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Minecraft Style - PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V Parody

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A Minecraft Style parody of the massively popular song Gangnam Style. This is what happens when Luke goes away for the week and leaves the channel in my hands... MWUHAHAHAHA! This video was completed 8 (long and hard) hours after it's inception. It was a lot of fun to make, but keep in mind that it is in no way professional and that I (JarraxQ) am not a singer! If you enjoy the video, please help us out and show your support by hitting the like button and/or subscribing. Constructive feedback is always greatly appreciated as well! I hope you have a wonderful day, (whichever world you are spending it in). :D If you really liked this and want to pump it out while doing whatever, (maybe playing minecraft)... here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zdpv5k17lkzzube Checkout our earlier SMP series which some of the footage from this clip came from. Comment if you want to see more minecraft! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBCB2D5DB0871FD1B&feature=plcp Please keep in mind that this music video was made before Captain Sparklez made his parody of PSY's Gangnam style video. We in no way copied his "Minecraft Style" as we made this first. We are the first to admit the Sparklez music video is produced way better then this one, but realise that this was just an 8 hour attempt at making a Minecraft music video. Thanks again, and if you read this... YOU are a LEGEND! ;)
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Text Comments (113)
Fero Mrkva (1 month ago)
God song. Liket gg 😂😎😃
Fero Mrkva (1 month ago)
Fero Mrkva (1 month ago)
Gps song pol likér😃😂😎
legend boss (8 months ago)
Favorite Minecraft style
Riki R (11 months ago)
zaev Staples (2 years ago)
did you know there is mods in minecraft
MK LAI (1 year ago)
zaev Staples 嘿一 我二
Tiên Thảo (1 year ago)
zaev Staples ksidjdhxjxj
Sunny Jims (4 years ago)
Favorite minecraft parody
JarraxQ Gaming (4 years ago)
@Daniel Tetzlaff Thanks man! :D
NERMIN IBELJIC (5 years ago)
let's go to the nather
JarraxQ Gaming (5 years ago)
Hahaha oh man I made this so long ago!
crystal perritt (5 years ago)
minecraft style Hi how me minecraft style
JarraxQ Gaming (5 years ago)
Fearatix (5 years ago)
Ender murderer >:(
NaggingClub5Gaming (5 years ago)
my eyes are watering and my ears are bleeding like hell
JarraxQ Gaming (5 years ago)
Wow 104,000 views! I never thought I would ever see any of my videos reach this many views! :D Thanks peeps!
JarraxQ Gaming (5 years ago)
Thankyou Miss Meadows! :D If only everyone on youtube understood the concept of "If you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing at all..." ;)
lucy meadows (5 years ago)
Every one who has left a rude comment no one cares if u think it sucks so shut up
Tyler Harden (5 years ago)
No since in music
MrUniqueShark (5 years ago)
zachary woodson (5 years ago)
UR an idiot
Blood Raze (6 years ago)
Jeff the Slender does not approve
Aaron Lee (6 years ago)
Omg lol funny
Aaron Lee (6 years ago)
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
Well I put this out before Captain Sparklez did his video so I left it as it was. :)
ΛΞPHAX (6 years ago)
you should've renamed it somthing else that wasnt already being used or change the title
Sea Cow (6 years ago)
playing minecratf now
Gigi Bacana (6 years ago)
Most this one
Gigi Bacana (6 years ago)
I love mind craft songs
Dakota Padgett (6 years ago)
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
If you have a look at the dates on which was made first, you will find that Captain Sparkles got his song from me... :P haha or not... But I did make this before he made his.
Jeff Mai (6 years ago)
You got this song from captain sp did you.
Xtreme Gamer (6 years ago)
Xtreme Gamer (6 years ago)
This is my favorite MINECRAFT song!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!
Corbin Murdick (6 years ago)
Connor Lutter (6 years ago)
Mason Aalgaard (6 years ago)
Sigrun Heba (6 years ago)
He fall in the lava when he tried to get the daimonds
Depmange Strax (6 years ago)
Lochiej100 (6 years ago)
istvan ambrus (6 years ago)
:D cool
Lochiej100 (6 years ago)
this is really awesome man
Nitchsta Kazegami (6 years ago)
WTF is this shit !
