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adidas Barricade 2018 Men's Tennis Shoe Review

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adidas Barricade 2018 Men's Tennis Shoe Review The iconic Barricade from adidas gets updated in 2018! See what our playtesters thought of the newest version. With a new upper, this stable, durable shoe gets updated to play even better in 2018! ➤Shop Barricades: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/adidas_Barricade_2017_and_2018_Mens_Tennis_Shoes/catpage-MSADIB2017.html ➤ Jason's racquet of choice: http://bit.ly/2BJ0AN6 ➤ Troy's racquet of choice: http://bit.ly/2orqIEO ➤ Sean's racquet of choice: http://bit.ly/2oCdofU ➤ Chris' racquet of choice: http://bit.ly/2F7HxhD ➤YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgyIibKmFosnm-LyZEB7uQ?sub_confirmation=1 ➤ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenniswarehouse ➤ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenniswarehouse/ ➤ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenniswarehouse adidas Barricade 2018 Men's Tennis Shoe Review
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Text Comments (52)
Steven Klurfeld (21 days ago)
What is the link to see all the TW staff preferred gear?
Tennis Warehouse (21 days ago)
Here you go: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/playtestgroup.html. Troy, TW
Wamorena Mhlanga (6 months ago)
Would you recommend this shoe for a junior And a baseliner And what about for change in direction,durability,comfort and easy movement
Wamorena Mhlanga (6 months ago)
Tennis Warehouse Thank you very much, I really appreciate it
Tennis Warehouse (6 months ago)
@Wamorena Mhlanga, Yes, this a great option. It provides a lot of durability, stability, traction, and has decent comfort. Another shoe I would consider is the Asics Gel Resolution 7. Troy, TW
chor sovannarith (7 months ago)
I bought barricade club size 8UK, but it was too small for my feet. Do you think this one with 8.5UK will fit since they mentioned that this specific model is long and wide at the front area. Thanks
Tennis Warehouse (7 months ago)
@chor sovannarith, I would say that the size 8.5 UK will be a safe bet. You may actually fit into a size 8 UK in these shoes, but it is hard to say for certain without trying them on. Troy, TW
Akash Srinivasan (10 months ago)
These or the Novak pros? I am an aggressive slider on hard courts. Thanks
Tennis Warehouse (10 months ago)
@Akash Srinivasan, We prefer these Barricades over the Novak Pros. Also, the Novak Pros have been discontinued since Novak now wears Asics Gel Resolutions. Michelle, TW
jggvbb hfffhb (1 year ago)
Every single shot starting from 0:57 that troy played facing Jason looked like he could've easily gotten the ball but just didn't try to... Does this have anything to do with the shoes begin heavy, or was this a lack of will/stamina?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@jggvbb hfffhb, Not the weight of the shoes, as these shoes are similar in weight to shoes I typically wear, such as my Asics Gel Resolution 7 Shoes. I think I recall it being a long day on court, and I was trying to get over an ankle injury, as I was still wearing my ASO Ankle Brace on my right ankle. Troy, TW
thereal Bubba (1 year ago)
Hey Chris I wear a size twelve but wear an 11.5 in most tennis shoes, should I stick with an 11.5 ?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@thereal Bubba, Sounds like the 11.5 will be the right size for you. I wear a size 10.0 in most casual shoes, but have started to wear primarily 9.5 in my tennis shoes. I wear a size 9.5 in my Asics Gel Resolution 7 Shoes, as well as these adidas Barricade 2018 Shoes. Troy, TW
Rycx (1 year ago)
Hi tennis warehouse! I have wide feet and am looking for a shoe that is comfortable and slippery enough to slide in. What would you recommend?
Rycx (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great advice!
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Rycx, The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is a great opiton for that. The Asics Gel Court FF, although having a bootie construction that makes it a bit difficult to slip on, is another good option. I would also consider the KSwiss Knitshot. Troy, TW
Johnny Lui (1 year ago)
trying to decide between the barricades, the barricade boost and asics gel res 7. tried on a pair of gel res 7 yesterday, felt like needed more arch support. any difference with the barricades? also is the boost an out and out better shoe or any advice on picking between the two? my foot is a tad wide btw.
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Johnny Lui, The Barricade 2018, and Barricade 2018 BOOST are the same shoes, but with a difference in the heel cushioning (BOOST). The Barricades have a bit more room in the toe-box, but is more snug in the arch/mid-foot region. The Barricades have a bit more arch, and heel support, but the Asics have a bit more comfort overall. Troy, TW
MischkoR (1 year ago)
B2018 compared to B2017 is: 1. much lighter, 454g to 415g 2. half size larger (buy half size smaller) 3. a tiny bit lower to the ground, 4. much easier to put on, B2017 was a bit difficult in that regard 5. stability is about the same, maybe B2017 was a bit stiffer, but not by much 6. mesh upper is nice, B2017 was a bit softer 7. B2017 durability was terrible, similar to all Adidas of the last ~5 years (since Feather 2). On B2017 laces lasted a week, and not only in my case but everybody's, even D. Thiem's several times. Mesh tears up very quickly as well, and then you throw them away with the rest of the shoe pretty much new and intact. My opinion is that it is planned obsolescence, I sincerely doubt otherwise. Adidas shoes, even running and walking shoes are narrower and more supportive in the midfoot region (something Nike is a complete opposite to, Asics is more like Nike - wide midfoot region). That doesn't work for my feet so I stick to Adidas, will perhaps try Yonex in the future. 1.91m 82kg very good player
Sehun Kim (1 year ago)
is barricade more durable or the nike airzoom vapor x ?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Sehun  Kim, Yes, these adidas Barricade 2018 shoes are among the most durable shoes that we sell. Troy, TW
sushruth ravishankar (1 year ago)
How does the adidas barricade 2018 and the ubersonic 2.0 compare to the gel res 7. Also would the barricades and ubersonic be wider or narrower than the gel res 7
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@sushruth ravishankar, Glad we were able to help you out. Happy Hitting! Troy, TW
sushruth ravishankar (1 year ago)
Tennis Warehouse Ok thanks very much Troy ! You have made the process of buying a tennis shoe much easier. SUCH legend . Hopefully that's enough for the questions so I can get down to buying. Thanks for all the help man.
