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Cool gadgets and accessories that can be great gift ideas for men .For any special occasion these cool gift ideas for him are what every man should have . LINKS :1.KEYANCHOR | World's Smallest EDC Multi-Tool :https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coppermill/keyanchor-worlds-smallest-edc-multi-tool-and-key-o 2.SUNNY BAG :https://en.sunnybag.com/ 3.CRKT Raikiri Folding Carry Knife:http://amzn.to/2sv5M49 4.Schrade SCPENBK 5.7in Aluminum Refillable Tactical Pen:http://amzn.to/2Bu2RM7 Schrade SCPEN4BK Survival Tactical Pen:http://amzn.to/2stxjD5 5.hazard 4 holmes:http://amzn.to/2F183GY 6.KOSH TOOLS SOLO 2:http://www.kochtools.us/product/the-solo-2-0-stainless-titanium 7.True Utility CashStash Waterproof Emergency Cash Capsule for Key Ring:http://amzn.to/2ErAiS9 HOW TO SUBMIT VIDEO : If you have a cool product that fits our channel or any cool inventions you like to feature follow this steps. Sent message to - [email protected] Subject: Video Request for ( your product / Invention ) Content Needed : 0. The title of your video? 1. URL to the Products or Inventions 2. An Agreement for Submission of the Video to Techupdate Channel. ( Just a statement will be fine ) 3. An Agreement that the Video is owned by you or made by you 4. Description of Product / Invention Disclaimer: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Text Comments (80)
Fire Smith (1 month ago)
Patty Hays (1 month ago)
Do tactical pens use regular or tactical ink?
Robaczysko (4 days ago)
Black Ink is tactical ofc
Patty Hays (1 month ago)
Pabst Blue Ribbon??? Really?
Артур (2 months ago)
M M (2 months ago)
these feature with shoelaces was the best
Valente Leanos (2 months ago)
Oh sweet now instead of using a stone that you can find anywhere on earth now I can spend 100$ on a tactical pen.... Now Lets go save lives and break windows!!
Valente Leanos (2 months ago)
Mike Strong (2 months ago)
Guitar solos are great ! Who is it ?
Fierce Mouse (2 months ago)
Every damn thing is a bottle opener
кот учёный (2 months ago)
#6 what is that?
Blauer Teppich (2 months ago)
no. 5 what watch is he wearing?
Nexx 1 (3 months ago)
Oh my god he’s got a gun...wait let me get my pen
ion gan (3 months ago)
super gift idea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KX9Q6B6
Patrick Chubey (3 months ago)
If experience counts, I've been carrying a Swiss Army knife for about 20 years now, just a middle of the road model, and it's been doing the trick for 2 decades. Not as fancy as some of the stuff in the video, but it works.
ahmet sarı (3 months ago)
Except the last one all useless
Hello,Watches on video,Which brand?
Jose Bolanos (3 months ago)
How about a Survival Kit with Water Filtration! https://www.amazon.com/Mid-Mab-Survival-Emergency-Flashlight/dp/B07BGQNQNH/ref=sr_1_194?ie=UTF8&qid=1543521333&sr=8-194&keywords=survival+kit
jo son (4 months ago)
Why not an EDIBLE condoms spiced by its fluids
Tahseen Gull (4 months ago)
these products are such a waste idk how do people even think of going through with the plan and making whole business out of it smh
发川 韩 (4 months ago)
Groomsmen gift bags https://www.amazon.com/Crisky-Classic-Groomsman-Birthday-Anniversary/dp/B07C43FSGS/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541992548&sr=8-4&keywords=groomsman%2Bgift%2Bbag&th=1 Groomsman gift boxes https://www.amazon.com/Crisky-Groomsman-Perfect-Wedding-Present/dp/B07CKFGTCG/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1541992658&sr=8-5&keywords=groomsmen%2Bgift%2Bbox&th=1 It's really cool!
sdenow SDN (4 months ago)
BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR 2018 —Electric Santa Claus https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HF228ML/ref=twister_B07HF1ZZ8C
Tony Tafoya (4 months ago)
America has now become a dichotomous country Of backpackers and fatbackers.
donald mcgreggor (5 months ago)
Your EDC is killing it, i would suggest to add Mani Wonders Wallet to it.
Vasiliy Karakay (5 months ago)
LETIT.BEER chiller - is an excellent "gift for men" idea. Sticks that are inserted in beer bottle to keep beer cold. They give great Wow effect when gifted. www.amazon.com/dp/B01AI03U4Y www.letit.beer
Suraj Dhuriya (5 months ago)
Sunil kaha par melag
Defiant Brood (6 months ago)
Ok.....The key spring was slightly interesting UNTIL the simply laying it down and opening a pull tab n screw off beer bottle top. The idiocy is palpable.
Jatin Soni (6 months ago)
LAlit Soni Rajput 😱
Cosme Fulanitto (6 months ago)
Super gay gifts.
