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Hybrid Strains | Northern Lights Cannabis Company | Denver Dispensary

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Hybrid strains are becoming increasingly popular. However, just what are hybrid strains? Hybrid strains are a blend, or mixture, of Sativa and Indicia strains. Sativa strains are more uplifting and motivating. They give most people what is known as a "head high." Conversely, Indicia strains make a person more laid back, relaxed, with a slight emphasis on a "body high." Hybrid strains combine the best of both worlds. Just like botanists can clone plants, so to can cannabis growers clone plants that are a mixture of Sativa and Indicia strains. Hybrid stains give consumers a more balanced high. They come in different mixture percentages (80/20 or 50/50). This allows marijuana cultivators to experiment, and merge strains that produce the best effect possible. Northern Lights Cannabis Company is a Denver Dispensary. We have two locations. We also grow our own unique hybrid strains. We hand trim every harvest. And, have strains that no other Denver dispensary carries. Check out this video on Molly's favorite strains. Go say hi to Molly at the Northern Lights Cannabis Company location at Alameda and I-25.
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beam john (6 months ago)
And she look for them trees baby we got some 🍪🍁🍁🍁

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