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
I discovered that the other day myself... I tried fixing it but it didn't work, I think it's because it's blocked in Germany... :/ I'll have another look though!
Ali Osman (6 years ago)
Ali Osman (6 years ago)
op mvkwe ploğ kbbebdı bvbv kfwe lpo9o vewk 0383245
xPHEONIX GAMINGx (6 years ago)
ur voice stinks
Wongene (6 years ago)
Check out my gangnam style parodies! :)
erravii (6 years ago)
exactly, i came here from filecrop looking for a download for Sparklez's parody, but this one is great too :D Oh, and thumbs up for Featured Video being Sparklez's parody XD
o0king0o (6 years ago)
Jagster (6 years ago)
eric china (6 years ago)
Ithink its awsome
eric china (6 years ago)
how you dare say that!
Zephyr (6 years ago)
What the?
david heije (6 years ago)
Wow -_- no word rhyme
I got to admit he had a good eefort and it sounds great but still he was off sometimes
Nabil Virani (6 years ago)
Holding a bucket of lava when coming out of lava XD
Andy's Youtube (6 years ago)
This is stupid...
drumjolter01 (6 years ago)
YAYYY! I love this song :D
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
Done! Hope you enjoy it! :D
Noah Morley (6 years ago)
sorry to be a hater but u cant sing :S
drumjolter01 (6 years ago)
You should add a download link :D
Xavier Shorb (6 years ago)
Did good better then me I can tell u that
Lex Gregory (6 years ago)
i know your australian
trick0822 (6 years ago)
Dear Captainsparklez fans assholes, quit hating on him for making this, and seriously, it takes guts for someone to post themselves singing on YouTube, and I doubt any of you could do better
niggaboizero (6 years ago)
You sir, are my kind of Idiot.
Jeroen Bakker (6 years ago)
Thats the WORSE timing i ever heard
Mirthe W (6 years ago)
Mirthe W (6 years ago)
uh.. better shuttle up. sorry
Samuel Orlovsky (6 years ago)
nope don't like
The Cereal Guy (6 years ago)
Cats Purrsson (6 years ago)
Bleh. :c
Toki x (6 years ago)
Let's go to the Nether :D
Sylvemi (6 years ago)
@Brady good we have our opinions while I like both versions the same some like this more so fuck u
RABBID TURTLES (6 years ago)
I was this amateur 2 but I bet CaptainSparklez was too, we'll have to start somewhere so don't hate
Tyler Comisky (6 years ago)
Captain sparklez one is much better
Tyler Comisky (6 years ago)
yea definitly
Forgeh ! (6 years ago)
check out CaptainSparklez' parody if you liked that one ;)
Sean Freeth (6 years ago)
Terrible dam voice
Alexandru Alecu (6 years ago)
Horible Learn to sing. You suck.
Taja (6 years ago)
amazing:D i love sparklez version too:D
Nashoba ff (6 years ago)
I like it as much as sparkles
tippcityPS3 (6 years ago)
Rhythm of lyrics blows
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
seems the Captainsparklez fans have arrived. we like his version too but please don't hate on ours, we don't have anywhere near the resources he has.
Thisguyisepicness (6 years ago)
This awesome
penttipena321 (6 years ago)
this is better than sparklezs version
Nazreene E (6 years ago)
1:35 spider what are you doing ._. lol
Manvscake (6 years ago)
Played this like 1000000 times
jigs gonzalez (6 years ago)
Toki x (6 years ago)
LMAO!!! I love this!! Its the BEST! The poor spider though :c
Anarthenox (6 years ago)
good song but work on ur voice
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
thanks man, appreciated!
oki doki (6 years ago)
Good song and funny :D
Percevrant (6 years ago)
this should have more views
Jasper Cheng (6 years ago)
chelsea dood (6 years ago)
Verdurin Carciofin (6 years ago)
JarraxQ Gaming (6 years ago)
indeed it is an unknown fact that the sound of a dying cat is quite the sweet one; people have compared it to a choir of angels.
John daniels (6 years ago)
you sound like a dying cat
chase cremeans (6 years ago)
chase cremeans (6 years ago)
@mrspectra123 h

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