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Loki - Loki's The Name

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Buy the single now.....http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lokis-the-name-single/id473916227 www.misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loki/351408034656 https://twitter.com/#!/lokiscottishrap
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Text Comments (95)
Swashbuckler45 (4 months ago)
i want to become a Music Artist, if you have any Tips i would appreciate it.
noxz _ (8 months ago)
When I saw the picture that he used I thought he was eating a giant Tootsie roll
Grant Mather (8 months ago)
Yeah thats talent
Grant Mather (8 months ago)
Yeah the Joker looks fine :-)
Grant Mather (8 months ago)
Honesty does not always help but I prefer honest any day
Grant Mather (8 months ago)
Honest is good
Zareena Stadnik (9 months ago)
Huh, this is pretty good. Dude can rap.
Neil Reilly (9 months ago)
Awful....just awful.
mr. flippers (10 months ago)
Roger Mellie (11 months ago)
Is this a Limmy sketch?
Dylan Red (1 year ago)
It's dope
White Recluse (1 year ago)
I love this
Ryon L (1 year ago)
Oh ok
Stupid Engineer (1 year ago)
The boi (1 year ago)
He's good lyrically but I can't stand that accent haha
Paul (11 months ago)
The boi awwww well that's your problem is it.
Олег Шаула (1 year ago)
Мак Скири на минималках
Aurora0Australis (1 year ago)
Where can I find lyrics? I love his songs, but need lyrics to fully understand them ... :(
kenny mathers (2 years ago)
shout out to you.
*Dustin (2 years ago)
Heard this dude from Glascow spin...Stand back fellas Loki for the win! From, Arizona USA
King Kunta (2 years ago)
please rhyme your lines!! and over exaggerating the Glasgow accent and gimmick will not sell! and that muffler and way too loud beat means you can barely hear what your saying! just do it natural and make it relatable to other countries
Jollyboy Mark (2 years ago)
thewhippetbeans (2 years ago)
love this mate! blessed to catch you for a chat after ya wee set at doune the rabbit hole! fraser
Dark Globe (3 years ago)
#Scottish Rap
Kcuf elgoog (3 years ago)
this is more cringey than royal family enthusiasts an that's saying something
Iain McColl (3 years ago)
this cunt couldnt rap a fucking xmas present!!!!!!!!!!
Bob McCruikshanker (1 year ago)
Iain McColl shut yer puss dafty
Nick Angelo (3 years ago)
This is the best work ever done by Insane clown posse
Dr Ghostboy (11 months ago)
Nick Angelo (3 years ago)
+Highland Company obviously
TheHighland Company (3 years ago)
+Nick Angelo this is NOT icp....
San Fran (3 years ago)
Just briliant. CD's getting bought this wekend.
sevenbelow1 (4 years ago)
Mmm,ok then. Ahem!
Jesse Mercury (4 years ago)
Okay I am a new fan... *hands loki the ballpeen hammer*
Kokiree (4 years ago)
U all noticed Alyson Hannigan? ;D
Rocknroll (4 years ago)
Darren, where's Tommy Sheridan is Dead? Did you get made to take it down? I tried to show it to a journalist mate and can't find it.
Steven Kenny (4 years ago)
Sick -Kenny btw
jamie nelson (4 years ago)
minted ma new morning tune yer beatz ur minted bro
Frances Healy (4 years ago)
love this...
ShitJitsu (4 years ago)
this has the paws of corporation all over it.....this just isnt  what it is
+Loki The Scottish Rapper (Loki) hi loki this is crazy bro am doing a rap revolution thing with rappers around the world trough internet am just getting rappers togther in United Kingdom as Scottish irish Welsh so if your interested to feature with me hit me up on my email street orphan is name uk [email protected] peace
dm7ify (3 years ago)
+Darren McGarvey (Loki) As corporate as fuck lol No idea why I've not seen this before now. Quality :)
titan treadwell (4 years ago)
Nah man,I just blasted this through my headphones which, admittedly I should have done in the first place 😳 totally sold, total belter of a tune, perhaps you mistook the slick production of the music for something else which makes you think its got big label backing when in actual fact it's a well produced and mastered,perhaps you have knowledge of this because I do and it's a art to only put a tune together but the master it properly to sound professional, this is awesome, if you truly knew your beats I don't think you'd be so dismissive, also if your around Glasgow, your into hip hop and you ain't at El-p and killer mike on Wed night then you don't know beats.
