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Come To Uni With Me! FASHION STUDENT, Drawing Class, Some Life Advice | Vlog 002 | C NICOLE

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Hi Guys! Today you will come to my fashion school in London with me! I am going to show you a bit of my drawing/color theory class and also share a piece of advice for moving to another country. This is what an average day at uni looks like, without all the textile and design things that we do in fashion school as well. Let me know what you think of this style of vlog and if you want to see more then leave your feedback in the comments and please subscribe :-) CONNECT WITH ME: Insta - @c.nicole Depop - @cnicole_ SOME LIL' FACTS- Where I'm originally from: Florida, USA Where I'm currently located: London, England What am I doing there: Studying Fashion Textiles/Design Camera I use: iPhone 8+ Editing Software: iMovie
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Text Comments (87)
Busi Skinn'e Mjiyakho (1 year ago)
You're really pleasant to listen to! I think I could watch you do 30 minute vlogs. #NewSubbieAlert
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Busi Skinn'e Mjiyakho Editing a 30 minute vlog would be intense lol! But aw you’re so sweet, thank you!
Ashique Suraj (2 days ago)
How expensive studying fashion designing
Aya A (10 days ago)
To study fashion design do you need to know how to draw ??
Therese loves (28 days ago)
your voice is really relaxing! and thank you for this vid💓 I want to take fashion design in college and this is really helpful!
carlos crump (1 month ago)
Cool vid
Matthew Winter (1 month ago)
love this video, I can imagine you becoming huge on youtube in the near future. keep it up!
Michaela Rebecca (4 months ago)
I went to DUT in South Africa and we had students with bags on wheels!
ellyrubyjane (4 months ago)
Kaia A (4 months ago)
Youre gonna be a big youtuber for sure!
C NICOLE (3 months ago)
I hope so! Haha
Zen Brown (4 months ago)
Where are you studying? I'm looking for schools to go to after I finish in toronto. love your vlog
Meg White (5 months ago)
Where’s your jacket from? Love it x
C NICOLE (5 months ago)
Meg White from Zara
Rebecca Thomas (5 months ago)
aww i love this video!!! i would love to do fashion design but do you have to be really good at drawing? 💗💗
Its Dreamlittlebee (6 months ago)
how much money does it cost??? i really need your help please
Erin Elisabeth Creates (7 months ago)
Omg I’m from Florida and I’m interested in doing fashion school over in London! I’m interested in doing visual merchandising
C NICOLE (7 months ago)
ooh that's cool! I'm from Florida too haha
Nezi Busakwe (8 months ago)
Love love🌹
Michelle Bazan (9 months ago)
How exciting! I’ve always been an artsy student and just discovered a few years ago I wanted to become a fashion designer. I live in a small town and I’m still 18 but felt like I’ve been struggling to be my own person and I’ve been trying this summer to become more independent and I love your inspirational words because it’s a struggle everyday for me but I absolutely see improvement. You are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your work in the future! 💕
C NICOLE (7 months ago)
aww Michelle thank you! I struggled the same with independence too and it's a learning and growing process. im wishing you all the best with your journey <3
saviex (9 months ago)
I can’t wait to become a fashion student omggggg 😩😩😩
Withasante (9 months ago)
Just subscribe, love your channel 💗
I.H (9 months ago)
i know right....lol.. when u walk with ur big bag + another bag people will give that stupid look. .lol
C NICOLE (7 months ago)
loool, it's really a struggle!
Rahim styling & fashion (9 months ago)
Boys are allowed in ur college or not.. I just cant find any boys in ur blogs 😬😬and i do. Wannaa join fashion school but now i am feeling odd that theres no boy in ur clz
C NICOLE (7 months ago)
Hi rahim, sorry it took me long to answer this... YES there are definitely boys on the course. they are a minority, most of the people studying fashion are girls but on the other hand, most of the people in charge of luxury design houses are males... so i hope that gives you a better idea.. fashion is for everyone.
BeautiifyyD (8 months ago)
Rahim shah boys are allowed but boys rarely pursure fashion design , i went ti fashion school also and i only had 1 or 2 boys in my class, theres more boys that go into fashion marketing than design lol
N N (9 months ago)
I’m taking fashion design programme this year! your vlog makes me even more excited!💛 alsoo can you make a video about school supplies for fashion students? thankyouu!
N N (9 months ago)
C NICOLE you’re welcomee! I wish you all the best😊
C NICOLE (9 months ago)
Inaya Namira I would love to do that! Thanks for watching and for the idea 🤗🤗
Sophiya Thapa (9 months ago)
I really want to choose a career in fashion designing but I'm not so good at drawing..but I know a little stitching and cutting does that help? PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY FAST 🙁🙁
Jaya Harrison (2 months ago)
+C NICOLE what if you haven't worked with a sewing machine but ur sketches are good❔
C NICOLE (9 months ago)
Sophiya Thapa yesss! 100% having any type of related skill can help (drawing, sewing, stitching, styling). In uni they recommend we practice drawing no matter what, but plenty of people go on to designing without strong drawing skills. It’s all about how you communicate your fashion ideas
noor mir wali (10 months ago)
Love your advice girl. Definitely going to the gym tomorrow alone.
