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Northern Lights - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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Jump Up Drum and Bass Mix--- Drum And Bass Mix by Steppa & Kitcha ◄◄◄◄◄◄ http://j.mp/Steppa-Tracks- Download this mix: http://pda.io/12jNYQV ►►►►►► http://djsteppa.co.uk ◄◄◄◄◄◄ Northern Lights a.k.a. DJ Steppa & DJ Kitcha - March 2010 - Dubplate Mega Mix Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV ============== Panda presents Northern Lights, the production duo also known as DJ Steppa & DJ Kitcha has been on full swing lately. Hailing from Leeds, DJ Steppa previously won the Best Breakthrough DJ prize at the Drum & Bass Awards and has been at the centerpiece of North Britain's Drum N Bass scene for years. Now moving into production together with Huddersfield-based newcomer DJ Kitcha, they are on on their way to release the best upfront and progressive jump up Drum and Bass available. Forthcoming now are the highly anticipated tunes entitled "Nitty Gritty" on Smokin' Riddims, "Bad Boys" featuring Serum on their label AudioWarfare and a remix of Twisted Individual's classic "Acid Bath". In this artist-only mix, DJ Steppa & DJ Kitcha blend 10 tracks in less than 15 minutes. Northern Lights show us solely their and their affiliated label's latest tunes. Lock in and please leave your appreciation in the comments! █ █ █ █ █ █ http://www.djsteppa.co.uk http://www.myspace.com/djsteppa http://www.facebook.com/djsteppa http://www.gridrecordings.com/ █ █ █ █ █ █ ►TRACKLISTING◄ (CLICK TIMECODE TO SKIP TO TRACK) 00:00 - Steppa & Kitcha - Belly - Calypso Muzak 02:13 - Steppa & Kitcha feat. Tonn Piper - Nitty Gritty - Smokin' Riddims 03:38 - Steppa & Kitcha feat. Shaydee - Excalibur - Dead or Alive 05:06 - Twisted Individual - Acid Bath (Northern Lights Remix) - Grid 06:30 - Serum vs Northern Lights - Lord Have Mercy - Zombie 07:58 - Steppa & Kitcha - Jaws - Calypso Muzak 09:23 - Serum vs Northern Lights - Bad Boys - AudioWarfare 11:32 - Northern Lights - Hardcore You Know The Score - Zombie 13:00 - Steppa & Kitcha feat. Tonn Piper - Let's Go Get 'Em - Smokin' Riddims 14:24 - Steppa & Kitcha - Don't You Want Me - Low Down Deep
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Text Comments (121)
KELL guana (2 years ago)
Ok YOU GOT ME- Back A Little Before- Especially At 9-23-I'M Sold- This Is- Beat is MADD DOPPEE
Jeffery Pitt (2 years ago)
fucking great mix
Andres Eduardo (3 years ago)
buenisima rolax.........
m4thic (6 months ago)
De todas maneras!
maag mahandi (4 years ago)
Werbung im Mix - Geldgeil
Dake the (4 years ago)
elenasabrina (5 years ago)
now this is what you call proper drum n bass 
Russell Ferguson (5 years ago)
am all about Jaws, that bass is vile.
Topsy Krets (5 years ago)
That twisted mix is fucking nasty
Topsy Krets (5 years ago)
waay too many clickable things on the video man fuck sake
mozarellaman1201 (5 years ago)
soundcloud. com/wobble-menace/wobble-menac­e-jump-up-mix
ThePrckoVitamincic (6 years ago)
perfect 4 work out... :D
Skitad (6 years ago)
Dat relevance lol
Skitad (6 years ago)
lol sorry guy but i am not stupid, in other words, i find this mix is shit 'cuz all the tracks are almost the same and are really not diversified. I love jump up and almost all dnb subgenres so i can say that THIS mix and not DNB is totally boring and all the tracks are the same. So stfu with comments like this one and stop saying shit about dnb.
brodaty85 (6 years ago)
surround on the best like a concert. Let's GO !
