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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 All Secret Actions Compilation

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto Gameplay & Mods Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLduYWkOx3yma1WNRHHjKeS1ZMRl1_yBa1 All Naruto Games Ultimate Jutsu Ougi Compilation Videos Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLduYWkOx3ymYjtwrKedljtghEr5Dy0nmi All Naruto Games Evolution Compilation Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLduYWkOx3ymaUWwqeXXYM4U31S5Xdz6qm All Naruto Games Ending + Credits Compilation Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLduYWkOx3ymZutLQeIAi-aej-IBG4lVn7 Naruto Clones Master Custom Moveset Mod Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCbyc4m5odU Visit my blog: http://wajinshusenpai.com Someone requested this.. Tell me if this is all the secret actions. I browse all my videos and its too many :O #wajinshu
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Text Comments (96)
Prayas Basnet (1 month ago)
how do you fucking perform it? I unlock it but it doesn't happen on own, what of it? is there a button set to activate it after it's unlocked?
[[ Ainem TV ]]. (11 months ago)
اشتركو بقناتي عن انمي
Mario Hernandez (1 year ago)
how many hidden actions are in total and which fights have it pr do all em of do
MadSSJ (1 year ago)
Couldn't really see anything near the end
Joseph A. (1 year ago)
como faz ação secreta?
Samantha Giddings (2 years ago)
can someone plese tell me how to do the secret actions i cant figure it out pleas!!!!!
The 101 (1 year ago)
Samantha Giddings for minato and masked man u need to press triangle+o and for naruto and saasuke u need to press triangle +o for kakashi and zabuza R2+O
The Talon Diego (2 years ago)
i wanna know how to start it
Lizzeth x (2 years ago)
idk how to click B for kakashi vs Zabuza for that water jutsu .-. HOW COME YOU DID IT SAO FABULOUS 😱😱😱
My Name Is Not Zelda (2 years ago)
i want learn
Matthew Kim (3 years ago)
The button mashing was for real
SRBGamer (3 years ago)
how to set too many time make a video plis show me how to do it
moneymakin10001 (3 years ago)
You are a God send
Payday Boy (3 years ago)
Kakashi last one was dope AF
Bosta Preta (3 years ago)
face like you spent the zabuza so fast ???
Daniel Horodenko (3 years ago)
+danilol lima rodrigues Alguém aqui precisa aprender inglês :v
Bosta Preta (3 years ago)
+danilol lima rodrigues google translator
naila miah (3 years ago)
this Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 All Secret Actions Compilation really worth watching. awsome and quick video.
Vincent Lam (4 years ago)
Muhd Asyraf (4 years ago)
Thanks man! Means a lot to me!
mew power (4 years ago)
I can't do the Kakashi vs zabuza water dragon one I get the first one right but for a reason i spam b and I can't reach the blue bar
FBI Anime (11 months ago)
mew power Y+B water dragon jutsu lel
Vay (4 years ago)
Is this the achievement? Successfully performed all secret actions.
Jin hades (4 years ago)
u miss the last one ...itachi vs kabuto in at the last battle uchiha brothers vs kabuto
12445 yam (18 hours ago)
This Storm 3.Not Full Burst
TurboThunderH0G (5 months ago)
Deathsong 103 how do u get it for Xbox one
Deathsong 103 (1 year ago)
+Justin Dustbin no it's in storm 3 I beat the Kabuto boss with the uchiha brothers a few months ago
Justin Dustbin (1 year ago)
that's storm 4 i think
anubhav acharya (4 years ago)
Can you make a vedio on what buttons to activate the secret actoin
The Comment Detective (1 year ago)
anubhav acharya they're the exact same except you have to make close to no mistakes
The Talon Diego (2 years ago)
anubhav acharya
nasim ahmed (2 years ago)
+Mαяк 𝓗𝑜𝓅𝓅𝓊𝓈 thx
[prod.sabishi] (3 years ago)
+anubhav acharya Minato Vs Tobi: You run at the same time at each other (Y+A,or Δ+Χ). Νaruto Vs Sasuke (Both Kids,and at Orochimaru's hide out): Press and hold Y+B or Δ+ Square. Kakashi Vs Zabuza: When Zabuza performs the Hidden Mist Jutsu use your substitution jutsu. Kakashi Vs Zabuza:When you're in the second flashback perform ninjutsu,and you'll do the Water Dragon One,then the secret action will air. You're welcome.
