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Dimebags vs. Dispensaries: Street Dealers to Multi-Million Dollar Weed Startups

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In 2016, VICE met business partners in Atlanta who had a dream of getting into the legal weed business, but couldn’t see a way to take their illegal grow off the streets. Two years later, the entrepreneurs—Felix and Kingston—are now running Gas House, a successful legal weed company in Oakland whose products are sold in dispensaries across California. In an industry home to a small number of black business owners, Felix and Kingston have become pioneers inspiring others to leave the underground market behind. VICE met up with the duo to learn more about how they market their products, and the legal requirements they had to meet to transition from the black market to an above-board operation. Then we talked with dispensary owners, locals, and cannabis entrepreneurs about the access and inclusion gaps in California’s legal weed industry—and what companies like Gas House are doing to close them. Watch the Weediquette episode "Going Legit" on Hulu: https://vice.video/2MradCz Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (1408)
Donna Cabot (13 hours ago)
They make it legal but won't decriminalize it because they still need to meet their quota of arresting people it's going to be too expensive and people are going to go back to their illegal sellers. I would.
OG Snowbone (1 day ago)
7:20 oops, i think you meant mexicans, cracks was what blacks were mainly going to jail for.
KPOPFANBOYUK (1 day ago)
people of colour.....try being a pikey.
KPOPFANBOYUK (1 day ago)
soo much crying about fake claims of racism.... news flash i am white i live in england and we get stopped EVERY DAY for the same shit that black people do when they claim its because they are black.... difference is we do not live in a beach like climate where every day is like a vacation... so maybe stop whining?
... (1 day ago)
It's a trip that there always going to bring color. Instead of action.. if it was true then he wouldn't be where his at a legitimate company.. I'm brown and been discriminate n still stereo type. But I shouldn't stop trying to succeed
trever Brand (3 days ago)
Everything gotta be about color now smh
Green Studios (3 days ago)
Let's grow all weed and bake together with us!! Greens Studios
Darius William (4 days ago)
Legalized in Canada in two more daze!
Feints (4 days ago)
Love the low key gold Audemars. Men of true taste.
Neal Johnson (4 days ago)
How can I get in contact with you for information
Jake Mullins (5 days ago)
I thought this was gone be money man... haha!
Matt Isadore (5 days ago)
only color I see is green😉
falkura (6 days ago)
so drug laws were put in place JUST to persecute black people and hippies.... jfc
SFterps (6 days ago)
this my hometown, im a grower here
Jeff Mcfaniel (6 days ago)
Nice fro. Lol
Mike Mirch (7 days ago)
We live in some crazy times. Good time for Weed tho! 😎🙌
Eddie Dallas (7 days ago)
Why does legal bud cost as much if not more than illegal bud found in every state? I thought legalization would crash weed prices on both sides of the fence and it's absolutely not. How is that possible?
Nik Schra (7 days ago)
Wi sh you two all the Best
Antonio Montgomery (7 days ago)
This is stupid BECAUSE they can state tax evasion for pass years. And businesses were built on fraudulent illegal drug money... Now you camera. They played you into their trap
G. Reilly (7 days ago)
It's 2018 if you haven't made wheel barrels of cash in this game by now, you probably won't.
G. Reilly (7 days ago)
I would never goto a club in the deep east. Good Luck homies.
S T A I N (8 days ago)
Beat at 11:46 is retarded fire
vX KUSH Xv (8 days ago)
kknKookies allday (8 days ago)
Looking good but nothing topping the cookie brand
kknKookies allday (8 days ago)
Pablo Vales (8 days ago)
every shop in LA hood and tax free😂 they doing that legit in oak
Otis Dobbins (9 days ago)
Wow right at 2.23 Young men through the golden door or should I say go in through the Golden e light
Fila Phil (9 days ago)
New Orleans We Next ......✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈💥💥💥💥💥💥
Ache´ to the both of you !!! Much blessing on your journey to success it truly is a blessing to see my people in there rightful place !!! Keep pushing forward !!!!🙏💨
BrodyOnGod _ (9 days ago)
I need to get into this once I graduate high school, and people are gonna call me crazy but I’ll just get my associates in computers and move to colorado this is perfect.
Floyd , (10 days ago)
hell yea I respect everyone grind
Socialblogger Fly (11 days ago)
I LOVE THIS!!!!! I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE THESE GUYS! Seriouly socialbloggefly.com will eventually get to this point. Just wait.
