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Connections – Episode 1 – Whistler B.C. Backcountry Skiing – Eric Hjorleifson and Trevor Hunt

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Featuring Eric Hjorliefson and Trevor Hunt, Episode 1 was filmed in Whistler B.C. on the Blackcomb Glacier (and in Hoji’s shop) last March. We hope you enjoy hearing some insights about the evolution and current state of the sport of backcountry skiing and seeing some action from two of the best in the game. To see more about the project and for premium content, visit the microsite at: http://www.dynafit.com/connections The next episode will be released on the 26th of October - stay tuned and watch the full story! You can also follow more about the story on social media with #connectionsproject
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PeakbaggerBryan (3 years ago)
Great video! Can't wait to watch more!
Vitaliy Rage (3 years ago)
So inspirational!

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