Ben Input Nevit (6 years ago)
check my tracks out
goredock (6 years ago)
lukaschallenger (6 years ago)
XD The sound at the beginning is a sample from fl studio -__-
Skitad (6 years ago)
I really find that all those tracks are almost the same with differents sample... Like, two first tracks have exactly the same drum pattern.
DnB Monk (6 years ago)
gotta check out this jump up DnB mix has some naughty tunes. dutty /watch?v=2tlu6sK6YKg&feature=share
TWISTED BULLET (6 years ago)
1000% better than SKRILLEX - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites thats for sure:)
TWISTED BULLET (6 years ago)
Serious Jump Up right here, omg sick tunes!
creeperoverlordz (6 years ago)
yeah man in america its only dubstep and stuff but in you place you have hardstyle-dnb and some awesome fucking party's
Skellet Dread (6 years ago)
dNb and Jungel nice stuff!
c9jester (6 years ago)
Came for the mix, stayed for the xenophobia.
Benjamin Kroll (6 years ago)
butthurt europoor detected
Luke Swailes (6 years ago)
Never tires
TheLive310 (6 years ago)
Strongly agree.
William Walker (6 years ago)
WTF...give the guy some credit for having taste. You try living here, see how you like it.
grapesman123 (6 years ago)
whats tune at 3:45? pls?
Meh Hem (6 years ago)
I left the US a year ago...... trust us... we know our country sucks dick
HANZ SLOW (6 years ago)
nice mix
cowboygeorgy (6 years ago)
First three tracks are mind blowin'
DJ GHOSTRUNNER (6 years ago)
sweet mix~love it~MY TURN~i am a robot~ watch?v=XS8FX8sc6Sc
superaybo (6 years ago)
but if they dont like they fucking should open dnb videos yeah UR RIGHT FUCK THE DISLIKERS MAUSDHAUIFANKSP
superaybo (6 years ago)
Don't you have a music genre that you don't like? It's the same for others..
Maciej Wojarski (6 years ago)
The bible of jumpup.
Chris (6 years ago)
The track at 14:52 is insane!
CK21messymonsters (6 years ago)
Fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!! I'm going out on saturday night think this is gunna be on repeat whilst me and the girl's are getting ready :). Quality mix xx
Krashevil (6 years ago)
Steppa and kitcha fucking suck. they use the same drum loop, how boring.
Krashevil (6 years ago)
Coming from the guy that uses the name of a character from a show that was made in America. Faggot.
InternalMind (6 years ago)
Since when did pandas start making DnB? and will penguins join in too ?
InternalMind (6 years ago)
Adwaved (6 years ago)
Lets go get 'em!
L Hernandayze (6 years ago)
Viral Shopping Network (6 years ago)
gotta remember to sub to your channel, I miss so much good stuff
Vaergestarn (7 years ago)
09:21 :D
AyeKay Beatz (7 years ago)
This mix is fucking perfect, much love bros.
andy morl (7 years ago)
you boys are the men, repping yorkshire respect fuking awesome!
selidnb (7 years ago)
yeah jump jump up dnb real dnb..!!
i love any thing from grid awsume label
Aine Ruth (7 years ago)
Anyone else noticed that this is not a church drum and base rave?? wtf is right!
renegadeUK (7 years ago)
@IOnlyUseThisForMusic lol agreed
Pruffeel (8 years ago)
Is it me or are the highs too bright and hissy and just high? Almost like 500-700hz and up are just boosted
seatownlove23 (8 years ago)
Sick mix, Ive been getting new cut's from these guy's! my new favorite label and artists! peace!
Yan Martens (8 years ago)
@IOnlyUseThisForMusic lol
BJ blazkowicz (8 years ago)
@IOnlyUseThisForMusic hahah yeh
assii paffie (8 years ago)
There's nothing like Drum and Bass! PWNS IT ALL!
