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Disney Princesses Reveal Secrets About Disney

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Text Comments (1896)
J.London (1 hour ago)
Can i say that the woman who’s friends with Tiana is absolutely someone who’d make a Disney trip magical?! She’s so sweet and funny and really has that tiana vibe!
LEIGHA VELASQUEZ (6 hours ago)
He said humanity instead of humidity😂😂 1:08
Look at that Kitty cat (8 hours ago)
I use to go on super bowl week and I have a pic we’re I’m in Hollywood studios and I took a pic with no one in it looking at the big street
vxCece15xv (11 hours ago)
What can guest get for free?...WATER. 😂
articgoneape (13 hours ago)
Go to Disney in January and there will be less people.......got it! :D
Emma Tindall (18 hours ago)
It’s freaky how Tiana’s friend is the one everyone is talking about in the comments, like because she did this interview somewhat in character they think she’s nicer or happier or has more talent than the other princesses. Like, come on. They are all just people, not someone for you to judge.
jay. may__ (18 hours ago)
Won't the weed dude get in trouble for this?
Ashley Villalba (1 day ago)
When i went we were given free turkey legs as the park closed
Junior Fisiitalia (1 day ago)
most of these comments are complimenting tiana and im so happy im not the only one who thinks she's a literal QUEEN
Winona Daphne (1 day ago)
tiana is so upbeat and a beautiful soul rapunzel was so over being a princess
Emi Da Potato (1 day ago)
Litzy Valladolid (1 day ago)
princess tiana is so cute and she can sing , she’s such a gem !! and so we’re all the other beautiful princess’s, all very gorgeous ladies 😊
Thea Queen (1 day ago)
Tiana is gorgeous
Sebastian Ospina (1 day ago)
Tiana is beautiful!!!
Justin Lee (1 day ago)
Disney princesses get fired
Tay Tay (1 day ago)
Princess Tiana is so gorgeous 😍💚
Hannah An (1 day ago)
Snow White's friend is so cute ♡
Valerie Moorhead (1 day ago)
Cinderella is annoyinggggggggg
Kelly Chu (2 days ago)
“extra beignets”😂😂
Beauty By KMUA (2 days ago)
Princess Tianas dialect is literally on point
Nina (2 days ago)
Tiana is sooo perfect💛💛💛💛"bayu"
Victoria Ullrich (2 days ago)
The lady who plays princess tiana is so sweet :) I love how happy she is and how similar to princess tiana from the movie she is. If that movie is ever made into a play, she should be the lead :)
debykins1 (2 days ago)
Princess tiana's "friend" sounds just like the real princess!
Alex Lucas (2 days ago)
Tiana's smile is just contagious
likely Ana (2 days ago)
Princess tiana has always been my favorite 😍😍😍😂
joel chan (3 days ago)
Omg the girl who plays Tiana... Unlike the others, she's really positive and her personality is so beautiful. She;s a real life disney princess
syud saad (3 days ago)
I love the princess tiana girl. I wanna meet her. Other Disney staffs are nice too.
VS M (3 days ago)
Tiana’s “friend” is so freaking adorable.
Ash Linz (3 days ago)
Princess Tiana is just beautiful 🤩😍
_Esmeralda_ (3 days ago)
Tianas “friend” acts sooo well
_Esmeralda_ (3 days ago)
Omg what did she mean my “explosions”?
kidzoom221 (3 days ago)
This really confirms everything I've heard about the fact that working at Disney is hell. Also, deeply unsurprised.
Shadaja Lloyd (3 days ago)
Princess Tiana was literally the cutest lol
Nogah Bannett (4 days ago)
Tiana's friend has the most gorgeous smile
MobJinx (4 days ago)
So I work at a Ren festival and I’m a teenager. People ask me for alcohol and I’ve been hit on quite a few times by like 40 year old men. My close friend is very pregnant also and a man with his family rubbed her belly and grabbed her butt. People never understand we’re real people
Ana Orea (4 days ago)
I LOVED Tiana!!!
Grammar Nazi (4 days ago)
*Disneyland has left the conversation*
Antonieta De la Torre (4 days ago)
"Tiana" is just gorgeous
Charlotte Martinson (4 days ago)
bummer you couldn’t get Peter Pan for this vid (;
lauren contreras (4 days ago)
Awh man, I just went one time and it was for a cheerleader championship (Dominican Republic) and it was two years ago 😭 I’m 15 and i’ve never seen the princesses. I remember I saw princess Tiana and I was like “HOLY DANG LET ME SEE HER!” And then a security said “Sorry you can’t meet her right now” And I was like noooo 😭
Marissa Osman (4 days ago)
Tiana was hilarious!
Mickran (5 days ago)
Why “tiana” remains kelly Roland
agizzy23 (5 days ago)
I got a free fast pass once on my senior trip. One of my friends and I had only used two that day, so the cast member asked if there was anything we didn't get to go on yet that we wanted to. We said space mountain. My other friend had a fast pass planned, but for a different time. He updated our band's right on the spot. Maybe it's because he was part of the college program and they were trying to get highschoolers interested (and I was). Regardless, it was still super nice and I can't think of a single cast member on that trip who I didn't want to personally thank for everything because they were so nice, especially after probably having to deal with terrible people screaming at them.
Nancy Sunshine (5 days ago)
Living for Tiana 😍 she is so cute and amazing!
Princess Tiana is so pretty! Her smile is gorgeous 😍
QueerBiNatureNYC (5 days ago)
Thank You!