Soviet solider (11 days ago)
Vice trys to make weed a race issue
TrailRipper (11 days ago)
7:06 Making weed illegal had nothing to do with black people (or little to none). It started when mexicans started immigrating to the U.S. around 1910 and bringing their weed with them. The U.S. Gov hated the fact that people (mainly mexicans) were illegally immigrating and bringing their intoxicating drug marijuana to the states. Therefore, the U.S. made marijuana illegal and made it a very high priority with big charges and punishments. They did this to influence people that the mexicans were despicable beings and never to be trusted. But, most of these people (90%ish) were just looking for a better life and a safer place to live with more work. The U.S. just couldn't accept the fact that immigrants were bringing this horrible life threatening drug (which is wasn't) to the states and possibly going to sell it and make people die (there have been 0 recorded deaths from smoking marijuana). THAT, is why marijuana was made illegal and it was not to throw black people and hippies in jail (although it is possible that some or many blacks, hippies and many others were brought to jail because they were smoking the illegal drug). I don't hate blacks, i don't hate hippies, but people need to know why it was actually made illegal. Our racist ancestors were the ones who made the decision.
JohnTheMenace (11 days ago)
anyone know the song/beat at 11:46 ? would appreciate!
S T A I N (8 days ago)
JohnTheMenace im glad im not the only one who needs this beat
TY SEXY (12 days ago)
TacticleRose (12 days ago)
Yeeaa I need a job. Let me know when you come to the east coast.
Nicolaas Carstens (13 days ago)
These black dudes are legends🙌
Margo. V (14 days ago)
oh my gawd! dis damn video them make me so happy, my eyes feel funny now... like watering with happiness! good luck guys
The main guy get its focus momment he look so serious
Josh (14 days ago)
God damn it vice, always the race thing with you
Steve Benson (14 days ago)
Always playing the race card, I’m a drug war veteran, 🖕
Joseph Avakian (14 days ago)
Yeeee the homies gas house fam
Killumzz jibril (15 days ago)
ey this reporters wave game is outrageous gaaaawwwww daaaaamn
Mathieu Lagrandeur (15 days ago)
Wow they made it all about racism good job guys
K's Revenge (16 days ago)
they outlawed weed to oppress hippies and blacks? marijuana is a spanish word, homie.
jonathan bell (16 days ago)
And swap out the Gas Mask with a silhouette of a big fuzzy bud
jonathan bell (16 days ago)
Gas House is a horrible name. Call it Green Crush
roccorostagno (16 days ago)
Them hoodlum mofos aint worried about being in a legal business
Jeff Bezos (17 days ago)
Why does vice have to bring weed into every video? This video is about race not weed. Don’t bring weed into this.
Rob Kicsi (17 days ago)
Check facts VICE in why marihuana was made illegal. Has nothing to do with colour.
hearteXoh (17 days ago)
Why does everything have to involve color! Im white & I get patted & slammed just like anyone else I was enjoying the video before that like, c'mon.
sean c (17 days ago)
I'm in Canada an even though legal here we can't buy from USA till federally legal there. but when can IMA gas house DAT shit ;)
T. H. (17 days ago)
California still got the best weed in all of USA
555666 (17 days ago)
This is the only reason I hate living in the UK, because weed isn’t legal
Trey P (18 days ago)
Can’t wait until I can’t stop doing it illegally, the thought of getting caught & getting locked in a cage for growing a plant just makes me go insane.
Jay Villa (18 days ago)
Yuuuuuh that cheddar coming nice
Gordo Trujillo (18 days ago)
Hey said this is you in my hand lmao 💀
opal1920able (18 days ago)
I love smoking weed cause it helps get of nightmares. It makes my nightmares go away. I don't like having nightmares.
Daniel Alvarez (18 days ago)
Why he giving away the whole op tho??
Carlos Slim (19 days ago)
And i use race card... wins everytime. Thought this was Vice not MTV or Buzzfeed
Justin Manley (19 days ago)
More minority victim BS. White people never get locked up for weed... Riiiiigggghhhhht. Everybody should check out "Natty G Cherry cheeks"; Home grown Cali man that actually teaches you how to deal with being the small farmer against big business. First time watching anything from vice. Waste. Of. Time
Naujia Godwin (19 days ago)
im so here for black owned cannabis businesses
Prod by Mefe (19 days ago)
i follow this cat on ig. He's real passionate about his craft and is really big on keeping his shit clean and organic.
Derek Zakrosky (19 days ago)
Drug laws don’t care what color you are, I wish they did
John Smith (20 days ago)
9:27 This guy is insufferable, if anyone can walk into a store and BUY the best shit then anyone can start SELLING the best shit, the answer is right in front of you, people still find a way to complain even after it's legalised 10:22 and this guy wtf, you'll be waiting? what are you waiting for? someone to hold your hand? tsssk
Wonke Nqevu (20 days ago)
Great insight!
40 boy (20 days ago)
Soon the weed wont get u high any more cus all the thc gonna be low cus these cBd cry babys an the ppl that dont wana feel high
Khabib Nurmagomedov (21 days ago)
Weed can make you paranoid and go crazy. That happened to me.
