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Bachelors of Science - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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Liquid DNB Mix ◄ http://j.mp/_Subscribe | http://j.mp/buy-now◄◄◄◄◄◄ Bachelors of Science - April 2010 - Studio Mix Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV Download this mix: http://pda.io/12jNYAD ============== Panda presents Bachelors of Science. The production duo from San Francisco have been on a roll ever since they started injecting their unique blend of soul and strings into the Drum 'n Bass genre. Bachelors of Science consists of Rene, a classically trained musician from New Zealand who was raised in the UK, and DJ Fokus, known for his work in jungle music. After producing their first tracks, they quickly gained attention from most A-list DJs including Grooverider, Annie Mac, High Contrast, Alix Perez, Blu Mar Ten, Basement Jaxx and Makoto, as well as raving reviews by MixMag, XLR8A and KMag. Soon after their debut album Science Fiction on Horizons Music was released to critical acclaim and become one of the biggest selling Drum 'n' Bass albums of all time, spending over nine weeks in the Drum & Bass Arena charts and winning 'Best Drum n Bass Track' at the 2009 Beatport Awards. Touring the world in the last year, they have performed for their fans at the legendary Love Parade, the Ministry of Sound and many more major venues. Their new album "Warehouse Dayz" has been in the works and is now fresh off the press. It is released on Horizons Music and features 11 of their best new works and can be ordered from http://www.bachelorsofscience.com and Beatport. In this artist-only mix, Bachelors of Science present us an hour long showcase of their best work from old to brand-spanking new. Lock in and leave your appreciation in the comments! Also check out the Liquicity feature on Bachelors of Science: http://youtu.be/tI_q38F9sXE And their mix for Drum & Bass Arena: http://youtu.be/1JOb_aB5H0A █ █ █ █ █ █ http://www.bachelorsofscience.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bachelors-Of-Science/86712149029 http://www.youtube.com/bachelorsofscience http://www.myspace.com/bachelorsofscience http://www.twitter.com/bachelorsofscience http://www.horizonsmusic.co.uk █ █ █ █ █ █ ►TRACKLISTING◄ (CLICK TIMECODE TO SKIP TO TRACK) 00:00 - Bachelors Of Science - Spanish Sun (Bungle Remix) 03:40 - Bachelors Of Science featuring Brooklyn - Wicked Ways 09:06 - Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance 11:01 - Bachelors Of Science - Sugar 16:50 - XRS - Mad Scientist (Bachelors Of Science Remix) 20:48 - Bachelors Of Science - People Together 23:05 - Bachelors Of Science - Sirens 28:56 - Bachelors Of Science - The Beautiful Life 34:47 - Bachelors Of Science - Bombay Sapphire 39:56 - Bachelors Of Science - Cant Let Go (featuring Erica London) 43:52 - Bachelors Of Science - Ripsaw 49:20 - Bachelors Of Science - Warehouse Dayz (VIP Remix) 56:17 - Bachelors Of Science - The Rush
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Text Comments (1137)
Chris tian (9 days ago)
Sooooo fucking nice
Impaler6steM (1 month ago)
Today is Sunday, November 11 / 2018, and this mixing continues to make my hair stand on end. Good Old Times , good liquid. Bachelor of Science is amazing. 8 years... bfff TOP!!!!
Sebastian Dunzweiler (1 month ago)
BESTE...wie ich da drauf abgehe😎😎😎 rollin...good old times
DNB Databáza (1 month ago)
Super skladba (y)
radiGD (2 months ago)
Best D&B mix up today.
Peter Krnstnr (3 months ago)
2010 is fckin 8 years ago o.O ....
fugA / (3 months ago)
I remember when my friend show me this mix seven years ago.. First name of this mix "Liquid DNB Mix" ;)
Flat Earth is Retarded (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Marcello Chua (6 months ago)
Been listening to the same mix since 2010, and it's still godly. Thanks BoS.
wan qaid (6 months ago)
Liquid DnB golden days
po go (6 months ago)
2018...and still 😉
Seismix Studio (8 months ago)
Jalen Daniels (9 months ago)
I keep coming back to this one...
Best of nature Channel (10 months ago)
Used to put this on as I rode to work at 5:30 in the morning best mix ever 👌🏻
Holyfocker (1 year ago)
Yup, im still listening this....almost 2018 too :P
Bedy Bednář (1 year ago)
Cool Breath of past
NXZW (1 year ago)
Bachelors Of Science is the best. XD
Patryk Kyrtap (1 year ago)
uwielbiaam ten set !
Stefan Ivascu (1 year ago)
Still listening in 2017! Great mix!
biosonefull (1 year ago)
2017 !
Starkbeats (1 year ago)
Valdi's (1 year ago)
7 yr 4 m still rockin' it with fredv&G two of the best mixes ever. LONG LIVE PANDA!