[prod.sabishi] (3 years ago)
+anubhav acharya Minato Vs Tobi: You run at the same time at each other (Y+A,or Δ+Χ). Νaruto Vs Sasuke (Both Kids,and at Orochimaru's hide out): Press and hold Y+B or Δ+ Square. Kakashi Vs Zabuza: When Zabuza performs the Hidden Mist Jutsu use your substitution jutsu. Kakashi Vs Zabuza:When you're in the second flashback perform ninjutsu,and you'll do the Water Dragon One,then the secret action will air. You're welcome.
Justin Gomez (4 years ago)
How do you use secret actions and awakenings?? I'm new to playing this but I've played the previous games before???
Kiraneki (4 years ago)
awakenings when the little lamp appears by your chakra gauge then you charge your chakra past full and into the lamp and you awaken. secret actions are each different you need to do different things to unlock them. it tells you what to do for each one in the description in the ninja timeline
Jamar Jackson (4 years ago)
omg how do u do thu water dragon justu clash everytime i do it i can never press fast enough to beat him D:
Gamemaster1000100 (4 years ago)
wish it was all secret actions of the whole story mode  :l
Kosijaner (5 years ago)
All like me - used first time and forget every other time XD
Doc Snakes (5 years ago)
That last secret factor would've been awesome as a grab. And also, they move Zabuza did should've been his tilt.
Illusive Serb (5 years ago)
When I started watching I only watched dub. It was hard trying to read while there's something awesome happening on the screen, I'm just used to watching tw shows and not having the trouble to read subs. But I gotta tell you, the sounds, the voice acting is better on Japanese, even if I have to rewind it a few times to see what happened while I was reading the sub :D But like you said, to each his own.
Illusive Serb (5 years ago)
That actually helps a lot. Thanks, I'll try it :) So the right one is useless? When I played ultimate ninja 5 on ps2 I LOVED playing as Lee and awakening the gate. He becomes a monster when he's opens the gate. Fast, strong, unstoppable :D I hope that's an option in this one as well. It's 3D so the controls must be different to open a gate. Anyway, I'll try it, thank you again :)
Mkfan02 Gaming (5 years ago)
how do i do naruto's when he fights sasuke in orochimaru's hideout?
Clockworks (5 years ago)
Y=W, A=S, X=A, B=D. Left Stick: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Right Stick: Dont need. but i set it to numpad arrow keys, they have no use apart from awakening on some chars You just have to memorise what Y, A, X & B where changed too & left back & right back are left ctrl and right ctrl. You dont need left stick click but i have them set to left shift and right shift but youl never use them. Left trigger is Q & Right trigger is E.
Illusive Serb (5 years ago)
Ah movement, that's the problem. There are 3 ups, downs, lefts and rights to configure. For the two analog sticks and one for the regular arrow buttons. I made similar configuration but it's really hard. Because on the screen they appear as "button A" or "L3" and I have no idea what I've placed for those buttons xD Grrrr, I'll just have to get used to it I guess :D
Clockworks (5 years ago)
Q for substitution, e for block, w for attack, s for jump, a for charge, d for shurikans, arrow keys for movement, ctrl buttons for support characters & 1-2-3-4 for items. Works for me. =]
Illusive Serb (5 years ago)
I'm a PC player with no gamepad. Any advice as to how to configure the keys? Half of the time I try to use substitution and I fail bad. At previous games it was pressing the block button, but I have no idea what that button is here. I configured some LAME keys and half of the time I'm just mashing buttons :(
Dhimas Pras (5 years ago)
Joe Garrick (5 years ago)
to all there own preference. I personally enjoy both dub and sub. just stating my opinion
georgeklsa (5 years ago)
plz can you tell me what should i do to minato vs masked man
Abraham Espinoza (5 years ago)
teach me all secret actions I still have troubles with the ones for naruto and sasuke I know like 2 though :/
GamingScenario (5 years ago)
minato was the best
J-Ace78990 (5 years ago)
Lol minato troll Tobi ^^
Kiko Bonifacio (5 years ago)
lol i just got the Trophy 5 mins ago :P thank you
Kiko Bonifacio (5 years ago)
how do you activate the secret actions??