Khabib Nurmagomedov (15 hours ago)
Actually i had been smoking it for 8 years and then one day i entered a psychosis while high on weed. I did not sleep for 6 days and was hallucinating and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. I also had a troubling experience with some friends that betrayed me prior to this happening so i'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the weed or what happened that triggered it. Everytime i smoke weed now i become extremely paranoid so i can't do it anymore. It fucks with my mind.
Eliex Cruz (15 hours ago)
Khabib Nurmagomedov first timers 😂
Mechelle Guzman (21 days ago)
A lot of black market dealers who have a passion for bud have dreams of making it here
Ben Jerry (21 days ago)
I'm a conservative for many reasons, I generally distrust socialism as a structural method of society. I am totally for the legalised cannabis industry. And it is a business that can be fronted by many more people of colour if they choose. I'm not a racist, nor a Christian, I'm a realist and it's good to see previously persecuted individuals become business leaders and make life changing money from what they love no matter the colour of their skin. There is room for all kinds of entrepreneurs in this world. Let's move on from the phoney drug war and under handed political racism of yesterday. But I stress, Globalists, socialists and most Christian conservatives will always try to crush the unifying elements of a happy population, that's the nature of those shit heads. There should and must be some rules that need adherence. But natures gifts is not one them.
Christian Hawkins (22 days ago)
That Kingston dude looks like that dude from Earth Wind and Fire
The Goat (22 days ago)
I often ask myself why I’m so so so intrigued by weed and watching things about it but I don’t smoke??? I don’t get it
The Goat (22 days ago)
As a white man my favorite thing Kingston said was, “being able to create generational wealth for his kids!” That’s what America an American success story looks like.
il2rock (23 days ago)
Y ola
Xanax doggo (23 days ago)
This dude ruins every video my introducing race into it
Tony Montana (23 days ago)
RAIN MAYHEM (23 days ago)
It all sounds good until the feds come and take all ur money and everything you own because it is still a federal crime. I would never go on tv and talk about my drug business
DJ SUTRA (24 days ago)
sour toothe paste the next big strain 2035
DJ SUTRA (24 days ago)
in 2050 the only weed we even smoke is stuff that makes our mouths instantly clean and all of our weed is basically toothepaste. gotta catch up, fast.
John (24 days ago)
14:00 it wasnt keeping minorities out, it was keeping them in jail for selling illegal drugs.
John (24 days ago)
like like like yanowamasayin liek like like yanooo like uh like
John (24 days ago)
9:57 theres ya 'black community" "you wanna get a job?" "nah" "naaah" "nah" "nah"
John (24 days ago)
"weed is legal, will ti makes things better" "no i dont think so" because those people dont want things better, they want things EASY
John (24 days ago)
"the hussle they doing" youre doing this to yourself. you selling drugs you go to jail your own fault!
John (24 days ago)
you know whos a minority? SMART PEOPLE!
John (24 days ago)
oh yes, its alllll about color again, no cop ever stopped a white person ever, right? grow up and leave that ghetto mentality behind! i never had to worry about white people coming into my street and breaking into my home, no my own trusty old neighbors did that! yet they blame whitey for EVERYTHING even when their druglab gets busted
Flowmaster925 (24 days ago)
theres still sooooo many people locked up in jail for weed, while others are out here selling in it stores....its sickening
Kris Shaw (24 days ago)
weed was outlawed because it was affecting the timber and cotton industrys revenue at the time. Im just sayn!! It had nothing to do with color they might have used that fact later to arrest certain minorities and people the police didint like but not why it was outlawed origanlly in the 1920s i believe.
Marie Juliette Live (25 days ago)
happy for you man
black grower187 (25 days ago)
I need to role up there
matt shine (23 days ago)
+black grower187 nig with a wig
black grower187 (24 days ago)
I dont need shooters if im the bullet
matt shine (24 days ago)
not without shooters on deck
Critter Cosner (25 days ago)
Gotta throw that race card in there... can't just watch a video about black dudes doing their thing and leaving grudges out of it.
Zak Smith (25 days ago)
real Gs
cring master (25 days ago)
He's got a nice shirt
Anthony Finley (26 days ago)
I swear the reporter has a wig on.
John Hoover (26 days ago)
I have had both and by far get a better deal on the street,when you pay the doctor,the state,then when you go to the dispensary its an arm and a leg,me i go down the street and around the corner an wa-la,and i can smell it through the jar ,,,yea boy,,,,,hey my dog loves it to he knows when i come through the door that i have it lol,,,and we just veg together lol
Troy (26 days ago)
wait till cocaine and heroin starts becoming legal lmfao
Saleve Saleve (26 days ago)
The beat in the beginning go so hard yo

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