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Psy Gangnam Style Noteblock song (Minecraft Xbox 360)

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Hey guys enjoy the song. Leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe to see more upcoming videos. Also check out my channel for my other songs and tutorials
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Text Comments (17)
ROYAL Rules (1 year ago)
Who else I watching this in 2017?
Petra Duffy (3 years ago)
OMG soooooooo!
Michelina Berardinelli (4 years ago)
Do you know stampylongnose
Tombwarrior is A EGG (8 months ago)
I do
James Tyler (4 years ago)
Jesus redesconte genius
Javier Ascanio Macías (4 years ago)
You are the boss
Sockolith Marcotte (4 years ago)
BlackWolf Gaming123 (4 years ago)
Could you do a doorbell tutorial for darude -sandstorm?
Bob Connor (5 years ago)
Your really dedicated to minecraft I could never build that you a boss
robert peterson (5 years ago)
AWESOME SONG!!! How did u make it?
yusleidy perez (5 years ago)
Hard days nights
THEoWOLF (5 years ago)
I really want a tutorial
THEoWOLF (5 years ago)
Cn you please do a tutorial on this please???!?!?!
Ian Henderson (5 years ago)
Subbed lol
Dead Meme (5 years ago)
CJ Andaya (6 years ago)
All hail da note block master
Sandmans Gaming (6 years ago)
thats sick

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