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Coin Operated - Animated Short Film

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Written & Directed by Nicholas Arioli "Coin Operated" is an award-winning 5 minute animated short film that spans 70 years in the life of one naive explorer. This film was proudly made by independent artists. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CoinOperatedFilm Contact - [email protected] Official Selection: AFI Fest 2017, TIFF Kids 2018, Hamptons Film Fest 2017, San Francisco Film Fest 2018, Mill Valley Film Fest 2018 Winner, Best Short Animation: Rhode Island Intl Film Fest 2017, Pittsburgh Film Fest 2017, At&T Film Awards 2017 Winner, Audience Award: Palm Springs Intl Short Fest 2017, Naples Intl Film Fest 2017, Brooklyn Film Fest 2017
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Text Comments (2115)
gulparwar sadiqi (5 hours ago)
Isn’t his mom worried that he has been gone for like 70 years or something
Gary Paul (11 hours ago)
When you give your four year old full raid of wood, paint, and a freaking KNIFE with no supervision.
Seafoox animations (11 hours ago)
Boi you need to get a job
Janet Villalongo (16 hours ago)
4:38 Migita what does the scouter say about his power level it’s over 9000
Jack Litchfield (18 hours ago)
he is a kid at the end? what is this stuff? it is rigged for happiness?!?!?!?!!?
*Dave the Duck* (1 day ago)
Moshe Dabash (1 day ago)
I hate it
Charlie Mastergeko4 (1 day ago)
Why didn't he just get a job at NASA instead of working his whole life at a lemonade stand
Jesse Pauls (2 days ago)
Hrm.. lesson: even if you have to work for it all your life, your dream will be waiting for you?
Rajbir Singh (2 days ago)
dislikes must be from elon musk and nasa...
Achingstorm 8587 (2 days ago)
0:14 ant man and the momsp
Alex Almond (2 days ago)
The bit were it didn't work at the end was really sad and it almost made me cry
relentlessmadman (2 days ago)
Why does reality have to screw up the dreams we dream when we're young?
Isaiah Bob (3 days ago)
he is gay as well
Eevee Starburst (3 days ago)
Why did everyone spend so much time and money on those big fancy rockets when all those missions could have been done like this???
space zero5 cronies (4 days ago)
Lol for the end who ever that want to go on it see that
Gabriel Palomino (4 days ago)
Why spend all of your money on that stupid thing
Dälęįâ Sōüså (4 days ago)
Gergő Saáry (4 days ago)
If you got the coin Nasa will fuel a kids toy to bring you to space.
Yudit Jimenez (5 days ago)
Suzzy Where is Jimmy
Shambhu Rajendran (5 days ago)
Upendraa Pandey (5 days ago)
Upendraa Pandey (5 days ago)
Kinsli Bass (5 days ago)
Plot twist: him flying off to space was really him going to heaven because he was dying
how..what...im confused
he sold lemons all his life!
how did he make the stand himselg
it sad that he was expecting to blast to the moon but it was actually a lame ride
where they in the old time cause the ride is five cents
0 Brian 0 (5 days ago)
Ok ok what
SanYR (5 days ago)
When are you going to make another film
Nilanshu Singh (5 days ago)
MORAL of this Short Story: We shuld "Live Up to our Dreams." From his Childhood he had a dream of going to the Moon. Evn though he had to sell Lemonade throughout his Life.....Bt he never Quit nd compromised with his Goal.
Sneha Aggarwal (5 days ago)
Amazing, inspirational
nickels= rocket boost
Why does the line from Step Brothers come to my mind?..Doesnt Matter,Gottem When Were Forty!!😂😂😂😂
Lemon Soda (6 days ago)
*When you spent a bag full of money on a ride instead of going to an actual school of Astrophysics and graduating to work for NASA*
B and Otto Schweer (6 days ago)
That just makes me cry at the end 😢
jj jj (6 days ago)
you just give kids false hope
Lord Double U (6 days ago)
Today on the news! Elon musk drops cost to tickets to the moon down to 5 cents
YaBoiDylan (6 days ago)
Alem Yessengaliyev (6 days ago)
How to make a fortune and become a mogul ? Sell lemonade and be patient!
Ghostterorest killer (6 days ago)
Fun to watch made my day and tells me Dreams always Come True if u work Hard
Growing up Country (7 days ago)
That was a wonderful story considering that dreams are something that can always be accomplished and from the heart anything can be accomplished even the wildest of dreams some said the wright brothers were out of their mind until they really flew an airplane but look at us now spoiled as heck and we don’t appreciate it you know as I’ve quoted many times in my life “ do or do not there is no try”
Mikaelanj05 Carrasca (7 days ago)
The kid is ugly why he want to go to space
Matthew C. (7 days ago)
4:24y yesss!!!!
Matthew C. (7 days ago)
4:06-4:21 no!!!!
Ciny Felipe (7 days ago)
Ginger Boy (7 days ago)
So Emotinal
Febri Craft (8 days ago)
Stop motion?