Cykra Kavics (8 years ago)
:D :D :D Bob - Bad Boys :D :D :D
MingeMonkeys (8 years ago)
when i play this on my speakers the bass is so heavy
Carlos Martinez (8 years ago)
mat4emma (8 years ago)
filthy set bruvv all about that mix from excalibur into acid bath yuno that was rude concrete respect from one of ur AW south coast boys BIGGG UPPPP
mat4emma (8 years ago)
excalibur take ya head of ur shoulder, itss a filthy sett steppa all about that mix from excalibur into acid bath yuno dat was rudde big respect from one of ur AW south coast boys BIGGG UPP
mat4emma (8 years ago)
@ACakaANTMAN you know this its all about the nitty grittyness of northern british jump up
mat4emma (8 years ago)
@djsteppa big tingzzz
superaleste (8 years ago)
I'm not buying anything advertised on principle
Mayanatai (8 years ago)
@pandadnb i hate your channel it has adds at the begign of sommany videos. how repugnant.
Mayanatai (8 years ago)
@TheChronDom actually the grass isnt greener. i was just warning you. come here if u please and then be quickly let down.
Mayanatai (8 years ago)
@TheChronDom dont. dont bother. we dont want you!
Ilja Korolovs (8 years ago)
Kamil Skonieczny (8 years ago)
dobrze grają!!
bartfart42 (8 years ago)
@TheChronDom Please stay away !! Stay in your overrated America.
WtfEggsBbq (8 years ago)
@ChoPxSuey Or Single muslim dot com.
Daniel Backfish-White (8 years ago)
holy shitititititit
Jim Bell (8 years ago)
awS0Me :D
Lilo Sandoval (8 years ago)
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Zonidoz Dementez
Lilo Sandoval (8 years ago)
OMG!!!! i only can say.... LOVE DnB!!!!
Sam Underwood (8 years ago)
FACKING GRIMMMMEY! These two are killin it in the Jump up scene at the moment!
WtfEggsBbq (8 years ago)
@ridla786 Steppa & Kitcha feat. Tonn Piper - Nitty Gritty - Smokin' Riddims
djdippa1 (8 years ago)
HenryWalsh (8 years ago)
best dnb ive heard in a while yeeeeeow
yosharian (8 years ago)
@IOnlyUseThisForMusic Hell yes! bahaha can u imagine their faces. Doosh doosh doosh "ahhh wtf is going on"
Dub (8 years ago)
whoaaaaa i hate these FU**ING advertisements
Astropop (8 years ago)
@chris88on go live on a little island by yourself you damaged fucking freak.
Grandmaster Gus (8 years ago)
dirtier than Roy Cropper & Janice Battersby combined! haha go on lads!!
NeurofunkInfinitive (8 years ago)
nice mix, but punk ass baldheads
Jordan Grant (8 years ago)
9:30 <3
TWISTED BULLET (8 years ago)
James Savery (8 years ago)
Steppa & Kitcha are so sick, their recent releases are huge
Yorick Goddijn (8 years ago)
i like the intro sounds from the movie ''Belly'' allot. I am the origional dandana, i kill people for fun. :P
mexicanchinese (8 years ago)
eh yo steppa get your hair lined up that'd be sick with like a couple lines on teh side
sam g (8 years ago)
raving is so fun.
davlad54 (8 years ago)
Outlook, Steppa and Kitcha....oooooooof
D Werner (8 years ago)
IT´S PERFEKT !!!!!!!!
DjStix007 (8 years ago)
@djsteppa it's all love baby ; )
Toki52 (9 years ago)
Pinky and the Brain.
Fabian Schuster (9 years ago)
yeeeeeahh jungs ihr seit die guten !
HHDnBKing (9 years ago)
@Afrocdog No problem mate drum/dnbstep is sick ennit! check Dub Foundation for sick choones like The Return, Destructive & Gunman etc btw this is my new account
Bass Character (9 years ago)
Am I the only one who can't download?
hurnmilan (9 years ago)
Tracklisting: pt1 Steppa & Kitcha - Belly - Calypso Muzak Steppa & Kitcha feat. Tonn Piper - Nitty Gritty - Smokin' Riddims
EmERL Music (9 years ago)

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