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The Counting Sheep- Funny Animated Short CGI Film 2017

19870 ratings | 3390121 views
Enjoy this new animated short. Topfreetemplates is the place for the latest animations and cgi short movies. CREATOR: - Katelyn Hagen Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user20897904 Powered By Chillblast PC's: - http://www.chillblast.com - http://www.twitter.com/chillblast **EXCLUSIVE CHILLBLAST DISCOUNT** USE CODE: TFTDISC2015 to get £50 off any Chillblast Photo or Video editing PC'S! Qualifying systems: - Chillblast Photo OC VI – as used by TFT - Chillblast Photo OC Lite - Chillblast Photo OC Mobile
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Text Comments (388)
Anna Khawas (1 day ago)
That was really sad
Zuleica Hernández (3 days ago)
Zuleica Hernández (3 days ago)
Alguien habla espanish
Zuleica Hernández (3 days ago)
Estereotipo: Imitación de una persona, intentando ser ella o parecerse
Zuleica Hernández (3 days ago)
Y ve el siguiente comentario
Zuleica Hernández (3 days ago)
Es por eso que debemos ser nosotros mismos y no estereotipos dale like si piensas lo mismo
Denis Lessard (4 days ago)
Camille Like games (5 days ago)
Fancy HD (5 days ago)
*nice story*
للخير نسعى (6 days ago)
WolfieDine Gacha (7 days ago)
II Cristea Mihaela (8 days ago)
II Cristea Mihaela (8 days ago)
I know its not the time now but if corn oil is made out of corn, and vegteble oil is made out of vegteble, what is baby oil made out of..? Babies!?
Skullcrusher Skulls (11 days ago)
Oh no
Sure would love to see this in our local film festival! Someone should enter it. https://www.facebook.com/events/1883502011759740/?ti=ia
Andrea Jarder (18 days ago)
Lesson:Be patient
Wesley Mcspadden (18 days ago)
Subscribe to Pewdiepie and his second channel called DoubleMoose
а мне жаль овечку № 100
Sen Play (21 days ago)
evseev2102 (22 days ago)
In the end human is still not sleeped,I think!
Subba Rao (23 days ago)
AS ROMANA BASKET (24 days ago)
Marie :P (26 days ago)
Lmao right on time I was just going to sleep 😆😴 or should I say sheep??! Alright I'll stop now 😂
Ariel Valenzuela (27 days ago)
not funny
Shahnoza Shahnoza (30 days ago)
Это же ни честно 😐
Kim Allen (1 month ago)
1:44 Some BODY once told me the WORLD is gonna roll me!!!!!!
Sophia’s world (1 month ago)
Aaaaaaaaaw poor 100
Dragon (2 months ago)
Can we get an f in the chat bois
dosto ka dost asfandyar (2 months ago)
Subsribe my channel for videos
Christy ka (2 months ago)
something cool (2 months ago)
beeb beeb I am a sheep beep beep 🐑
something cool (2 months ago)
where they are going?
Tavi Ariton (2 months ago)
Funny, but why this sheeps have male voices ?
у овец дудки с верху зубов!!
klaas muller (2 months ago)
0:12 weird that the rest of the room gets lighter when turning OFF the light 🤔
Cleide Sousa (1 month ago)
beulah T. (2 months ago)
Short and sweet moral😊 Be what you are....
inderjit kaur (2 months ago)
Colussdarck c (2 months ago)
No entendí ningún chorizo Yolo
Kotofey Developer (2 months ago)
Pretty cringey
Waseem Akram (2 months ago)
Don't be a greedy..
Sondra J (2 months ago)
Did anyone see the comments and say i wish i said that?😁😁
Delwynlouis Legion (3 months ago)
100 but only 48 ??
W słotka (3 months ago)
Eshwar Narmada (3 months ago)
Klarjeer Nash (3 months ago)
I love this video.. (be happy with what you are)
Roseli Milani (3 months ago)
Kenan John Miranda (3 months ago)
Haha total loser
ittai sela (3 months ago)
my animations are way funnier
ittai sela (3 months ago)
+TheLookatit I did
TheLookatit (3 months ago)
Lets see them...post them.
