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I'm Not Awake (Katy Perry Parody)

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Text Comments (4131)
Deni Atom (1 month ago)
6 years...
Jenna Harris (1 month ago)
What a twist
Rafa C.R (1 month ago)
kkkkkkkkkkkk WTF this is so funny and weird
TreeGuy95 (1 month ago)
2:23 yo deadass is that Eddie Murphy
Edward Powell (2 months ago)
SerenGirl (2 months ago)
Lucid dreaming be like...
bleh (3 months ago)
I watched this years ago and had no idea it was from collegehumor oml
Anna Smith (3 months ago)
This is awesome
Just Me Some Random Girl (3 months ago)
Why she be lookin Melania Trump
Fluffy Bunny (3 months ago)
I had a dream that I was running on a race track away from dog cars but they caught up to me and I died. Then I woke up and I went to school as normal. Then I took a spoon and murdered my ex boyfriend. Then I sadly woke up from my good dream
nhh iytt (3 months ago)
Thre is a flaw mit romney is not fucking gay unless you consider it gay rape
Puff Woof (3 months ago)
Hey its MARK!
Lake effect kid #666 (3 months ago)
1:31 cut footage from panic! at the disco’s hallelujah music video
LoveuGAGAforever (3 months ago)
Pretty cool song
Lew Lew (4 months ago)
Oli (4 months ago)
That’s one badly applied wig.
Allison Gertler (4 months ago)
ok, Collegehumor, you outdid yourself on the costumes in this video. Top notch.
Thy Huynh (5 months ago)
I had a dream where i was lost and major Monogram (from phinese and ferb) appear on a vespa, i asked for help and he told me to get in. After that he sold me to a japanese whore house where the girls have cat ears and hit people butts with red toothbrush :) i refuse to do prostitution so they chop off my dick and i wake up :) im a girl
Rita Moskalensky (5 months ago)
wide awake is one of Katy's best songs, the parody is very funny!
Handington (5 months ago)
What's up with all of the dislikes? This is awesome!
Daniella Alouf (5 months ago)
Please someone tell me that Mitt Romney is played by Alec Baldwin here!
Shining Star (5 months ago)
Nothing about a dear one dying, being tortured, a demon that is the incarnation of your pedio-phobia and id, reliving past mistakes or of you slaughter the masses No? Just me? Seriously it’s every night
Jailisse Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Kristhor (5 months ago)
This is what inception should have been!
Artistimistic (5 months ago)
But she wanted to cheat on him. 😂
Depressed Drawing Man O5 (6 months ago)
Anyone else put the comments of old videos on newest first to give new comments some love?
Holy shit I once had a dream where my dead dog could talk and was alive and told me not to be sad
Udonthavetoknow (6 months ago)
clearly puberty
xX_Blue Pickle_Xx (6 months ago)
This sounds like a Google translate parody XD
Alicat Gtz (6 months ago)
This is gold
IMirFälltKeinNameEinI (6 months ago)
The thing i love on this Parody is that they just took random words
Uriah Johnson (6 months ago)
I'm watching this in 2018. Who is actually singing this song??? You are amazing. Love the voice.
BrycenTube Videos (6 months ago)
“ You cheated on me in my dream last night”
yank31 (6 months ago)
OOoh she's Ms.Trump from the late show
Raul (6 months ago)
*hits blunt* Sees this video...
Shadow_ Of_The_World (6 months ago)
But he’s *Richard Gere*
bianca canas (6 months ago)
I once had a dream that i was Will smiths gf and was jealous of his manager for always coming over.. best part is he was my next door neighbour lmao
Maggie Stanfield (6 months ago)
I love you
FluffsterPuffster (6 months ago)
XD good job!
Edgelord IV (6 months ago)
Random doesn’t equal funny.
Jon Claude (6 months ago)
Thought I was the only one that has nightmares of teeth falling out...
Nigit (7 months ago)
A Katy parody
You've captured the very essence of my dreams. Congratulations.
KittyKatter 😸 (7 months ago)
Who also has these kind of dreams?
Violet (7 months ago)
this song was made with randomwordgenerator
Kiwi Kiwi (7 months ago)
She looks like 45😶
Handington (7 months ago)
What's up with all the dislikes? This is a masterpiece!
Dirigido Psjjdidu (7 months ago)
I actually thought this was the original song
D and N (7 months ago)
I like this better than the actual song XD
Cutsie Productions (7 months ago)
One time I dreamed that Harry Styles and my girlfriend were getting it on and Zayn wrote a fan fiction on it.... True Story XD
Emma Higgans (7 months ago)
She's a good singer
Equestrian Erin (7 months ago)
Why does everyone talk about how they can control their dream and it’s like an episodic thing? I just go to bed and see what happens...
the random games gamer (7 months ago)
What is this a parody of?