Nienna Ringeril (1 year ago)
Heart Beating OMG!! This sound, music,song, whatever, resume my soul, resume all my feelings or what I feel since I first listen to it in 2009... To many years and my feelings is always the same....OMG!!! I Will remember All those days.... It´s for you my dear mother!!
split1987 (1 year ago)
this got me through uni when it came out. Best Study Beats
RRSmith107 (1 year ago)
Such a great mix - just keep coming back to it
John (1 year ago)
The Ice Dance / Sugar - amazing 8 minutes. Songs compliment each other so well
wahyu (1 year ago)
a legend but still awesome......
Gregory Koven (1 year ago)
This has so much atmosphere to it. That cool air flowing in whilst sitting outside and the vibes take you higher.
Bela Soter (1 year ago)
still luv this set
Martin Hrzán (1 year ago)
Oh god its like a 7 years and this mix is os sick, i work with this song, working out, runnig, chilling its crazy guyz this sound is really deep, i can recomend you to get a litlle bit high and totaly close eyes and only chill Crazy
woody taylor (2 years ago)
what track is that at thirty seven minutes? does anyone know? I know this set is FIRE tho.
Camilo Castaño (2 years ago)
Hace cuatro años escuché por primer vez este set, y nunca me ha dejado de encantar; es el mejor set de Drum And Bass que he escuchado en toda mi vida. Gracias a él comencé a escuchar Drum And Bass. <3
Sp Sithole (2 years ago)
track 1 reminds me of 2009
marqs666 (2 years ago)
bestdrum & bass starts https://youtu.be/1NUV2BVyWA0?t=3019
Spartahhh (2 years ago)
11:01 - Bachelors Of Science - Sugar 16:50 - XRS - Mad Scientist (Bachelors Of Science Remix) 34:47 - Bachelors Of Science - Bombay Sapphire MY FAVS!!
Luke Briner (2 years ago)
I think 1M out of those 1.4M views are mine!
Metbiker1 (2 years ago)
six years ago and this mix is still best of 20's !! ;)
Thalles Gimenez (2 years ago)
2016 and still listening this masterpiece
Javi Prieto (2 years ago)
probably about half of the views are mine. gosh what a mix...!!!
NorteK (2 years ago)
No way. cause 80% of views are mine!!!
george fox (2 years ago)
Yeah getting on now but still the nutz ..you know di flex the bek and relax the pek to da sound of the new trek
Alfredo Jonstone (2 years ago)
love this
antony kolony (2 years ago)
it's nearly sad how I never achived to find something else THAT good :*(
Matt Drauog (2 years ago)
BoS <3
Edgars Šturms (2 years ago)
This sound = portal to another dimension
Jalen Daniels (2 years ago)
MrRifik (2 years ago)
you Said it... Six freakin years and we are still in love with this
Coggernaut Gearsworth (2 years ago)
Honestly... listened since 2010 and it's still my favorite DnB mix
Sander Van marle (2 years ago)
Mannn.. listened to this when it came out, it still is one of the best DnB mixes i've ever heard (:
Jason Kim (2 years ago)
+Sander Van marle I think a lot of us share some parts of our past with this mix.
Ivy Nova (2 years ago)
Bachelors Of Science - Ripsaw- super! I like it very much! :) Great mix! :)
Romas Jungle (2 years ago)
this so retard to put ads ewery where
JotaJota (2 years ago)
6 years omg, one of the best mixes ever
grapesman123 (1 year ago)
brings me right back to when I was growing up loved this so much and it's true I never found anything better which Is quite surprising
Tirz dlC (1 year ago)
I agree!!!
James Izzard (1 year ago)
jocotcocot (1 year ago)
Have same feeling, BoS are deffinition of liquid DNB. I have heard BoS in 2009 for the first time and never found a similar sound like they produced. It is even more sad that BoS moved in a little different direction and started to produce different kind of music. Spanish sun, The Ice Dance, Strings Track are real treasures.
JotaJota (1 year ago)
2017 And i still love it. You too DerWon.
Nienna Ringeril (2 years ago)
Good memories!! Love this forever!
Sophi San Roman (2 years ago)
Hosted a party and did some fire dancing with this. People dug the music!
NorteK (2 years ago)
Best Panda DNB mix of all times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NorteK (2 years ago)
Kings of Liquid DNB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Earthen Religion (3 years ago)
Essential D&B from the Bachelors of Science.
RalphMichle (3 years ago)
Just discovered them, awsome!!!!!
James Ankers (3 years ago)
ahh man...5 years on and this still beats most mix's out there....just a classic! summer vibes all year long!!
Rich Oldham (3 years ago)
Used to play this all the time in the summer whilst chilling with mates playing Minecraft in the alpha stages before anyone knew what the fuck it was. Nostalgia nostalgia.