Lucas cruz (3 months ago)
Moral da história n seja egoísta:|bla bla bla
PES R&G (3 months ago)
We got a backwards counter ! Lol
SK Joy (3 months ago)
24 December 2018 :)
The Shadow (3 months ago)
Poor sheep number 50 not a bit of love, Not even a mention, or a cameo, or nothing.
Katarzyna Lada (4 months ago)
sa ta (4 months ago)
Be convinced of what God has given you 💙
Cleide Sousa (1 month ago)
Que legal sabia
Aspen Morel (4 months ago)
arun craft (4 months ago)
Never stop laughing after watching this Short film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOXAtT-ISSM
Luz mahia gambin sena (4 months ago)
Libby Watson (5 months ago)
He is jels and needs to wate his tern .😡
khaïmïe Glee (5 months ago)
*count your dreams instead of counting 🐑sheep*
idea r (5 months ago)
سبحان الله و الحمدالله ولاإله إلا الله و الله أكبر و لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم اللهم صَلِّ وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد و على اله وصحبه وسلم عدد ما ذكره الذاكرون وعدد ما غفل عن ذكره الغافلون
Gina Talos (5 months ago)
A bad and for sheep. YEY!
Patricia isha Sebastian (5 months ago)
Gina Talos yes
wooooooooooooooooow nice.................
Paola Gabriele Camargo (5 months ago)
花梧栢 (5 months ago)
The importance of being patient...
Parvez Parvez (6 months ago)
arun craft (4 months ago)
Never stop laughing after watching this Short film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOXAtT-ISSM
Ruby Is Here! (6 months ago)
ugg am I on the weird part of the internet again!?!
Eveolution (6 months ago)
who the fuck counts backwards.
Маша FNAF (6 months ago)
Jade The Dragon (6 months ago)
Moral of the story, if you kill your opponent, then there's no competition to lose!
one quort (6 months ago)
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Disha Khorwal (6 months ago)
Zlote Tarasy (7 months ago)
Coco Robin (7 months ago)
OMFG this is hilarious
Mahnoor Ali (7 months ago)
It is a good moral movie
Judith Rodriguez Marte (7 months ago)
La últimos algún día serán los primeros 👍👍
OmniKix (7 months ago)
This reminds me of the cartoon shawn the sheep lol nice animation! 🐑
Nuage82 (7 months ago)
There's no moral, that'S just fucken sad
Risk Gaster (7 months ago)
Serves him right
Ian (7 months ago)
who else thought this was an as for Serta mattresses
One Punch Taco (7 months ago)
funny my ass
MasterPunchThe1 (7 months ago)
This reminds me of open season a little bit
Helena Ot (8 months ago)
This reminds me Shrek 2 when the donkey asked Shrek are we there ? this is so familiar lol and the toilet too
Gracuous Bonds (8 months ago)
That's sad not funny
Temno Lapa Cat (8 months ago)
Abbe Rodriguez (8 months ago)
My life
Carlos Dias (8 months ago)
Alguém sabe falar português?😐
mabel David (8 months ago)
wow this is true.very true
arun craft (4 months ago)
Never stop laughing after watching this Short film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOXAtT-ISSM
ari anwar (8 months ago)
Stitches Bottom (8 months ago)
не ] : (
Danielle De Weert (8 months ago)
Gacha Paws (8 months ago)
and he still hasn't jumped the fence to this day
Eclipse the Wolf (8 months ago)
Janez Ljubič (3 months ago)
MB Fridl v MCD na🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩
Rose Karlay (8 months ago)
Be patient and went for your time and don't always want what others have
Yasian Mansuri (8 months ago)
FELIX Carrion (8 months ago)
U change our maind
Silver wolf 693 (8 months ago)
Poor 100🐑

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