Sweetie Pie (7 months ago)
iiWolfieGames (7 months ago)
I once had this dream where I was back in kindergarten, and I was wearing the proper school uniform. Then, my pants started getting replaced with shorts and my shoes became slippers, and the worst part was I had a floaty attached to my waist. Heck even my shirt disappeared and I was constantly wearing goggles in class. I had the same dream for almost a week until finally I managed to imagine myself into the complete uniform. It was pretty weird.
TChancellor 29088 (7 months ago)
So random lol
What Is Life (7 months ago)
Audience is mimes reminded me of I Write Sins Not Tradegies
Salazar Slytherin (8 months ago)
Who came for the thumbnail
Katy perry-dy. AYEEEEE
Thomas (8 months ago)
she reminds me of olivia wilde
Xb. Mia (8 months ago)
2018 and this is still a bangin tune
Low-key a dumbass (8 months ago)
I had a dream that I slept with Britney Spears… then Adam Lambert came in… tf is my life?
Paige Martin (8 months ago)
Am I the only one that has the dream where you spit out all your teeth
Alivia Ulrich (8 months ago)
And I was farting hard. That would've been great.
Alex Meurer (8 months ago)
Im not the only one whos had the teeth falling out dream
metal_ zeke (8 months ago)
okay this got turned into restricted R pretty fast
las time i dream im was im my room and the door was lock wen i open in the exit was a haunted house whit trees whit life and legs and bonnies of terror. and a monster was running to get me
Daya Mdz (9 months ago)
College Humor *SUCKED* back then
Kimberly Duff (9 months ago)
Pregnant with a boot?😂
Madeline Larson (9 months ago)
Okay but this girl is gorgeous.
Mineprotime lover 2018 (9 months ago)
Eww why sex
Camellia S. (9 months ago)
This is way too real
Bridgette Couch (9 months ago)
2018 anyone?
amethyst hart (9 months ago)
This is pretty much what my more normal and docile dreams are like. Just wait until you have a dream where your on the hogwarts express and find a bunch of trolls that talk and wear a lot of purple and want to teach you how to fly. Then in order to test what you have learned they push off the train when it’s still moving so you start gliding over villages full of children that all look eerily the same but there is not one adult and they all start following after your shadow being really creepy. Yeahhhhhhhh, that’s one of weirder but still pretty tame dreams.
cityraildude (9 months ago)
Mark looks like Bill Gates
Connor Groves (9 months ago)
He cheats on her in her dream but she cheats in him in her dream too... with her ex no less
Divyana Lahan (9 months ago)
This was a hot mess. *I love it.*
Elizabeth Radford (9 months ago)
Last night I had a dream that i woke up in a school and I had no idea where I was but I felt like I was supposed to be there. I sat down on the cafetiere floor with another girl. I looked up at the lunch tables and the people sitting there were from my school Four years ago. they all looked the same except one was trans now. Anyone know what this dream means lol
Jonny Gu (9 months ago)
Why does she look like Melania Trump???
thanatos (9 months ago)
Lucie Zhana (9 months ago)
I hate when I have a dream and can't talk or move
MSP AestheticX (10 months ago)
Love this
Melissa Biehl (10 months ago)
Better then the actual Katy Perry song XD
Camellia S. (10 months ago)
That was painfully accurate.
Ileana Carter (10 months ago)
This is super funny I love it
Bruno Ramirez (10 months ago)
Suve mas
Joanne’s Planet (10 months ago)
I like it creative
Gently Fading Into Muse (10 months ago)
Its funny because her A4 sounds 100% more beautiful than Katy's, and this is a CollegeHumor parody.. so that just speaks volumes.
gracejones (10 months ago)
i think about the phrase “pregnant with a boooot” sometimes
J3queenofallcats (10 months ago)
Thorny Elite (10 months ago)
Wonder if Bart Baker and he’s team was in making of this clip
SrgMorning Wood (10 months ago)
If you know you are in a dream you can control it
Azza Galal (10 months ago)
college humor was so different😂💔
Vali Sergiu (10 months ago)
Lol i dreamed something like this, only the caracthers were different and the events in another order
I Hate Snakeu (10 months ago)
If u can’t run than walk
Christiane Stürmer (10 months ago)
Okkkkaaaay xD
Caitlyn Rees (10 months ago)
this was hilarious 😂😂😂
Strong John's Sippy Queen (10 months ago)
I loved this
Afonso Silva (11 months ago)
All my dreams ever
Chadam Wilson (11 months ago)
Why can't I have dreams like this? All of mine involve death or apocalyptic scenarios. Clearly I've drawn the short straw because I'd much rather be pregnant with a boot 👢

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