banana milky (5 years ago)
Chakra dash
lauro costa (5 years ago)
kakashi and minatos's where my favorito too
Armando Castellano (5 years ago)
thats all the secrect actions in the game?
channaumx07 (5 years ago)
pokeplush370 (5 years ago)
Kakashi's is my favorite
Rikudo Sennin Uzumaki (5 years ago)
ew fuck dubs
Rikudo Sennin Uzumaki (5 years ago)
did i just seriously see sasuke try to use chidori on a odama rasengan hahaha chidori is so weak its on same level as a basic rasengan while naruto has over 10 rasengan variants and also sage rasengas that all in one shot can kill sasuke if it hits him hahaha
Ardicos (5 years ago)
well on the first you have to be in past zone
Ardicos (5 years ago)
thats because its hero mode
herobrine slenderman (5 years ago)
Ezequiel Insaurralde (1 year ago)
Deidara Seennppaaiii
timothy annis (5 years ago)
There is one in the last battle as well with naruto and tobi
MrTgkx (5 years ago)
There is another one during the Shikamaru, Choji, Ino Vs Asuma fight. Use a Team Jutsu on asuma and it initiate a secret action
JD SSB (5 years ago)
kakashi is the best one
Quinten Rutley (5 years ago)
Chris Hartley (5 years ago)
0:56 HOLY SHIT YOU WENT SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NWA362 (5 years ago)
all i want is can those secret actions be use the free battle mode
Tony14Stark (5 years ago)
trying to platinum. need an s rank for madaras battle, the last battle... and secret actions...and to complete the timeline
smartbro678 (5 years ago)
How did you execute the 2 of those Secret Action from Kakashi vs Zabuza?
Kingandhorse (5 years ago)
ah i see, i seen all of the anime that there is atm so yeah hehe. Its just how to activate the hidden move.
Kingandhorse (5 years ago)
how do you even perform a secret action D:!? the tutorials is so fucking poor in this game! theres no buttom at all or anything. Just that "SECWET ACTION!!!"
Connor spackman (5 years ago)
i like zabuza and haku
kazeshini (5 years ago)
how does the hint thing work, how do I get a hint to what to do
Ioncehad60000views (5 years ago)
I wasted 4 hours doing the Ultimate Jutsu Finish because I though that was the secret action
Wierdvideosproductions (5 years ago)
How do you figure out how to perform secret actions? The first battle between Minato and Masked man... How do you figure them out? I dont really care now that ive seen them all... But please tell me how you figured them out.
Autistic Aniki (5 years ago)
did you do the secret action for both Hero and Legend versions of Sasuke vs Naruto? Because of the flashback battles, they are two different secret actions.
Torridest Moss (5 years ago)
I'm not sure if you realized this or not,but it sounds like the game cheated you of your trophy lol
brandon harkins (5 years ago)
thanks to u i was able to get the last trophy in naruto so thanks :)
xTheGodlee (5 years ago)
Which battle is the 2nd secret action in?
TheCrystalconman (5 years ago)
Kakashis' second one, do you have to sub or use his throw?
wolf man (5 years ago)
J Diaz (5 years ago)
1:09 Now kiss!
TheBleachBoy6789 (5 years ago)
I did the Sasuke one but it wont give me the trophy I did all of them Im trying to get all trophyd I hbe 47 now I need ninja timeline next
Naruto1497 (5 years ago)
@wajinshu thank you soo much! XD
Naruto1497 (5 years ago)
How do you do the secret actions
Naia (5 years ago)
But y only 4?
Autistic Aniki (5 years ago)
Just a quick update, I re-did Kakashi v Zabuza and it unlocked. I had already done that fight 3 times previously and done both Secret Actions, so it's a bit odd but I'm not complaining
Autistic Aniki (5 years ago)
I know I did all these but the damn trophy didn't unlock for me. Pain in my ass trophy...
jonestly (5 years ago)
How about all music and character voices in jap and Eng
FlawlessMatador1 (5 years ago)
Not in vs...

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