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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP - All Secret Techniques/Ougi/Ultimate Jutsu

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ナルト- 疾風伝ナルティメットインパクトPSP All secret techniques/ultimate jutsus/ougis from every character in the game! Poor Hidden Rain Ninja (I abuse them too much in this video) xP Jiraiya's Secret Technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbca-9VImqU
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Text Comments (18)
Gunbullet JOJO (2 years ago)
how to use rasen zhuriken in modern naruto
Zack Tiger Heart (1 year ago)
YEAH idk how
Mumen Rider (2 years ago)
how to perform rasen shuriken?
TheLegendaryGoat (2 years ago)
tobi and madara this differents characters
Linkmstr (5 years ago)
Itachi already has it as his ultimate jutsu. Sasuke ("Taka") can only use it when he's equipped with a certain card that you can unlock. It's almost been two years so I don't remember how I got the card for Sasuke.
Lord Khaos900 (6 years ago)
i agree
Linkmstr (6 years ago)
Not really And this was 7 months ago... *SPOILER ALERT* Before the REAL Madara was confirmed Tobi is NOT Madara Tobi only took his name to confuse everyone, but when Kabuto summoned Madara using the Edo Tensei jutsu it proved "Tobi" is not Madara at all and he now calls himself "Tobi"
Lord Khaos900 (6 years ago)
tobi is madara
Khoa Nguyen (6 years ago)
As for ougi:Tobi,Pain,Minato and Danzos are the best. As for awakening:Kisame,Sasuke,Itachi and Naruto
kevin woo (7 years ago)
wheres ino and ten ten i like them both.....
Oni das Alagoas (7 years ago)
itachi's amaterazu is stylist than sasuke's one
Oni das Alagoas (7 years ago)
@PSP323971 tobi isnt madara
Maiyen (7 years ago)
Tobi, Itachi, Danzo, and diedara's specs where cool, especially itachi
Barek Obaba (7 years ago)
@97toph pspisoz.com but you need cfw
Linkmstr (7 years ago)
@GTSuperSaiyan2980 ooo nice! =D
erdNercm (7 years ago)
where can i download this game
Linkmstr (7 years ago)
@TheRealLinkmstr well Tobi IS in the game but not playable (only Madara is playable)
Linkmstr (7 years ago)
@PSP323971 Tobi's not in the game, but I thought Madara was in the video... =/ oh wait 3:02 xP

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