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How To Name A Business?

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Text Comments (28)
Mojito (11 months ago)
Leomared Campos (11 months ago)
I love you man. you inspired me. sir I just wanna know what company you use my favorite MS access?
musicalbeast (11 months ago)
How about "DOT COM" as a name ;)
Bulldog Mindset (11 months ago)
+musicalbeast LOL
dovh49 (11 months ago)
Or worse. Your given name is Isis :-). I enjoyed her music though! Wish she was still singing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQo-JzZcJiY
Tom Foolery (11 months ago)
Names aren't important. I mean, look at Uber, Vine, Reddit, Amazon. Those name don't even make sense. All I'd say is keep it general and not too specific. If your website ever expands to become more than just an anonymous messaging site, you wouldn't want the name to be limited to just that. Example: if instagram had named their website something specific like "InstaPhotos", now all of a sudden, adding videos, stories, and DMs no longer match the name of the company.
Ahmed Maher (11 months ago)
just for the record, Sarahah means honesty in Arabic.
Paul Garcia (11 months ago)
What about copyright/trademark? Do you think people should trademark their name everytime they start a new web business?
Zack Jensen (11 months ago)
BUT WHY John, why do most (software) businesses if your making a service you know will be used (such as an app or game that people would want) what are the obstacles, You answered a question about how app ventures go on to make millions because they take risk, can you please elaborate on that aspect and the challenges you had regarding this specific space of risk taking and the challenges you had coming up ? thanks alot , your like a mentor to me - Zack
atro (11 months ago)
KZ11 (11 months ago)
Isis is an Egyptian god. :)
Jo La (11 months ago)
KZ11 Godess.
Modestas (11 months ago)
im actually pretty proud of my brand name "tek n trek".. came up with it just before registering a domain name after weeks of pondering and coming up with nothing. Sometimes it just hits you, but you have to keep throwing ideas around and eventually one may stick. I would also recommend entering your ideas in a domain name checker as you're coming up with them to see if they're available or not. In my case, "tech" was taken but i actually prefer my version since i think it has some flair to it.
Modestas (11 months ago)
Tim Clemans nah i was on the wordpress sign up page where you create your domain and see if its taken or not
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
Did you use Namemesh.com? I've been using it all night as I brainstorm ideas for various projects.
Usama Ben Nadeem (11 months ago)
Hey Karsey! I've some name suggestions for your app 1. Anonymous Up 2. Anonymous Point 3. Quick Anonymous 4. Sky Anonymous 5. Lil A Tone 6. Easy Anonymous Love 7. Magic Anonymous Sugar
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
wow Quick Anonymous .com is available and so is quick anon
Christopher Johnson (11 months ago)
I like the personal/professional website I named That Amazing Programmer but I doubt that would make a good business name. I've owned a certain domain name for over a decade now that has software in the name and I've thought about incorperating around that.
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
I did Hard working coder because I'm lazy but I have switched to Python Web Coder. Looking forward to your name reveal.
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
Mine is Python Web Coder because I'm done with trying to learn another language. I love Python so it's what I'm going to focus on and yes I do have to use Javascript. I use Name Mesh and Lean Domain Search a lot.
Trevor Belmont (11 months ago)
Lol. think of a word then suffix it with -ly, or -er (be sure to drop the 'e'). And dont forget to have a .io domain (its hip n cool) Examples: shirtly.io, cuply.io, sparkstr.io, thinkr.io
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
and expensive like around $30?!?!?
CCTG (11 months ago)
Pluralsight is 3 nouns, 7 adjectives and 22 subordinate clauses.
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
offtopic your username is dope
Kid Diamond (11 months ago)
I find Uber to be very weird too. But as you say, if the business creates value for a lot of consumers, the weirdness of the name just disappears since it's associated with something that has value to you.
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
as least Google is geeky
Yashraj Basan (11 months ago)
Hey john can you please make video on how to validate startup idea?
Tim Clemans (11 months ago)
he said email ideas

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