WarGrrl3 (6 months ago)
Um, for men? Do Women not have keys, or need to charge stuff when they are out in the wilderness? Do we not like to keep our knives clean? And bags, wow Women never use bags to carry their gear I guess. Oh n I guess a Woman would never have need of a tactical pen (she shouldn't fight back). I hate stupid titles, Or ASSumptions or labels.
Flordeliza Diaz (6 months ago)
How much the key anchor
Default Name (3 months ago)
1 billion dollars
Luís Antônio Marrega (7 months ago)
Material de primeira! Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Lochlanist (7 months ago)
Why does any product with rock music in the background all of a sudden for men, rough men at that? Don't get it find it off putting
Defiant Brood (6 months ago)
I actually wondered the same thing. Glad someone else noticed that as well.----And does it seem like all the music is crap stadium rock with so many super high pitched harmonics ur ears wanna bleed?? Yeah.....
Sanjiv Ranjan Jha (7 months ago)
kuch bhi upload kar time barbad karte ho
Andreas Verde (7 months ago)
- Quick! We have to break the window to escape! - Let me just grab my pen Oh youtube, you did it again
Bobby Hempel (7 months ago)
godwantsplastic (7 months ago)
Sweet, when I use my pocket knife to commit murder I can field strip and clean it on the go. This will save me so much unnecessary stress.
Ali Khan (7 months ago)
Absolutely...keep whistling while someone is about to stab you to death..tactical indeed
Kilroy (8 months ago)
Mukesh Vegda (8 months ago)
Kya bakchodi he kuch bhi uta ke bana dete aur fir upload karte.... benchod keychain nahi koi weapon ho gaya ho jiske bina ji nahi sakte ho....
jeffparker11 (8 months ago)
What is that pry bar with tweezers in the pic b4 video? Was not in video...wtf
explosivefreak666 (8 months ago)
Just LOVE the eighties hair metal music, played at about 3:00 and beyond.!...
Martin Luna (8 months ago)
What a waste of time
Sam Sung (8 months ago)
Use your whistle ☝️🤣😂
ruben mendoza (8 months ago)
En q tienda puedo conseguir navajas letherman
Adr2332 (7 months ago)
www.KnifeCenter.com No estoy seguro, pero literal, ahí hay de todas las marcas
FloorGuys01 (9 months ago)
why do u show our wives ur awesome STRIDER in the video they would click on , and then tell them to buy us a CRKT ?.. some guys can use all the help they can get convincing the wife $400 + is not too much to spend on a folding knife 🤨
Jibby 63 (3 months ago)
Its 50 bucks
dire wolf26 (10 months ago)
Quick question ca . you take a tactical pen to school?
1 0 (10 months ago)
KeyAnchor great for pulling off twist off caps - Form an orderly queue please.
Remo Schärer (10 months ago)
Tolle Spielzeuge für Erwachsene
Kevin Riley (10 months ago)
Yeah that whistle is going too scare people off in the tactical pen
dire wolf26 (10 months ago)
Kevin Riley can you take a tactical pen to schools?
Jorn Navarre (11 months ago)
The music is godawful 80's glam rock jeeeez
Yougottab Kidding (11 months ago)
These products are all sooo cool. I can tell because of the music.
David Bean (1 year ago)
So fucking stupid
Ian McIntosh (1 year ago)
What's that two finger knuckle thing? I want one of those
large monkey 18 (3 months ago)
Ian McIntosh those are really cool
Defiant Brood (6 months ago)
@IanMcintosh--u can get all that knuckle gear super cheap in all variations on eBay, actually better on Geek or Wish.
Autistic Albatross (7 months ago)
made by koch tools on instagram
Fayssal Malouk (1 year ago)
Hola me puedes saludar
Tyler Snyder (1 year ago)
You gotta stop calling this crap need to see, most of this crap I wish I hadn't seen. The only good thing I saw in this video was the classic Leatherman Micra, and btw how dare that stuped keychain compare itself to the Leatherman Micra. The Leatherman Micra is a million times better and more useful than this thing could ever hope to be.
George Hyslop (3 days ago)
So you liked the vidio??🤣
abraham jaime (1 year ago)
They all suck!!
Rellik (5 months ago)
The solar panel on the backpack wasn't bad
Some great EDC gear here.
Bobby Hempel (7 months ago)
Everyday Carry and Survival no just no
IDoNotSow (1 year ago)
what knife is that on number 5?
FalseOasis (10 months ago)
M4X Punisher
amr moraa (11 months ago)
I need to know the name of the knife too
Badass_bowtiez (1 year ago)
Wow if you buy the key anchor you can put your keys on the ground while you tie your shoes ??? Are these like fake commercials during a comedy show? This can't be real
James Collins (7 months ago)
If a man can't open a beer can with his finger he doesn't deserve to drink.
M N (8 months ago)
I wonder if it can open good beer too or just the really cheap crap.
Christian (8 months ago)
Badass_bowtiez this vid is a disappointment.
CountDoucheula (10 months ago)
The one that got me was the dumbfuck in the key anchor and was popping twist offs with a bottle opener
Divan Snyman (11 months ago)
lol agreed
ji ji (1 year ago)
first :) great video

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