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Pinkie Pie Rainbow Power Style Fashion Game (MLP)

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The Rainbow Power has affected all the little ponies and Pinkie Pie is now inspired to find herself a colorful new style. Can you help her out? She needs a new hairstyle and maybe you should consider adding some highlights of many colors in her pink hair. Choose for her a green dress with yellow star prints, a red ruffled dress with polka dots and a bow on the back, a white tulle dress with a brown corset or a classic rainbow dress with some ruffles. Or you could mix and match a pink blouse with a round collar and polka dots, an orange top with long sleeves and a yellow bow or a white and blue sailor top with a fun short skirt. Accessorize with a wonderful collar around her neck, choosing from a lot of cool prints and shapes and some cute tattoos on her feet. Have a blast! Please SUBSCRIBE to see when are posted NEW Toons Universe Video!
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