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(Animated Story) Big Boy Underpants by Fran Manushkin

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This book is the animated storytelling of the book, "Big Boy Underpants by Fran Manushkin, read by a child. Words pop up along story as it is read.
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Mou Bhattacharyya (1 month ago)
Love it.😂😂😂
Joshy's Storytime (12 days ago)
One of my favorite books!
Aventuras de Mireya (3 months ago)
No pongas que el niño ruge a mis muñecas bebes reborn que le hacen llorar y le ponen triste!
baby_jitterbug Gaming (4 months ago)
I watched this video even though I’m a girl...
Aventuras de Mireya (4 months ago)
Soy una niña, no llevo eso.
Yes I am because I'm now a big girl I started my potty training in the age of 2 just two years old and so far I am doing great I'm missing just sometimes I'm not a big girl I'm now not wearing nappies anymore I'm not wearing knickers big girl knickers not a little baby nappy big girl knickers a fresh pair of knickers
Joy Shekarau (8 months ago)
kinda like big girl panties
Joshy's Storytime (8 months ago)
Yup, same author, she has some other great books too!
Exquisite Images (10 months ago)
Joshy's Storytime (10 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Marta Lopez (10 months ago)
Is the accent BRITISH?
Joshy's Storytime (9 months ago)
no British accent here. Just really bad imitation in some books we have done.
Joshy's Storytime (10 months ago)
No, I did a very bad British accent when reading the story, "Vegetables in Underwear"... can't blame a girl for trying. Thanks for watching! I am the artist and sometimes reader for these recreated stories. That is why the artwork is slightly different from the original book.
the men are all wired
Joshy's Storytime (11 months ago)
They don't do much in the story.
do u have keyboard or computer
Joshy's Storytime oh I don't have computer I watch books all day
Joshy's Storytime (11 months ago)
I use a keyboard on my computer.

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