Ryann Palmer (5 days ago)
50% of comments are about tiana The other 50% if from cast members telling us not to complain
Shelby Smith (6 days ago)
The Woman who is "friends" with Tiana has such a big and wonderful personality!!!! She's so Bright I love her lol!!!!!
Jami Christine (6 days ago)
I'd love to meet one of the actors that plays a princess but I can't even afford a new video game for my ps4
Echo (6 days ago)
Tianas teeth are so white😍😍
Mable Gleeful (6 days ago)
PRINCESS TIANA IS BOOMMMMBBB!!!! She is THE BOMB she's Soo pretty 😻😻😍😍 Edit:Tiana's friend is just QUEEN!!!!
Chocolate Panda (7 days ago)
oh god, I got into a verbal fight with peter pan about his fake red hair. I spat at me, and I was very very offended.
OctoBroDraws (7 days ago)
They should do one with the mascot performers and see what horror-show they have to go through
Lori Pletka (7 days ago)
ok the woman who played Princess Tiana is a lovely human being
Dee Holmboe (7 days ago)
I’m friends with *ME* (get it?)
Gracie Marie (7 days ago)
For high school my sister had to write a paper to a company about a good or bad experience, she wrote to the Magic Kingdom how the lines were bad and it was crowded, and we got free tickets to go again😂
Hannah Kupsov (7 days ago)
I. Love. Tiana.
The Thiccgodess (8 days ago)
Modern day Tiana’s teeth white asf. She is my favorite
D elayed Reaction (8 days ago)
Tiana’s smile is giving me life ☺️
D elayed Reaction (8 days ago)
Tiana’s smile is giving me life ☺️
Lea Christine (8 days ago)
nothing to see here (8 days ago)
everyone has said it but... tiana's friend is perfect i love her
Its_Leiya_nicci_ X (8 days ago)
tiana was the best she acted like her and she was just lovely and chill
Ty Piper (8 days ago)
"Will reveal Princess Tiana's EXTRA BEIGNETS." LMAOOO I CAN'T
skibbos (8 days ago)
princess tiana is so cute
My Randomness (8 days ago)
Dude when i was little “goofy” grabbed my hand and took me away from my family. I was like “HAHAHA MOMMMMMYYYYYYYY” and like he grabbed my hand even tighter. So that was a great experience
J_ Kaye (9 days ago)
6:09 oh gosh😂😂😂
Nightshade The wolf (9 days ago)
Haha, Ive been proposed to by Donald duck in Disney land....I was 12
Flowers_in _the_Bed (9 days ago)
Princess Tiana's bestfriend is a pure gem
Adrian Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Wow theres tunnels under disney thats not scary at all lol
hope (9 days ago)
Princess Tiana is precious she’s so charismatic 💓
alyisdead (9 days ago)
It’s weird imaging a father hitting on a princess in front of their child at disneyland
Teeleer (9 days ago)
where i live it doesnt get too hot but in Cali and Flordia where disneyland is, it gets pretty hot, how do the disney princesses not sweat/get their make up to not get ruined?
Milk (9 days ago)
it physically hurt my heart when one of them neglected to say that she was friends with snow white! where’s your character integrity:(
The Witchery (9 days ago)
Tiana! I’m in lovvvve with her!!! She is everything!
cupcakepower (9 days ago)
Hopefully all those wonderful staffs got a pay raise
Kim Soo-Hyun (9 days ago)
I always wanted to be princess in the theme park, but I am too tall, I can only be villain
Vava Brandão (10 days ago)
I love that Tiana's "friend"'s voice sounds just like Tiana from the movie (the accent)
Callum O'Leary (10 days ago)
I went to Disney during October and it was great there was hardly anyone there
Ron Metoyer (10 days ago)
My *beignets* bring all the daddys to the yard!
Katherine McHenry (11 days ago)
This video is garbage and I actually like buzzfeed.
Doll Fiction (11 days ago)
My uncle used to work at Disney he told me that tinker bell at the 3:00 parade was just a very short man
Aquatic Turtle Hi (11 days ago)
My favorite princess is Tiana 😍❤️❤️😍
yayayarelis (11 days ago)
i worked at magic kingdom and i remember seeing snow white smoking and kissing mickey! lol it was my first job.
Diaz Family (11 days ago)
Diaz Family (11 days ago)
Paper Tiger (11 days ago)
really want to see this body wars ride now
Katherine Cole (12 days ago)
Tiana is a queen 😍 what a love 😂
naegi ; (12 days ago)
“the best time to go is october” my ass
Baby Jay (12 days ago)
Tiana's friend is sassy
You guys make me feel sad that i go to disney every summer..
becsisnotonfire _x (12 days ago)
Awww princess Tiana was lovely !
Red Vixen (13 days ago)
LittleBeanJeanine (13 days ago)
I got so scared and forgot this was a Pero Like video that when they popped up I got so scared I jumped and yelled coñyo than started laughing holding my chest
I don’t Upload (14 days ago)
echoliv (14 days ago)
I wonder if there is a certain height requirement for that? I mean, obviously they should hold some sort of physical similiarities to the princess they are friends with, but I wonder how much importance their height holds?
Grace Wilbourn (14 days ago)
"Summer sucks ass"
Alexander Blackie (14 days ago)
The princess Tiana was so accurate to the person😂
Jatavia Lockett (15 days ago)
Princess tians sounds like beyonce when she played in cadallaic records
Angie2343 (15 days ago)
Snow was asked kisses by female guests?! (code V)

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