SansFoxy (8 days ago)
I cried when I saw it wasn't working
Lamarr Brown (8 days ago)
You forgot to tell where the mom went, like did she die orrrrr no
Leila Covington (8 days ago)
Noa Hewlett (8 days ago)
omg I almost cried at the end who else did
Маленький мальчуган похож на Куплинова в детстве ( ・ั﹏・ั)
Naruta Uzumaki (9 days ago)
When life gives you lemons
EᐯEᒪYᑎᑎ (9 days ago)
Omg, when he thought it wasnt going to work after all he did he looked so sad I cried
Noa Hewlett (8 days ago)
so did I
Smusic - 00 (9 days ago)
I think there are three different msgz behind this animation: 1- this little game won't take you to the moon even if you put all your money on it unless you change your way of thinking. 2- work hard and get money then you can build up your dreams. 3- Money makes miracles.
Lisa Be (9 days ago)
I like da grandpa
Lisa Be (9 days ago)
I like complaining in vids makes me happy (;
Lisa Be (9 days ago)
And creative boy but WHERES THE MOM AFTER THAT
Lisa Be (9 days ago)
TITAN SUVENIR (10 days ago)
*конечно,хорошо😂😂🤣🤣 нарожал малышей он конечно позже попросту спился к хуям он*
Noa Hewlett (8 days ago)
GOLDFIZ (10 days ago)
Or he could have made compressed lemon juice mixed with baking soda, which should have made him a reaction probably powerful enough to lift off the ground.
chase studios (10 days ago)
Did any one else cry wile watching this
I'm half-robot (11 days ago)
I cried. 😍
assassins creed player (11 days ago)
Has anyone wondered where is his mom at
Jules Abela (11 days ago)
cool animation
Heena Farooqui (12 days ago)
Ever Cerón (12 days ago)
Maravilloso, nunca hay que dejar de soñar!!!
Ryan Nguyen (12 days ago)
he was probably on drugs 4:30
Joy Mersino (12 days ago)
Chayce 63 (12 days ago)
Aww this is so sweet!
i want die (12 days ago)
He finally did it! He died of suffocation in space because he had no oxygen supply, a very loose window for his helmet, which was made of cardboard anyway, and no fuel. Plus, his rocket couldnt hold any oxygen tanks, or any oxygen in the first place, but this wouldnt have happened if he wouldnt have spent his whole supply of life savings even tho he didnt eat or drink and would have alreay died on a fake rocket that would have been broken after over 50 years.
Kids Life (12 days ago)
I was so sad when the machine wasn’t working, but then it did!!
Jacob Best (12 days ago)
I relate to this so much. Its about how through hope and determination, even the most naive and out of this world things are possible. And that's what I am. Naive. Hopeful. And determined. And for me, there is nothing that is truly impossible.
Saroj Bhujel (13 days ago)
happy ending
aesthetic cat (13 days ago)
At first I thought he was a girl...
RC RC (13 days ago)
Dumb job!!!!!
RC RC (13 days ago)
And also use that money to but a house and kids get a
RC RC (13 days ago)
Ok 1st it took u what 50 yrs just to do that dum toy thingy
Xavier Arnold (13 days ago)
Hmm...I wonder how many times his body can fit into his own head...
antigraceful (13 days ago)
"Here ya go kid, have a nice life. I'm gonna go now, not enough writing was done to develop my character."
funtime foxy (13 days ago)
My class watched this
kemalasari nas darisan (14 days ago)
Sam Galloway (14 days ago)
Kid becomes an adult who doesn’t realize he can maybe work for NASA if he really wants to be an astronaut that badly. I’m glad he was able to stick to his lemonade profession though.
antigraceful (13 days ago)
I was hoping it would be something deeper like that. usually these animated shorts are very deep. Not this one. About as shallow as a kiddie pool.
NauzGaming (14 days ago)
lol when he was about to cry i felt that when i couldnt get the Pc I wanted after 8 years i got it
Mira Mouasher (13 days ago)
NauzGaming well I’m not sure a pc is the same as traveling to the moon...😂
Mr Velvet (15 days ago)
Can you share the music used In this video.
prakash jadhav (15 days ago)
loved it 😊😊😘😘😙
Isekai Trash (15 days ago)
That man is foking ded
Davis davis (15 days ago)
This shows to never give up
Jeff Kaplan (15 days ago)
Mmmmmmmmhmhhhhhh right in the feels
Tianna Elizalde (15 days ago)
The comments down here are golden!
Tianna Elizalde (15 days ago)
Dementia sucks!
Ryan's Trickshots (16 days ago)
Life gives you lemons.
TheGross FoodEater (16 days ago)
His mom abandoned him. LOL
Humnah Ibrahim (16 days ago)
did his mom never wonder where he went
宋ping (16 days ago)
The dream can use all lifetime to achieve , but how many people can be done.
Joe & Brianne Mac (16 days ago)
how is he gonna get back home now? since it's a coin operated machine?
ARJUN SAI (16 days ago)
he died at last as he dont have oxygen mask
DrTool GT (17 days ago)
The story is clearly about "If you work hard enough you will get the dream you wanted"

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