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Java 11 is FREE (not paid)

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Java and JDK 11 are free to use and you can create your programs and sell them without licensing problems. Check this video to discover why Java 11 and JDK 11 are not paid #java #javanotpaid #javaisfree #freejava #jdk11
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MerlinYoda (4 months ago)
Oracle's Java SE 11 JDK *will* require paying a license fee. Your title is misleading. What Oracle is doing is directing everyone that wants Java for no charge to use OpenJDK instead. OpenJDK has *always* been available under the GPL thanks to Sun Microsystems open-sourcing their Java interpreter and development API and t will continue to be available for no change going forward because of that. When Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems they also took over a certain level of stewardship of the OpenJDK project as well so this is why the they refer to it as "Oracle OpenJDK" but doing so is actually misleading of them seeing as people from outside of Oracle have contributed to that software as well. Besides, it's not like Oracle can stop it from being Open Source anymore anyway. At most they could only an offshoot of OpenJDK to use a different name and logo because of them having ownership of certain trademarks.
Cyber Domvs (4 months ago)
Oracle version is free to use but you cannot sell apps from Oracle JDK! Use instead JDK 11 from OpenJDK 😃
Mario Guerrero (4 months ago)
hi, the background audio too loud, thanks for the video.
Cyber Domvs (1 month ago)
Sorry about that, I will improve on my next video

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