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Fashion Drawing - London College of Fashion Short Courses

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A course to help you explore drawing styles and techniques in the context of fashion. We'll show you how to express your designs figuratively, and get your ideas on paper. You'll learn to draw a fashion figure, deconstruct and sketch garments, and seamlessly combine figures with clothing. https://www.arts.ac.uk/subjects/fashion-design/short-courses/fashion-illustration/fashion-drawing-lcf
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Ellen Goodman (1 year ago)
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dhievya ssoni (1 year ago)
Hello m from India and want to know about short term fashion designing course could you tell me the details about fee , time period
Wonderful! 👏 👏 👏
ReGremlin (4 years ago)
The course already costs $425-450 for just 5 lessons and then you also need to buy material??? I'm sorry but for that price i'd expect to be given the material (or at least some material) to work with.
Hi +ReGremlin Apologies, I think the wording on our 'Fashion Drawing' course materials section may have been misleading - if so thanks for drawing it to our attention. On that course, basic materials are actually provided. On the first day the tutor will advise regarding extra items that students may like to bring for their own use. We've now updated the materials info on our website to reflect this. 

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