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Smoke Report Northern Lights Haze

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18+ Smoke Report Northern Lights Haze. Top Shelf Grower gives a smoke report on the NL#5 Haze Mist. This particular pheno is definitely the most sativa of all three, heavily influenced by the Kali Mist genetics. This is a cannabis strain review for the connoisseurs. Not only is this some fire marijuanaca but it tastes great too. So get comfortable, blaze one and enjoy the show. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe. Thanks for watching.
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Text Comments (10)
Lenon Silva (23 days ago)
Top Shelf Grower (23 days ago)
Absolutely the sleeping cannabis Superpower.
POLITICALYCORRECTify (9 months ago)
Strange its more Indica than sativa 70/30 I think..
POLITICALYCORRECTify (9 months ago)
What are the other two your talking about?
POLITICALYCORRECTify (9 months ago)
40 grams a plant? Thats terrible. Ive heard you should get at least 8z off this plant.. Its known for being a monstor yield..
POLITICALYCORRECTify (9 months ago)
Ive heard this is the strain to grow if you can find it.
adam pacheco (1 year ago)
what is wrong with the background????
Short Grey (2 years ago)
I like your review, and I like the fact that you smoke in joint. If you like the Hazes, you should try Nirvana's Sterling Haze. Greetz from your southern neighbour ;)
Top Shelf Grower (2 years ago)
Cool, thanks for the suggestion
Top Shelf Grower (3 years ago)
This the final pheno of the NL#5 Haze Mist to be reviewed. See the previous shows for a comparison with the two other phenos. And check out the Ultimate Sativa Scrog vids to see the plants in bloom. Happy Easter

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