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@sushruth ravishankar, The Barricade 2018 is more similar to the Gel Res 7, in terms of durability and support. The toe box is a bit more spacious in comparison the Gel Res 7, but is pretty snug in the mid-foot and heel regions. The Ubersonic 2.0 is much lighter and more flexible feeling compared to the other two shoes, and has similar width in the forefoot as the Barricade 2018. I went into pretty good depth on the differences between the Gel Res 7 and Ubersonic 2.0 in your previous inquiries. Troy, TW
21C Wyvernn (1 year ago)
I have a slightly deformed pinkie toe that makes my right foot slightly wider than my left. Should I stay true to size or get something a little bigger?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Christopher Hardt, I would go with your normal size, being that these Barricade 2018 shoes run long. Troy, TW
Adrià Cot i Porta (1 year ago)
How do you compare the upper of this version with last year's one? Is it as soft as it was or maybe a bit stiffer...?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Adrià Cot i Porta, I found the upper of the 2017 version, to feel slightly softer. That said, adidas was able to make this 2018 version even lighter than before. Troy, TW
M. K (1 year ago)
Prefer the 2017s
Harrison Sierra (5 months ago)
Me too.
Velocity (1 year ago)
I can't stop observing chris's head nod
Mark (1 year ago)
Hey tennis warehouse staff. Do you recommend any shoes for aritifcial turf? (Particularly grass) thanks in advance
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Mark, Our sister company, Tennis Warehouse Europe, has a selection of grass specific shoes which might be the best way to go! Michelle, TW
Rildo Silva (1 year ago)
Hi! I am going to buy a reel of Solinco Hyper-G from TW for my Pure Strike 98 16x19, but I can't decide between the 1.30 and the 1.25. Could you help me? Does the 1.25 give much less control for this powerful racket? Will it play better if I use the 1.25 and upper the tension to compensate for the less control or just use the 1.30? I just understand the basics about string gauges (thinner = less durable and more power), so your explanation could help me very much. I am an open level player that uses a lot of spin (western forehand and two-handed backhand) and I have to order a reel from TW this week, because I am returning to my country soon. Thanks!
JorgeAndresCoppiano. (1 year ago)
Rildo Silva a thinner gauge gives more ball pocketing, and also more feel. Feel is in other words, more vibration. So by going higher in tension on it, it would equal the power and depth control of the thicker gauge. And still give you, in theory, more ball pocketing, more spin, more vibration, and less durability. Right, Chris?
Rildo Silva (1 year ago)
Thanks, Michelle! But I would like to know which differences there are between using a higher tension in a thinner poly (what may give me the same control of a thicker one) and using the thicker gauge.
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Rildo Silva, It really is a matter of personal preference, if you are looking for a bit more access to spin, go with the thinner gauge. If you want a bit more control, go with the thicker gauge. Hyper G is a great string, you can't go wrong with either! Michelle, TW
Keisuke Masuzawa (1 year ago)
can you post a link to Troy's shirt? thanks
JorgeAndresCoppiano. (1 year ago)
Great video guys! Chris, which shoes sit lower to the ground, these Barricade 2018s, the Barricade 7s, or the Resolution 7s?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
They are all very close in that regard. The Barricade 7s might be just a tad lower, but there's not much in it if anything between those 3. Cheers, Chris, TW
Brian Liu (1 year ago)
will there be a review for the barricade 2018 boost?
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
@Brian Liu, Not at this time. Michelle, TW
Chow Down TV (1 year ago)
What is the proper way to pronounce Adidas?
Ömer Dokumacı (1 year ago)
Keisuke Masuzawa (1 year ago)
a as in apple, di as in dip, das the same as ass
thefridgeman (1 year ago)
1:57 I think I saw Troy somewhere before... https://youtu.be/svhyDVnbZWM?t=2m33s
DeceitfulDestiny (1 year ago)
Alex Doty (1 year ago)
Tennis Warehouse (1 year ago)
One of my favorite bands. Sadly I never got to seem them live. Lemmy was the man. Cheers, Chris, TW
Evan Michel (1 year ago)
These look kind of ugly
Yuriy Panteleev (1 year ago)
hey Chris! Very nice upgrade to your 1h bh. Who gave you the lessons? Look so much better now!

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