 months ago)
very well explained.
KeerthiKumar S G (3 months ago)
Thanks for clear explanation :)
Shikhar Choudhary (4 months ago)
Your visualization techniques are phenomenal.
Hari Krishna Thariboyina (4 months ago)
Thank you for such a nice explanation. it's very clear and simple ..
Mike Price (5 months ago)
You explain this topic very well! Appreciate the visualization!
TARUN KUNDHIYA (5 months ago)
Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
Sonal Jambhule (5 months ago)
Thanks sir, u r awesome. very good explaination.
Defog Tech (5 months ago)
You're welcome! Thank you for the kind words :)
Techies Zone (6 months ago)
Fantastic explaination..thanks. Can you pls share the slides of this tutorials also. Thanks!
Srinu Chinna (6 months ago)
Thank you ....
Defog Tech (6 months ago)
You're very welcome!
Danish Gondal (6 months ago)
mind blowing keep it up
Defog Tech (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Very neatly explained... good work bro.. 👍🏻👍🏻
Shan S (7 months ago)
Excellent !!
Himanshu Upadhyay (7 months ago)
Thankyou sir... explained really well..best tutorial on executor service
Defog Tech (7 months ago)
You're welcome! I am happy you liked it
parveen verma (8 months ago)
Very much simplified and same effective as well. +1 :)
pepperjack77 (8 months ago)
Most concise and clear executor service description I’ve seen. Thank you!
Defog Tech (8 months ago)
You're welcome!
江亚宁 (8 months ago)
Defog Tech (8 months ago)
You're welcome!
Nilesh (9 months ago)
ThreadPoolSize tread off with CPU core concept is excellent. You have cleared all doubts about the size of the pool. Thank you.
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
You're welcome! I'm happy it helped
Sudip Bhandari (9 months ago)
Are you the guy from tech primers?
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
Thank you sir! will do
Sudip Bhandari (9 months ago)
I liked your content.. Keep creating
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
No sir, this is my first channel
Hemant kumar (9 months ago)
easy and clear explanation on Executors. Thanks.
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
You're welcome. Glad you liked it
Yurii Deeper (9 months ago)
Perfect. Thanks from Ukraine.
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
You're very welcome!!
Vaibhav Sawant (9 months ago)
You explained nicely
Crystal clear, good job!
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Derrick Adotama (9 months ago)
Wow way better than the Udemy tutorial on Executors. You should expand on this and make a Udemy tutorial. Great teaching skills.
Defog Tech (9 months ago)
Thank you! My long term plan is to create my own site like egghead.io , let's see how that goes.
Doug Bacelar (10 months ago)
very well explained and straight forward! thank you!
Defog Tech (10 months ago)
You're welcome sir!
Pandian Raman (11 months ago)
Good explanation buddy, Thank you :)
Defog Tech (11 months ago)
Welcome sir
Siva Kumar (1 year ago)
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you sir
Ashish Burnwal (1 year ago)
This is the best tutorial I have ever seen for executor framework. Thanks a lot
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you sir!
Amrita Sahoo (1 year ago)
Really explained well. This is the best I have found till now. Thank you. Keep up the good work :)
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you for the kind words!!
Collected Reader (1 year ago)
Great explanation. Looking forward to more videos.
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you! Working on a few, will upload in couple of days.
ritesh384 (1 year ago)
Good explanation.. thanks :)
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you
Mariusz M (1 year ago)
4 core processor with multithreading has 8 threads, so it would be better to create pool with 8 threads i guess...
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
Agreed. That concept is called hyperthreading. Multithreading is about having multiple threads, they may or may not run parallely. Generally though number of cores equal number of parallel threads. Even in server machines, there are 16 core / 32 core CPUs with 16 / 32 threads respectively.
shell indebted (1 year ago)
Much Helpful. Thanks.
Tejas Doond (1 year ago)
Good man.. Thanks
Defog Tech (1 year ago)
+Tejas Doond anytime buddy

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