Nitai Schwartz (10 months ago)
I’m starting fashion school Jan and you are making me more excited then I am 😍😍
C NICOLE (10 months ago)
That’s soo good! Congrats ✨🤗
dear shay, (11 months ago)
How did you go to school in London? I’m a junior in high school and I want to do fashion school in London as well
Alyssa Ami (8 months ago)
C NICOLE yasss please do!!!!
C NICOLE (11 months ago)
Hi Dayshia! I’m planning on doing a video series on the steps I took to come to London. I did the whole process in 7 months (spontaneously decided to move in February 2016, then moved to London by September 2016) If you’re subscribed then hopefully you’ll see when I post that 🤗
Scarlet Chapman (11 months ago)
Hi, I really enjoy your vlogs and I'm also super interested as an American, in going to fashion school in London. Financially do you think it's worth it, and manageable? Thanks! x
C NICOLE (11 months ago)
Hi Scarlet, I definitely think it’s manageable but I won’t lie.. London is expensive! I definitely would say if you feel financially mature and can budget then you’ll be okay. And getting a part time job while studying can help 🤗
huguette tchiapi (11 months ago)
What Uni is this?
C NICOLE (11 months ago)
Middlesex University
Katja Vestergaard (1 year ago)
Really inspiring video!! I love your content :) Keep it up girl. Just subscribed. I also love fashion, and am pursing it as well. Hope to see you on my channel for a peak also 🦋💗
Lisa320 (1 year ago)
I really needed this vlog <3
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Love that it could help you!
daniel boy (1 year ago)
wait did you say you just moved there?? in a student visa right?
daniel boy (1 year ago)
damn well that sucks i guess, i just dont want to be the only guy in the class hahah
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
To be honest, yes the majority of the people studying fashion are girls but there are definitely guys who study fashion as well.
daniel boy (1 year ago)
thank god you reply, and im just curious is it true that most of the student that take fashion design class are girls?
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Yes, I’m here on a student visa
Ella Veronica (1 year ago)
First time here and I really loved this. Thanks for shearing
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching 🤗
abi (1 year ago)
I’m currently in high school and studying fashion is a big dream of mine. My ultimate goal is to study in Paris. You are such an inspiration and give me hope to follow my dreams!💓 xoxo
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
I love this! If you’re truly passionate about a career in fashion, then definitely pursue it! And Paris would be a dream 💕
Kapil Bhati (1 year ago)
Mam any job marchendiser I have 3 years expr and I need a good job
kartik Singh (1 year ago)
in which uni are you in? and how much it costs?
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Hi, I’m at a uni in northwest London. For international students, it’s 12K per year
jpx0 (1 year ago)
yesss been waiting for this video
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
jpx0 🤗💕
Kay Alex (1 year ago)
I thought it was so cool to see inside the class of a fashion school, I used to dream of going to one when I was younger. But that tip about doing something on your own has been something I've been trying out. It really is empowering like you said, I think I prefer to do things on my own now, I love the independence. Great video love!
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Yea exactly... Independence is something I really had to learn too. So happy you enjoyed the video 💕
Emily Hester (1 year ago)
Your school seems so cool!! Love seeing what other people’s are like!
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Yeah, i agree! this fashion textiles program is actually one of the top in London
Jeanet Henning (1 year ago)
Love your personality and your outfit is awesome.
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
thanks so much 😊
Cobee (1 year ago)
This great content & you’re so adorable! Oh.em.gee 🌻
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
thank you for the sweet comment ☺️
Coley Ming (1 year ago)
I like your accent
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
aw thank you!
Mrs. Carolyn Ann (1 year ago)
Your so cute, it would be exciting to move to London, it looks like such a beautiful place. Good luck in your fashion career, it looks like fun.
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Carolyn G It’s a lot of fun and a lot of stress at the same time lol thanks for watching
The lighting in this vlog was everything 🙌🏾. Great video.
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures yesss! I was surprised because london is usually so grey
Norfside Kids (1 year ago)
I wish I could draw lol so friggin cool
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Norfside Kids 😅 drawing is FAR from my strongest skill. Honestly, watching ‘how to draw’ videos on YouTube have helped me ALOT
Ori X (1 year ago)
"They will not go eat by themselves" Can't relate. 😭😭😂😂 I enjoy building my soul by doing things with myself+i
Ori X (1 year ago)
Please take us to class more. It's really inspiring.
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Ori X definitely 🤗🤗
Sania A (1 year ago)
Love it, can't wait to see more 😌
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Thanks girlie 💕😊
Gretchen White (1 year ago)
Such a cool thing to attend fashion school. Good luck to you. Especially being an American in another country attending school.
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Yes at times I feel like quite an outsider but it’s still a great time here
glucas.photo (1 year ago)
Elesha Elesha (1 year ago)
So exciting!!!!
C NICOLE (1 year ago)
Elesha Da Costa I’m excited too! LOL

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