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Convert JSON to CREATE TABLE Statements

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In this episode I share a query I wrote to automatically parse a JSON object into SQL Server CREATE TABLE statements. Related blog post with example code: https://bertwagner.com/2018/05/22/converting-json-to-sql-server-create-table-statements/ Github: https://github.com/bertwagner/SQLServer/blob/master/JSONtoSQLGenerator.sql Twitter: https://twitter.com/bertwagner
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Text Comments (4)
Wilbur Sean Bvuma (4 months ago)
been looking all over the net for a function like yours and nothing, great work Bert.
Bert Wagner (4 months ago)
Glad you can use it!
Orestes Zoupanos (6 months ago)
sp_BlitzJSON ? ^_^
Bert Wagner (6 months ago)
Hah! You’d have to talk to Brent about that one!

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