João Gusmão (3 years ago)
+Rich Oldham haha same! 2010 was a funky ass year
Jalen Daniels (3 years ago)
Been listening to this for 5 years as well
Tankforyou (3 years ago)
Started listening to this while playing Need for Speed World Online 5 years ago, still listening to this while playing, especially Sugar
# derAllesFotograf (3 years ago)
The best #Drumnbass   #Remix  on YouTube ... My first , i heart 5 years ago ! ♥ #REPLAY   #derAllesFotograf  27.4.2015
Csaba Debreczeni (3 years ago)
Bachelors Of Science - The Beautiful Life (y)
marcin zet (3 years ago)
This is awsome and some more  awsome...
Vinc PM V (4 years ago)
FOUR YEARS already, time goes so fast!
Mark scullion (4 years ago)
Everytime i listen to this Mix it just gets better and better love it HOOOHAAA!!! ;) X
neildeee01 (4 years ago)
the mad scientist remix is harrrdddddd ... lovin this whole mix ..... keep commin back to it .... good work guys 
TwilightDream (4 years ago)
23:05 nuff said
zwiebl1 (4 years ago)
geniale sache :::i Lovee it !!!! THX
Jejking (4 years ago)
I'm just one minute in and I love it already :D
rustyATV (4 years ago)
I fucking love 00:00! Get chills every time it comes up on my iPod
jautrsezis (4 years ago)
Still listening!
Michał Zborowski (4 years ago)
cały czas pocisk
Rubén Gómez Núñez (4 years ago)
no tracklist?
Camilo Castaño (4 years ago)
Escucho éste set hace más de dos años, y se podría decir que "Spanish Sun" es lo que más me relaja. De (se podría decir/apróximadamente) como 600 veces que he reproducido éste vídeo (o quizás hasta más), me encanta como la primera vez. Me llena de buenas energías y de felicidad, es una sensación que me hace sentir vivo y con ganas de vivir. Que viva Panda Dnb y Bachelors of Science.  Liquid Drum And Bass por siempre. <3
roial roial (4 years ago)
estoy seguro que este mix tambien te gustará watch?v=UQJlx0ffLYo
CivilAviation1 (4 years ago)
Good ol' memories!
Tibor Mozes Ambrus (4 years ago)
Loving it ... still listening. Thank  you!
MegaMatikk (4 years ago)
Kristina Hass (4 years ago)
Thank you Morgan Morris for sending me this link.
Eduard Ritok (4 years ago)
one of the  best dnb mixes I've ever heard ;)...I heard it in summer 2010 or 2011 for the first time ..and I still love  it that much!  :)) incredible stuff
ghimpler (4 years ago)
Best ever beginning Bachelors Of Science - Spanish Sun (Bungle Remix)
Kempi Asura (4 years ago)
Still coming back to this
RED GOOGLE (4 years ago)
Great mix !
Nikki (4 years ago)
I love 8-12 minutes can't stop listening to that track! I love how it's dragged on!
cursivedubline5 (4 years ago)
Drum and Bass lives on.
Aive Kls (4 years ago)
awsomeeeeee :P
jjomaulen (4 years ago)
El video va cumplir 4 años desde que fue subido, y hasta el momento, lo sigo escuchando como la primera vez. Grande Bachelors !!!!
joaom (4 years ago)
This was one of the first dnb musics that I listen to (back in 2010).. Its just perfect
dive (4 years ago)
i remember when i first heard this mix back in april 2010.. wow times man
Michał Zborowski (4 years ago)
kazdy jest dobry .......liquid  for life
loooolmum (5 years ago)
Listend to 59 mins while avin a shower n stuff it's good kept me awake as cba 2day!
Kirill Grishin (5 years ago)
I don't know, the mix kicks off so light and all summery but then in the second half it becomes kind of sad.. so always listening the first part only.
Holyfocker (5 years ago)
"The Beautiful life" gets me everytime! Awesome track!
Leszek Bartkowiak (5 years ago)
50 times, and never bored!
Sebastian Dunzweiler (1 month ago)
500 and still🤩🤗😉
Ivo Arambasa (5 years ago)
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Jesus Urias (5 years ago)
BoS!!!!! love this guys.
Sander Van marle (5 years ago)
Same here, like the 20th time i think, still love it! <3
tykill (5 years ago)
One of the best mixes i've heard in a long time.
oskars mednis (5 years ago)
Like a Boss in Dream!
Nitesh Karki (5 years ago)
You know that depressing point when your brother (who's been a loser for a long time, by the way) gets an amazing girl to fall for him in like 3 weeks?! Yep, that basically occurred. I know I should be pleased for him even so I wish it was me. He stated he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wanna hide out inside a cave at this point.
Alan G (5 years ago)
56:17 The Rush ♥

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