This was filmed on a zero budget in an old Glasgow Theatrre.  We were loaned the costumes by a Russian wardrobe assistant and everyone who features in the video worked for free...as did I and the director.  There is nothing corporate about it whatsoever...it was a very creative attempt at doing something different from a usual gritty hip hop aesthetic. 
ShitJitsu (4 years ago)
+titan treadwell relative by any chance?...seriously i know my beats and this isnt his better work...please  you dont have to get defensive...moving on
ian robinson (5 years ago)
Legend loki man honest brilant
Chloeisthe Best (5 years ago)
"Loki's the name Glasgow's the city" Sick tune mate pure dope
Chloeisthe Best (5 years ago)
"Loki's the name Glasgow's the city" Sick tune mate pure dope
THFScottX (5 years ago)
Respect mate!
sapien82 (5 years ago)
Nice video Loki mate , :D
Dismal_Waters 093 (11 months ago)
Fuck on boy
Paul blart (1 year ago)
sapien82 fuck off
Pauashell Mata-a-ruru (5 years ago)
Far out Sick man! :)
Simon Harris (5 years ago)
Can you please upload this video in 1080p? Thanks!
william wheats (5 years ago)
the only good English rapper is lowkey all else have no flow its just sounds stupid
Beth Kerr (2 years ago)
Martin Patrick (5 years ago)
steveET123 (5 years ago)
some track and vid!!!
The Real Pruflas (5 years ago)
Sick man !
alex borthwick (5 years ago)
InfinitusVires (6 years ago)
thats just no good enough loki motion !! lol get the finger oot son !!!
stacey novelistt (6 years ago)
100% the best mentor in scotland keepin it real mon☆
stuart mckenna (6 years ago)
Inthebelly Ofthebeast (6 years ago)
Sick tune Loki.
Studz 141 (6 years ago)
Top class Loki. Studz 141
gmoz1 (6 years ago)
Good hook Loki.
z3ro66 (6 years ago)
whats the idea behind the cane?
DjangoJohnson1911 (7 years ago)
six people are nuggets..
z3ro66 (7 years ago)
love the facepaint... tune an rap is sick as always
scottstewarttv (7 years ago)
awsome !!
GAZ RUSSELL (7 years ago)
dynamite................from RAGEONE....
S Stewart (7 years ago)
James North (7 years ago)
Fucking Insane! Amazing!
limasierratwoseven (7 years ago)
Thank fuck for Loki
Dexter Kaarvari (7 years ago)
Was one of the first people to see this video, Andy was my college lecturer and showed it to me, fucking awesome man.
BoomstickTV (7 years ago)
Sick video mate, good on ya!! Boom.
shaggyng (7 years ago)
Glasweg1an (7 years ago)
on point as ever, loves it !
scottstewarttv (7 years ago)
Absoloutley awsome track !!
OvaChicken (7 years ago)
TheMrNeill (7 years ago)
Nice one man, sweet, lyrics are flowings the beats are bang on, big thumbs up fae Mr Neill....;)
The vid will be back up soon. Apologies.
MadCrazyScotlandUKTV (7 years ago)
Loki's the mann ! wish him all the best for his future career .
steveET123 (7 years ago)
this is grade A stuff love eh music and the video
HeartOfHiphop (7 years ago)
Utterly fantastic, video, lyrics, instrumental, flow, all spot on!
Girobabies (7 years ago)
"Im loki the scottish institution that you`ve heard about and if you haven`t yet then a tenner says you`ve heard him now" superb video and song. High fives all round
mark william mccoll (7 years ago)
class video !
Onè Scot (7 years ago)
Scotland's a Nation!!!!!
0405 Photography (7 years ago)
Crackin' vid mate!
Ross Houston (7 years ago)
This is dope loki mate!! you never seam to fall anything short of Awesome!!
TrafficConeRecords (7 years ago)

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